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ME: John Bane (C) vs. Alexander Owens vs. Matt Stevenson vs. The Inquisitor
Topic Started: Oct 1 2017, 01:39 AM (385 Views)
The Inquisition
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PRW Codger
- Elimination Match
-- No Count Out or Disqualification
- PRW X-Division Championship
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Hes back!
After an excellent show the crowd is abuzz because its main event time and this match is gonna be a doozy. In one corner you have Alexander Owens, the man who defeated Joey Nox and has been on sort of a hot streak here in PRW until last month when he failed to capture the X Division Championship in a brutal ladder match. In another corner you have certified legend The Inquisitor, returning after a long hiatus to show that he still has what it takes to be a champion in the ever changing landscape of PRW. In another corner you have Matt Stevenson. People have said that he is the Cinderella story here in this match, the true underdog. Stevenson took Bane too the limits on Rage a month back and was added to this match when a second former X Division Champion could not be found. Finally you have the champ John Bane. A man on fire.
He has won every singles match he has been in since returning to PRW. He brought the X Division title back from the brink of obscurity and won it in one of the most brutal ladder matches in PRW history. Lets get to the introductions.

Amber Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is your main event of the evening and is an elimination match for the PRW X Division Championship! An elimination only occurs if you are pin or submitted in the ring.

"The Vengeful One" by Disturbed blasts over the PA system as the champion has decided to come out first! The crowd is pretty hot for Bane as he appears from behind the curtain. We are pretty close to Baltimore so fans know him in this area and they seem to have come in droves to see him in the main event. This is a unique set of circumstances as in the last few years the X Division Championship has been defended in the main event three times and all three times the champion has been Bane. With the contenders in this match it had main event written all over it anyway. Bane looks around as he has a huge grin on his face. Bane goes back to the curtain and begins to pull something. ITS A CART FULL OF WEAPONS! Bane has released his inner New Jack as he begins to push the cart towards the ringside area. THis is Bloodletting and it looks like Bane is going to keep his word and blood is gonna be let out at this show!

Brunswick: Like this match isnt already going to be brutal. John Bane has decided to bring weapons to the ring!

Smith: This is the main event. Bane is going to step up into that spotlight just like he always does and show why he and the X Division Championship belong there.

Bane, with his X Division Championship draped over his shoulder, enters the ring and awaits his introduction from Amber Garcia.

Amber Garcia: Introducing first....From Baltimore Maryland weighing in at 267 pounds, he is the X Division Champion "The Franchise" John Bane!

Bane holds the title high in the air before handing the title off to the referee and waits on his opponents to enter the ring for what is set to be a barn burner of a match
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The Inquisition
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PRW Codger
The referee takes the X-Division Title and holds onto it as John turns to the stage to see who comes out first. Who will be game enough to first step into the ring with the champion? Who will stand toe-to-toe with The Main Eventer?

Garcia: And the challengers.....

The crowd sit at the edge of their seats to see who will enter next. Amber's voice hangs in the air as the titantron stays black. Anticipation builds until the stage flairs to life.


Two heavy drum beats drill through the PRW crowd as “Rawkfist” by Thousand Foot Krutch hits the arena. The crowd rises to its collective feet to get a good glimpse of the man they know as The Inquisitor.

Brunswick: Here we go!

Show 'em how we blow the spot,
Let's make it hot, Let's shock 'em with the bodyrock 'til the party stops.
It's time to take it up a notch, and keep it locked,
for all the headbangers in the parking lot.

The crowd begin to chant for The Inquisitor to enter through the red curtain and into their view as his entrance theme continues on.

Here we come,
if you're ready or not, No time to talk,
Cause we on the clock bringin’ that Uhh, Uhh, to your block.
Let me show ya where we're comin’ from,
it don't stop, from L.A. to New York.
Show me what you got now!

The song stops dramatically just seconds before bursts of gold Pyrotechnics shoot out from the top and bottom of the ramp, shooting high up into the ceiling of the arena. The pyres of fireworks continues to burst on and off until it holds on its sixth burst, raining down into each other to create two magnificent pillars of fireworks.

The crowd cheers for the display as the pyro fades away and the music starts up again and The Inquisitor slowly saunters out from behind the red curtain. He is wearing his classic attire of dark green pants and black wrestling boots but tonight he has an added green wrestling singlet that covers his aging torso. While by no means out of shape, The Inquisitor's physique does show a bit of his age, as grey chest hair covers slightly sagging pectorals and a slight muscular gut protrudes under the singlet. Even with these signs of age, The Inquisitor looks great and he steps out to the center of the stage and takes a good, long look at the crowd that are clamouring to get pictures of the returning legend.

All I know, is what it did take to make this,
All I am, is what it will take to break this.
All I know, is what it did take to make this.
All I am is what it will take to break this.
Light it up now, Light it up now.

The Inquisitor smiles to himself before he throws his fist up in the air and pumps it three times. The audience eat up the pose and mimic the Hall of Famer with each pump. WIth every thrust, more pyrotechnics, this time of blue and red, shoot up from the sides of the entranceway.

Garcia: Weighing in tonight at 309 lbs....

The Inquisitor lowers his arm to his side and slowly begins his walk to the ring.

Garcia: Hailing from Death Valley, California...

At the base of the ramp The Inquisitor high fives a few lucky fans before stopping at the base of the stairs. This is the first time that he acknowledges the champion standing in the ring. Pointing his finger out, The Inquisitor speaks some choice works before stepping quickly up the stairs and into the ring.

