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M4: Gunnar Wuher vs. Alex LeBlanc
Topic Started: Oct 1 2017, 01:38 AM (92 Views)
The Inquisition
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-The lights dim and Alex LeBlanc makes his by this point customary entrance with strobes and fixtures playing him into a heroes welcome, the crowd's fervor masking the sounds of "Mother" by Danzig. A pair of black tights with a small Trident outlined in teal stitching. He walks down the ramp, readying for what he anticipates to be a war and reaching the ring steps he takes a deep breath and looks out over the crowd. Lightning coming back to its normal hue, he is able to see the full capacity of the venue and take it the astonishing nature of it all. One day, LeBlanc may take the time to full appreciate the sight before him. Tonight however, LeBlanc is stepping through the ropes in hopes of taking on yet another war of attrition.-

-Settling in the middle of the ring, Alex is hopping on the balls of his feet, crouching a bit as he prepares for the entrance of Gunnar Wuher, when the crowd starts to bustle and that bustle starts to turning into all out panic and widespread anxiety as Allan Proctor is making his way through the crowd from the north side of the venue, coming into the ringisde area from opposite the hard-cam. Opposite to Proctor, coming through the crowd from the south is Sasha Dmitriev and coming from the East is Ashton Masters. The trio hop the barricade and suddenly Alex is surrounded by a trio of rabid wolves who looking at the sheep left alone in the pasture.-

Smith: Oh this doesn't look good...

Brunswick: Get out of there, Alex!

-And to his credit, Alex tries. Years of bad decisions have taught Alex that staying there to face the horde never works out. Before he can dodge the oncoming onslaught however, Masters and Dmitriev hit the ring and they lay waste to Alex, taking him down to the canvas with a series of boots and kicks to the chest and sternum that drive the wind out of his sails. The crowd is looking on in hushed silence as the goons work Alex into a corner and take turns throwing back elbows and clotheslines into his chest as Proctor by now has made it into the center of the ring and is gloating, grinning ear to ear as he pulls a microphone from his back pocket.-

Allan: Oh you poor schlep, you don't learn. You don't listen! I told you that I would see you in December, I told you that this would be like a vacation for me while it would be nothing short of hell for you. I told you that I promised I wouldn't lay a finger on you, LeBlanc. What you didn't listen to, in your arrogance, in your bravado was when I told you flat-out that I wasn't the only one who thought you were an unmitigated failure and that I would bring them back to life!

-LeBlanc stumbling out of the corner, he falls at Proctor's feet, and in a subtle bit of consistency, Proctor takes a step back.-

Allan: Don't you dare fall on my Ferragamo's, Bitch. You aren't worth the money I paid for these!

-Proctor signals for Masters and Dmitriev to pull LeBlanc up so he can look at him, and they pull him back by the arms, quartering him like William Wallace. Dazed and confused, Alex is forced to look at a smirking Proctor.-

Allan: For the next two months, I'm going to be everywhere. When you pee, I'll be there. When you eat, I'll be in the reflection of the vanity plates I'm sure you use to feed your son. I'll be checked into the same hotel in a room right next to you making sure to make as much noise as human possible so you can't sleep. I'm going to become your shadow for the next 60 days and you won't be able to do a thing about it because the minute you lay a finger