Garcia: He is a PRW Hall Of Famer and Former X-Division Champion ......THE INQUISITOR!!!!

Not breaking eye contact with John Bane, The Inquisitor walks to the bottom right turnbuckle as the announcement of his name is made, steps up to the second rope and stretches his arm upwards. The former PRW Commissioner smirks as the fans cheer louder and give more for The Inquisitor's appearance than they did for the X-Division Champion. While he doesn't react, it is clear that this has irked Bane slightly. As "Rawkfist" fades out, The Inquisitor steps off the turnbuckles and reaches down to his knees to check that his metal stabilizers are tight and ready.

Brunswick: It has been seven years since we have seen The Inquisitor compete in a PRW ring. Do you have any doubts about how he's going to perform tonight?

Smith: Hell yes I have doubts about his performance. The man is nearly fifty. He's way past his prime and has no business being in that ring anymore than I do

Brunswick: He's looking great though, Doug. He may have been away but it doesn't look like the time has worn him too much. If he's smart, which he is, he will attempt to outsmart his three opponents with the skills he has developed over his thirty-three years in the business.

John and The Inquisitor trade stares as they warm themselves up in the ring. Who will be next to enter this match?
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Matthew Stevenson
Bane and the Inquisitor waited for another one of there opponents to step from the back and come walking down to ring, the crowd up in the nose bleed stood up so they could get a nice view of the entrance way, suddenly the arena went dark and a spotlight brought your attention to the middle of the stage where red smoke is rising out off, then his theme music started blasting over the PA system.

Matthew slowly raises from the smoke with his head held high, he had on a trench coat on, the back long enough to touch the back of his heels it also had the america flag on it, it was made from a brownish leather and had military green straps and it just looked home made, he also had his blue and red tights on, when Matthew's full body emerged from the hole in the stage he began walking down to the ring with a serious expression on his face, his introduction began...

Garcia: On the way to the ring, from Ontario, Canada, weighting in 193 lb, MATTHEW STEVENSON

Brunswick: Matthew looks focus tonight, this is may be the biggest match in this Rookie's career thus far.

Smith:may be? He's fighting a hall of famer and two future hall of famers,
and all for the X division championship in a Fatal 4 way elimination match, you must be crazy if you don't think this isn't the biggest match he'll ever fight in.

Brunswick: The odds are against him but I want to see if he can manage an upset here tonight.

Matthew climbs the steel steps and enters the ring, looking at the two men in the corner, he suddenly climbs to the top turnbuckle and admired the jam packed crowd as they all were chanting one name, 'Stevenson'.

He hops off the top ropes and gets into the corner, removing his jacket and hands it to the ref, who hands it to the timekeeper, who keeps it in the time nest, he paced back and forth stretching, keeping his eyes on the two men in the corner, the music fainted, now there was only one man left to complete this all star main event.

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Do Your Worst,I've Heard All The Brokeback Cracks

And it has all come down to this. The moment that Alexander Owens is set to break through the velvet curtain that keep the quiet and near reverently church like back area apart from the near riot like outside. Every other warrior that was involved in the feature bloodbath of the night had rolled out already, save for Owens. The X-champ had come out and whipped the PRW faithful into a frenzy. Damien Dash, the greyed grizzly of PRW’s storied past, has nearly ripped the roof off of the Meadow Land Arena . And Stevenson had gotten a good pop, the kinda pop that shows excitement in the unknown and a growing investment in this young stud’s career. But there still was one man that has yet to walk the steel and glass walkway to immortality.

Kneeling behind the curtain, Owens is deep in thought. Tonight was it. Tonight was the big one, his chance to break the mold and rise above all the noise and chaos around him. He needed to win. This night; it was bigger than his two Undisputed title attempts, bigger than his match with Nox, bigger than any SuperBattle or main event Owens had ever taken part in. Tonight was his final chance to enter the proving ground and make his action meet up with his words. Tonight, of all the men involved, he had the most to prove.

Bane was fighting to keep his title and to prove what everyone who had any sense and a sliver of honesty already knew: he was the most capable and worthy X-title holder in at least half a decade and top five of all time. No man had given such a shine to the title, made it the title to hold for nearly six months. Bane fought for his honor and for his pride, a chance to cement his legacy as one of the best. If he won, he had immortality. If he lost, it was all part of champion’s disadvantage. A lost may hurt Bane’s pride but his legacy would be untouched; his worth would be unchanged.

As the the Inquisitor, Mr.Damien Dash himself; he could lose tonight and not lose a damn thing. His legacy was iron clad and unbreakable. And even then, the very real truth the he was nearly half decade old and likely rustier than old washtub worked in his favor as well. So for him to win, it was just Dash being dominate once again. If he lost, he still was a HOF’er, a legend and a cornerstone of this industry with over three decade of dominance in his pocket.

As for Stevenson? He had nothing to lose and everything to gain. If he won he’s the Cinderella story of the year. If he loses, he simply was a young up and comer that showed even in a lose he was ready for the big time. All reward and no risk.He could lose tonight and get another chance well within next few months. He was that much of prospect but also still had the protection of greenness.

But Owens did not have that luxury. He needed to win. He needed to prove what he has been saying for months: he’s the measuring stick and the bar of excellence in the PRW. He needed to beat Bane and show that Bane could not top him in a fair fight. He needed the title, the win, and moment to give his career defining performance. And sadly for the other three men; they were in his way.


Brunswick; We are sitting and waiting for the final participant in tonight landmark main event.

Smith: It is very deserving of that title Josh. I can’t think of a main event hat held as much promise of this one. We about to have one of the finest battle between past, present and future on record happening in just a few moment.

Brunswick: And all we’re waiting on it that final factor in this match: Alexander Owe..

Brunswick is interrupted by the PA system bursting to life as the lights dim. Samorda’s plicky but powerful guitar fills the arena as a aura of excitement and pabale anticipation filled the air. As Jovi’s soft and sultry vocal comes in as a spotlight hits the curtain. Casted in this spotlight is Alexander Owens . Standing still in his signature sleeveless long coat, this one all black and sporting a deep red bull head motif interlaced with the Rebel Flag, an immediate difference can be seen in Owens’s appearance. As Owens turns , it become even more clear: the formerly well coiffed Owens is now sporting a shaved head along with w thick but well scaped beard.

His eyes are cold looking; harking to his laser like focus on just one man: John Bane. His regular tights are gone. Instead he is dressed in stained and worn jeans; complete with rough looking work boots. His hands are tightly taped and wrapped. Owens is dressed and prepped not for a wrestling match but for war. Walking down the ramp, Owens does not stop for his regular interludes of photos and high-fives. Tonight his walk is methodical and slow; eyes alight with the cold embery fire of determination and tigger ready focus.

Brunswick: This is vastly different looking Owens than we are use to Doug. Something just seems..off.

Smith; It’s that one factor that Owens has always lack: a killer instinct. Something in Bane’s words as of late must have lite that pyre and set it in blaze. The specimen is unleashed and he looks meaner than he ever has before.

Doug was quite right. Nearing the ring, Owens sheds his long coat, showing off perhaps the most toned and shredded physique he has ever sported. He has also seemingly bulked up as well; having for the looks of it packed on anywhere between ten to fifteen pound of sheer muscle mass since the last time he stepped foot in a ring. One word described his look: unnatural. Nearing the bottom fifth of the ramp; Owens takes off suddenly towards the ring. Flying under the ropes, he pops up and is on Bane in a flash.

Owens jumped the gun and is laying into Bane with the fury of lion on a gazelle. Where the hell did that come from?!?

Smith; That red,seething pit knows as ambition and desire. Owens is unleashed and these men need to start calculating something new to do.


Let’s get in on gentlemen!
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Hes back!
All four men stare at each other as the anticipation for this main event starts. The crowd is hot for the action as there are multiple chants filling the arena for all four men. Suddenly all four men jerk forward and the brawl begins. Bane begins throwing rights and lefts at The Inquisitor as Quiz begins throwing punches right back at him. Owens has Stevenson locked up and drives him back into the corner. Owens lands a few hard shots into the chest of Stevenson as he screams out in pain. Stevenson fights back by driving some hard forearms into the face of Owens. Owens backs up a bit from the forearm strikes but comes back with a hard knee of his own. Owens grabs Stevenson and launches him with all of this strength into the opposite corner, flipping Stevenson up and over the top turnbuckle and onto the floor. On the other side of the house Bane and Quiz continue to beat the holy hell out of each other. Quiz gains an advantage as he sends a few unanswered blows into the head of Bane. Quiz has Bane backed into the ropes as he looks to send Bane out of the ring. Bane ducks a clothesline from Quiz and hits a quick Yakuza kick sending Quiz through the ropes and to the outside. Suddenly the ring is down to two as Bane turns around and sees Owens standing across from him. The crowd is super hot for this action as there are a ton of Owens chants and a few Bane chants in there as well for good measure. Bane and Owens know each other so well and this is probably the match that the fans really wanted. The fans are getting their wish right here as a fresh Bane vs a fresh Owens would be a PRW fans dream. Bane and Owens begin to circle each other. The time for words have ended and the time for action has begun. Bane and Owens go into a collar and elbow tie up as both men try to out strength the other but neither man budge. It looks like two moose that have locked horns in the middle of rut season as neither man give any ground. Suddenly Quiz and Stevenson reenter the match sending axehandle shots into both Bane and Owens. THEY STAY LOCKED UP! The laser focus by both men as they are looking to tear each other apart. Quiz and Stevenson go at the two again this time breaking it the hold between the two and sending both men to the mat as the crowd boos.

Brunswick: Incredible action to start this main event match. The crowd really wants Owens and Bane.

Smith: Yeah Bane has said some things to Owens lately that has really pissed this big guy off.

Quiz and Stevenson look at each other. They seem to have come to an understanding. If one of these guys wants to win they have to take out both Bane and Owens if they want any chance of winning the X Division title for themselves. Bane has done a great job putting this title back into the spotlight, with it main eventing the last two shows and being the match of the night at the last pay per view. This is the have to have title in PRW now and Quiz and Stevenson realize this. Having the X Division Championship pushes you into a new league and beating John Bane, the man who could be the best X division champion ever, gives you some definite bragging rights. Quiz and Stevenson team up on Owens as they begin to beat on him while he is on the ground. Owens is taking some nasty soccer kicks from Stevenson as Quiz his putting his big frame right on him as he is throwing forearms and elbows into his face. Stevenson gives Owens one more kick for good measure as he turns around and is totally destroyed by a John Bane clothesline. Quiz gets to his feet and he is met by a nasty forearm from Bane. Bane is defending Owens! Stevenson is back up and goes after Bane sending Bane to the mat with a hard knee shot. Quiz is back up as he and Stevenson begin to lay boots into Bane. Quiz drops a elbow into the chest of Bane as Stevenson continues to lay boots into Bane. Quiz gets to his feet and says thats it for Bane as here comes Owens back into the match. Owens spins Stevenson around and begins to land huge fists into the face of Stevenson. Stevenson backs up a few times and is finally sent down with a huge shot from Owens. Quiz drives a jumping forearm into Owens but here comes Bane. Bane grabs Quiz and sends him hard to the mat with a german baneplex! Quiz pops right and is sent over the top rope with a Owens clothesline. Stevenson pops up but Bane is ready for him as he blasts a jumping knee strike into the face of Stevenson. Stevenson rolls out of the ring as Bane and Owens seem to be working together, at least for the second, as Bane and Owens are alone in the ring again looking at each other. The crowd rises again as it seems that Bane and Owens are going to go at it once again. Owens asks Bane if he is ready and Bane holds up a stop sign and says lets put our shit on pause for a few and take these guys out. Owens puts his hands on his hips for a second. He knows you cant trust Bane and Bane has shown on multiple occasions that he cant be trusted. Owens looks at Bane as Bane puts out his fist. Owens thinks for another second and finally bumps fists with Bane and says lets take out the trash to a huge ovation from the crowd as Bane and Owens exit the ring looking to put their mark on this match.

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The Inquisition
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PRW Codger
The alliance between Alexander Owens and the X-Division Champion seems to be holding as they both exit the ring and choose an opponent for themselves. Bane lands in front of the rookie, Matthew Stevenson, while Owens steps over to the legend, The Inquisitor. Both men reach down and pick their opponents up. Bane lands a hard elbow into the side of Stevenson's head while Owens pushes The Inquisitor against the guardrail and begins laying into his gut. As the two men lay into the other two on the outside, the hapless ref calls from above to bring it back into the ring. His pleas go unheeded though as Bane and Owens continue to work on Matthew and IQ.

Brunswick: It appears that Bane and Owens have created an alliance here. How long do you think this will hold between the two of them?

Smith: Knowing Bane, this will only last until Owens uses up his value. Then he'll beat him down like the others.

The champion sends another hard forearm into Stevenson's head and then attempts another one but, whether by luck or pure instinct, Matthew drops his head under the blow and pushes Bane back. With his new found space, Stevenson launches himself forward and tackles Bane into the side of the ring. John instantly branches his arms out as his spine connects hard with the apron. Matthew uses this opportunity to push Bane back into the ring where he follows.

Owens, on the other hand, is still managing to lay blow after blow into The Inquisitor's body, sometimes switching it up for some head shots as well. The bigger man doesn't seem to be handling The Butcher's blows very well and appears quite worn out for so early in the match. As Inquisitor takes the heat, Owens begins to wear out a bit. So many shots in such a short time will take it's toll on anyone. As each hit lands with a a greater pause between them, The Inquisitor suddenly bursts to life and knees Owens in the abdomen, doubling the smaller man over. The Hall of Famer whips the grey hair out of his face and shakes the cobwebs free before grabbing Owens, one hand on the back of his head and the other grasping the back of his jeans, and manhandles him into the guardrail with a force that Alexander Owens has very rarely dealt with before. With Owens temporarily subdued, The Inquisitor rolls back into the ring where Bane and Stevenson have locked up.

Brunswick: Owens back first into the rails and that has to have hurt his chances so early on.

Smith: OH! Have you ever seen Alexander handled in such a way before, Josh?

Brunswick: I haven't seen many men with the strength to even attempt to. The Inquisitor just took a beating from this new specimen that Owens has become and still was able to throw him around like he was nothing. It's incredible.

The Inquisitor makes sure to stay out of the way as John whips Matthew into the ropes. The rookie hits the ropes and on return slides between Bane's, who was going for a clotheslines, legs and pops up behind him. Bane turns quickly and is met with a high dropkick that knocks him to the mat. The crowd pops for the first proper move of this match and Stevenson jumps up and throws his arms out for them. He celebrates with the crowd and, with his arms still raised, turns around to find The Inquisitor standing in front of him. Fortunately, The Inquisitor seems more impressed than anything else and actually gives Stevenson a little clap for his athletic display. A little wary, Stevenson lowers his arms but still watches Inquisitor with trepidation. The Inquisitor outstretches his hand for a handshake, indicating the second alliance for this match. Knowing that he will need at least some help, Stevenson takes Inquisitor's hand and the two shake. The crowd pops again for another short term alliance but that pop turns sour very quickly as The Inquisitor launches Stevenson into the mat with a hard clothesline. He wastes no time in going for a pin.




Brunswick: A surprisingly long pin count there, almost eliminating Stevenson from this match very early on.

Smith: I think that had more to do with shock than actual damage though. He thought that Inquisitor was working with him. If the kid had done his homework he would have known that The Inquisitor doesn't just make deals with anyone. He's ruthless and he made sure everyone knew it both during his time in the ring, and as his time as Commissioner.

The Inquisitor quickly stands back to his feet with Stevenson close behind him. As the two get up they are both met with the flying feet of Bane that sends Inquisitor into the turnbuckle and Stevenson into the ropes. Bane jumps to his feet and runs to The Inquisitor, laying a hard shoulder into his abdomen. On the ropes, Stevenson is suddenly grabbed around the front of his head and whipped backwards as Owens hotshots Stevenson from the apron. Matthew lands face first in the middle of the ring as Owens slides back into the ring.
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Hes back!
Bane and Owens stare at each other again in the ring. Bane points at Quiz as Owens and Bane grab Quiz, who is suffering from a nasty shoulder shot from Bane. Bane and Owens double team Quiz and hit a stalling double suplex on him. Bane and Owens both are laughing as suddenly Owens stops laughing with Bane. Bane stops as Owens looks to dissolve this team before Bane can. Owens looks for a quick clothesline but Bane ducks and Owens is met by a superkick from a returning Stevenson. Stevenson looks for a superkick on Bane but Bane grabs his foot and spins Stevenson around as Stevenson hits a spinning heel kick from the momentum. Stevenson looks for a quick cover on Bane but Bane bench presses him off before the ref even gets down to count. Stevenson stays on Bane as he drives a few forearm shots into the back of Bane. Bane stays down this time as here comes Quiz back into the action as he grabs a hold of Stevenson and looks for the german suplex. Stevenson tries to block it and Quiz continue to attempt to suplex him but Stevenson grapevines his leg around the leg of Quiz. Suddenly a foot and a forearm come into view as Bane uses his superkick and Owens uses his forearm to assist Quiz in completing his german suplex.

Brunswick: Stevenson took a triple team move from the three elders of this match.

Smith: Nasty moves by these three guys. Dont expect them to work together long.

Sure enough as Stevenson is flung out of commission Bane, Owens and Quiz all stare at each other as they begin to brawl. Bane hits a Yakuza kick on Quiz as Quiz smashes a forearm into the face of Owens. Owens smashes Bane in the face with a right hand. Bane backs up and follows it up with a chop to the chest of Quiz. Quiz returns fire with a chop of his own to Owens. Owens does the same to Bane. Bane holds his chest in pain from Owens as Quiz and Owens begin to go at it with stiff right hands as Bane looks to get involved again but is met by a stiff knee strike from Stevenson. Stevenson looks to take down the X Division Champ as he lays over Bane and looks for a cover.



Bane kicks out before the three count as Stevenson sits up and looks a little disappointed that he didnt get the pin there. Bane rolls towards the ropes to keep himself from getting pinned again as Owens and Quiz are tearing each other apart with right fists. Owens finally gains the advantage as he begins to back Quiz into the ropes. Owens grabs Quiz and whips him into the ropes as he looks to hit a spinebuster on him. Owens holds on instead and locks the bear hug on Quiz. Stevenson looks to put an axehandle into the back of Owens but Bane is on his feet and sends Stevenson to the ground with another yakuza kick. Stevenson smartly rolls out of the ring to keep from getting pinned as Bane and Owens lock eyes as it looks like they may be working together again. Bane goes to the high rent district as he climbs the turnbuckle as Owens drops Quiz and puts him on his shoulders and turns as Bane jumps off the top and hits a doomsday bulldog on Quiz. Bane quickly covers Quiz and hooks the leg in deep looking to eliminate him.



Quiz kicks out as Bane is in disbelief that didnt take out Quiz. Owens now has to deal with Stevenson, who has reentered the match from the outside after gaining a much needed breather. Stevenson begins to fight Owens off with a variety of punches and kicks landing them in quick succession as Owens looks to be momentarily stunned. Stevenson looks for Arctic Winds on Owens as Bane intercepts with a nasty gore on Stevenson. The collective wind is taken out of the arena as Stevenson was totally not suspecting Bane to do what he did. Bane slides out of the ring and goes over to the cart. Bane is looking to bring a little hardware into the match. The referee slides out with Bane and begins to plead with him to not bring a weapon into this match. Bane shrugs off the referee as he continues to plead with Bane, trying to talk him out of bringing the weapons in, knowing its going to get out of hand if he does. Suddenly a set of feet send Bane flying into the cart filled with a variety of weapons.
Owens had slid between the ropes, blasting Bane with an awesome sliding dropkick. Owens is being cheered on as he grabs Bane and sends him hard into the barricade. Owens quickly follows him and blasts him with a nasty clothesline, which sends Bane into the crowd. Owens quickly hops the barricade and follows Bane through the crowd looking to take this fight to the streets.

Brunswick: Where are these two going?

Smith: Who in the hell knows. These two have an intense rivalry. This match could end up somewhere downtown for all we know.

Brunswick: Well if it does we have wireless cameras following these two and we will keep you up to date on whats going on.

Smith: Well they will have to come back eventually. The only way to win this match is in the ring.

Brunswick: True.

As Bane and Owens are heading backstage to beat the hell out of each other, Stevenson and Quiz are in the ring as this match continues.

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Do Your Worst,I've Heard All The Brokeback Cracks

Standing up, Quiz is quite flabbergasted. This night was turning into more than he expected. Each of the men had strung together a hefty and sizeable combo of offense but Quiz was feeling being outpaced by his younger foes.Surprised, amused,honor ,excited; all these feeling rushed through Quiz’s head as he stood. Most of all, Quiz was annoyed. He was annoyed at he was being treated like the old man of the sea.He was getting the feeling all these young bucks were overlooking him; especially this Stevenson kid. He was good, but Quiz was greatness and had been like that before Stevenson could even walk. Something Quiz in a mood to reserve.

Holding his middle, Stevenson can barely breath. That gore from Bane took his off his feet, to the mat, and shot all the breath out of his body. F

Upon meeting up, IQ fires off a massive knee lift. Stevenson, trying to go for a low dropkick, eats knee to the face that drop[s him to the mat for his efforts A quick elbow drop from IQ adds some more pain to situation. This is quickly followed by a pin for a just there two. Matt was fighting back but he knew it going to be an uphill battle. As for Quiz, his veteran insists are on fire and he smells the blood in the air.

Shifting focus his focus, IQ moves around and locks in a bridging cobra clutch in an attempt to drain the life and fight out of Stevenson; who tries to struggle and wiggle free, to not much effect other than annoying Quiz even further. So, in moment of true haus power, Quiz begins to slowly shift his stance and yank himself and Matt to a vertical base. Reaching his feet, the OG giant of the PRW heaves with all his might and flings Matthew into the nearest control. Hitting the steel post with enough force to make the ring shudder, Matthew unlucky does not get much of chance to breath.IQ, on feeling on fire for the first real time this match, steps over and lifts the Dreamer to a vertical base. Then, with a look of a killer in his eyes, IQ starts to bash the Ontario's head into the middle turnbuckle, again and again, each hit done harder than the last.

Brunswick: This needs to be stopped. Where is the ref?

Smith: Oh...come on Josh. This a no real match. Quiz is just giving that youngling a limb beating pulled from the tree of knowledge.

Luckily for Matthew, or maybe sadly for IQ, the ref finally steps in and breaks up the assault, if only to make them feel like they’re out here for more than being a witless observer. As the ref talks to Quiz, the big man looks bored; largely due to fact that he remembered hiring this guy and never had patience for any ref in general. This warning, hollow in it threat does accomplish two things: it peeves Quiz even further than before and it lets Matt check for his teeth and consequence

In the corner, Steven is struggling to his feet, using the ropes as a aid. Looming not far away, is stretching IQ, prepping for a massive spear with the intent of sending Matt to back; a valiant attempt but the first casualty of the match. The he’d go hunt down Owens and Bane and drag em back to ring, lifeless if needed. Taking flight, Dash dashing toward Stevenson, taking to the air...and eats post; his plans dashed by the daring do of a determined Matthew Stevenson; how had leapfrogged over what would have been a fatalistic blow. He landed right behind smashed Dash, dazed a bit but overjoyed to hto being rendered in tow by the mammoth of man that Inquisitor was. Then, his spirit flying and his will show steel beyond his years, Matt grabs IQ by the heels and slaps on a Break the Ice cloverleaf!

Brunswick: Should Stevenson make Damien taps? His knees are famously shot after three decades of warfare.

Smith: Maybe Josh, maybe...but never mind that Josh; we're going live to Owens and Bane in heap!


As IQ and Matt struggled in the ring, Owens and Bane were tearing a path through the audience. Bane was trying his best to stay ahead of Owens but every two steps he took were followed a stiff blow from Owens that just made Bane stumble even further and faster. It was looking bad for Bane, that is until the crafty trickster used his surround to his advantage; snatching a beer from some unsuspecting jabroni and throwing it into Owens’s face. Blinded by hops and barely; Owens can’t hope defend himself from a massive spinning heel kick from Bane.Catching the big mass of meat on the chin, Bane manages to drop Owens and get some breathing room.

Relishing the break, Bane sits down next to guy whose beer he stole, taking a moment to jaw with him for a moment. Keeping a close eye on Owens, Bane takes note of Owens getting to his feet. Standing up, he puts a quick trio of heels to the brawny neck of Owens; dropping him down in a momentary daze. Eyes alight with intent, Bane looks around for something; something he can have a little fun with. Turning he see a cotton candy hauler; plying their trade with gusto.

Walking up to the lowly salesman, Bane smiles a innocent smile as he suddenly yank the man’s good; along with the board that hold them. Grabbing hold of either side, fluffed sugar goodness still threaded through the holes; Babe waits for Owens to rise. One knee up; Owens is oblvious to Bane’s presence. Getting to hands and knees; Owens can only go through the motions that Bane is guiding him through. As he finally gets to his feet, Owens get assaulted by flying Bane; who leaps and slams into Owens with cotton candy board aided running crossbody; sending flecks of woods and free pink and blue cavities son a stick flying everywhere.

But Bane still isn’t done. Unglopping a bundle of blue sugar form his arm, Bane gets up; dragging Owens up to his feet in the process. Holding tight, Bane fires off three stiff lefts in between Owens’s eyes; each sending a shudder through Owens. Hands still wrapped tight around Owens’s wrist; Bane fling his long time foe and on and off again friend hard through the crowd; the massive man that was Alexander Owens not stopping until he hits the steps to the next level.

Walking slowly, Bane savors the anticipation of getting to put Owens down and out yet again; hopefully for the last time. He was starting to tire of kick his ass every couple of months. For the upcoming future, Bane need ot free of the distraction that Owens always seemed to provide. Of course all that is a task easier said than done. Despite being sticky and stunned on the steps to second level, Owens is already starting to rise to keep the fight going. And that just irks Bane to no end.

Rushing forward, Bane looks for the always dangerous and out of nowhere yakuza kick he is famous for. But it is all for naught. Nearing Owens, Bane is quickly dodged. This cause the X-champ misses kick’s intended target, Owens’s melon head, and instead hit air. But air was not the only thing that got hit. In a moment that make every male within sight whence; Bane racks his nards on the stair rail with enough force to crack a cinder block. In other words, Bane drops and flops in pain. Owens on the other hand is feeling fit for fighting. And that’s just what he aims to do.
Hopping over Bane, Owens is on the hunt for some hurt. And he finds it in the form of a rolling beer cooler in the nearest concession stand. Digging in deep, Owens pops a brew or two for a little sustenance and rest. Tossing his empties aside, Owens grabs onto the heavy cooler and rolls free from the concession area, much to the vendor’s displeasure. Lining up, Owens's eyes Bane with a wild look; charting every moaning and groaning twitch of a muscle. Finding the moment he was looking forward, Owens grabs hold of either side of the cooler and hefty it up in his arm.

Truding over, Owens stand over Bane; and comes to realization. That ”bump” he took looked painful; painful enough that needs ice. Luckily Owens has plenty to spare. So with a heave ho he dumps the content of cooler; beer,ice and water in all on Bane. This rouses the dazed Bane from his pained stupor; sputtering in the cold wetness of his unkind shower. Still not done with Bane; Owens; cooler still in hand, swing it down like a bulky log; smashing a huge dent into it’s side in the shape of Bane’s head.

Still not finished, Owens put the dented cooler back in it’s wheels and scoops Bane up; only to dump him head first into said cooler. Then, in moment of madness and fury, Owens grabs the cooler by it edge and lifts it above his head with Bane still inside. One labored step follows another, a trudge becomes a stumble, a stumble become a walk, a walk becomes a jog until finally a jog become a barreling, train off the track charge. In what can only be described as inhuman strength and blind fury; Owens, a barreled Bane held aloft over his head; charge without regard for self, Bane or even the crowd and flings his contained former comrade into the seating area; which thankfully was empty. The Bane filled cooler hits the chair and make a terrible ruckus; sending bent chairs and shards of plastic sailing in mushroom cloud of chaos; with Bane in it’s epicenter. And Owens fares little better.

He may have showed massive and near miracle levels of might but he lacks the follow up; his own momentum bring him crashing and tumbling into the chair not more than three feet away where Bane had landed. And it was this scene that camera were focused in on. Uit was this dead zone of devastation that made Doug Smith give pause to his broadcast partner and turn attention to.

TBC: Betterthanthebest
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Hes back!

Matt Stevenson has Quiz locked into the cloverleaf. Quiz begins to attempt to fight out of the cloverleaf but as he fights Stevenson sits back into the move, making it more painful for Quiz. Quiz tries just about everything he can to get out of the move but its to no avail as Stevenson is a master of the cloverleaf and knows just about every escape and how to counter an escape that you can know about this devastating move. Quiz begins to muster some of his upperbody strength and pushes up and begins to crawl towards the ropes. Stevenson is rocking back and forth in a weird position as Quiz is just inches from the ropes. Stevenson breaks the hold and begins to pull Quiz back towards the middle of the ring. Stevenson attempts to lock the cloverleaf in again but this time Quiz pushes him off with both of his legs. Stevenson slides across the ring and comes back and tries to lock it in again but this time Quiz uses some of his strength to flip Stevenson sending the former Iceman flipping and crashing into the ropes. Quiz sees is opportunity and begins to crawl over towards the ropes. His legs and back have sustained a good amount of damage as he makes it to the ropes, willing his injured limbs to work, smacking life into his legs. Quiz uses the ropes to work his way to his feet. As he stands on his legs he grimaces in pain as his face shows the pain well even thought he is trying to hide it. Quiz finally makes it to the top of the ropes and to his feet as Stevenson is on his feet and kicks the bad leg out from under the PRW legend. Stevenson kicked Quiz leg so hard he flips over. Quiz holds his knee in pain as Stevenson picks Quiz up again as he backs up looking to kick the knee out again. Quiz grabs on to the rope as Stevenson runs in again but this time Quiz turns around and slaps the shit out of Stevenson with The Bitch Slap.

Brunswick: The bitch slap! Quiz just smacked the holy hell out of Stevenson.

Smith: He smacked Stevenson so hard you can read Quiz future on his face.

Stevenson looks very angry as indeed there is a red hand print on his face. Stevenson rubs his face and gets to his feet, the look of anger on his face. Quiz is still trying to shake some of the pain out of his leg. Stevenson kicks the leg out from under Quiz again this time succeeding but hurting his own leg because he kicked him right in the knee brace. Stevenson begins to scream in pain and holding his foot. He grabs the kneebrace of Quiz and begins to try and rip it off. Quiz sees whats going on and begins to try to kick at the face of Stevenson.
Stevenson dodges the attacks and rips the knee brace off of Quiz. Stevenson throws the knee brace into the crowd as he begins to stomp the bad knee of Quiz. Quiz begins to scream in pain as his knee is fully exposed now. Stevenson picks up Quiz and sits him in the corner upright. Stevenson takes the knee and drapes it over the second rope which Quiz screams in pain as soon as he does it. Stevenson backs up and looks to drive his foot into the bad knee of Quiz. As Stevenson runs in Quiz dodges out of the way and ends up on the ring apron. Stevenson goes hard into the corner as Quiz begins to throw some very stiff looking right hands into the head of Stevenson. Even though Quiz hasnt been in a ring in seven years his hands have some sort of muscle memory and they land true. Stevenson lands hard on the mat from the blows and quickly gets to his feet only to be met by a slingshot shoulder block from Quiz. Stevenson is in a bad way as Quiz uses the rope to get to hit feet once again this time the look on Quiz face is that of a pissed off vet. The crowd pops from somewhere up in the rafters as Quiz picks up Stevenson and throws him into the corner and begins to light him up with nasty sounding knife hand chops.

Brunswick: Looks like Dash has had enough of Matt Stevenson trying to take his knees out.

Smith: Looks like he is about ready to take the kid to school here.


Owens and Bane are in the audience as Owens is back to his feet after a good rest period.
Owens pulls Bane up from his devastation as Bane has not even moved since taking that nasty bump. Maybe it was the schedule that Bane has been on lately or maybe he is burning the candle at both ends either way this isnt the Bane we are used to. He usually would bounce right back from something like this but not today. He hasnt moved and looks almost lethargic out there as Owens fires off a right and a left into the head of Bane who drops into an open chair for a seat. Owens is a little suspicious as Bane is not fighting back. He knows Bane so well and knows that Bane always comes into a match with a gameplan. He isnt sure what his plan is but knows that something is up. Owens comes in with the big boot right into the face of Bane and sends Bane and the chair flipping over. Owens looks a little gassed as he takes a quick breather and goes back to work on Bane. He picks Bane up and looks like he is going to take this match into the concession area. In the concession area Owens grabs a beer from the concession area. The beer is in a Sean Aries souvenir plastic cup as Owens begins to drink it down and smashes the cup over the head of Bane, sending beer and plastic everywhere. Bane begins to bleed from above his eye as an old wound has opened and is weeping blood. Owens begins to blast right hands into the weeping wound and now has opened the wound further as Bane begins to drip blood down onto his face. A crowd has formed around Bane and Owens as Owens grabs Bane and takes him over to a t-shirt vendor. This late in the show most of the t-shirts are gone except for almost all the Bane shirts and a Dixie Lanford shirt. Owens grabs the Lanford shirt and wraps it around his fist making sure the Lanford name is on the fists. He begins to pound Bane in the head more and then looks at the damage he has caused and it pleases him.

Brunswick: Owens is beating the holy hell out of Bane!

Smith: Why is Bane not fighting back though? Wait is Bane smiling at Owens?

Brunswick: What a sick son of a bitch. Bane is smiling at Owens. After everything Owens has done to him, Bane is enjoying this.

Sure enough, Bane is smiling and almost laughing at Owens. Owens takes his as a personal insult to him as he begins to pound Bane even harder Bane backs into a pillar as Owens comes running in fist first but Bane dodges and Owens smashes his fist into a concrete pillar.
Owens holds his hand in pain as he might have just broken it. Bane comes firing back with rights and lefts of his own. He seems to be re-energized as the blood is pouring down his face. Owens is screaming obscenities as he shakes his hand in pain and is taking shots from Bane at the same time. Bane grabs Owens and smashes his face into the table as he lays Owens on the table. Bane stands up on the table and picks Owens up. Bane measures it out and hits a snap powerbomb on Owens through the next table with all the Bane shirts on them.
Bane laughs as Owens, still holding his hand, looks hurt bad. Bane decides it is time to start making his way back towards the ringside area as he knows there are other guys in this match. Bane exits the concession area and begins to work his way through the crowd towards the ringside area, blood streaming down his face. The crowd gives Bane a good pop as he grabs a chair from the audience area and begins to hop the barricade only to have Owens reemerge and give him a axehandle sending him toppling over the barricade. Owens hops the barricade himself and reenters the match just as Quiz finishes lighting up Stevenson in the corner with knifehand chops. Quiz points at Owens and tells him to back off in a stern tone as Owens backs into the corner and watches for a few minutes, holding his hand in pain as all four men have made it back to the ringside area.

Brunswick: Looks like everyone is back. Owens looks like his hand might be broken from that punch to the concrete pillar.

Smith: He also took a nasty snap powerbomb through a table. That cant be good for him. Im surprised he is still standing honestly.

Brunswick: He is showing that he has that same intestinal fortitude that Bane does. It drives him in trying to win this match and the X Division Championship.

Quiz gives Stevenson a few more nasty shots before throwing him into Owens, who hits a nasty lariat. Owens and Quiz look at each other for a second, signifying a quick team up to try and take Stevenson out of this match. Owens picks Stevenson up with his good hand and throws him back into Quiz who hits a spinebuster on him. Quiz holds his knee as he slowly mounts and begins driving forearms into the head of Stevenson. Stevenson tries to get Quiz off of him as he begins to fight back hard with fists right into his knee. Quiz clutches at his knee as he goes to the side and Stevenson gets to his feet and begins to fight back against both Quiz and Owens. Stevenson showing that he belongs here, drives rights and lefts into Owens and comes in with a shoulder to Quiz, driving the air out of Quiz. Owens is stunned by Stevenson as Stevenson comes in and drives his forearm into the face of Owens. Owens drops to the mat as Stevenson is pumped up. He doesnt know what to do next as everyone is down and Bane is nowhere to be seen. Stevenson pulls Owens out and looks for a pin.



Owens kicks out! Stevenson looks for a pin on Quiz.



Quiz gets a foot on the rope! Stevenson thought he had him right there as the frustration of this match is starting to kick in. Owens is up and drives a knee to the back of the seated Stevenson. Owens is pissed as forgoes the pain and picks Stevenson up and hits the Crack-Barrel Blast on Stevenson. Quiz uses the ropes and gets to his feet as he watches Owens hit his moves. The move takes a good amount of energy out of Owens and he cant pin Stevenson so Quiz grabs Stevenson and hits SOMETHING WICKED on him! The move hurt Quiz worst as he grabs his knee. He takes forever to cover Stevenson and Stevenson kicks out at two. Stevenson gets to his feet after a long delay as Owens is up as well, still nursing his hand in the corner. Stevenson runs in and Owens dodges only to catch the turnbuckle. Stevenson hits hard and turns only to catch the CATTLE DRIVE from Owens! Owens grabs his hand in pain as a body comes flying in from nowhere as Bane has reentered the match and hits THE FINAL FLASH on the prone Stevenson from outta nowhere! Bane hooks the leg deep as the ref drops down to count.

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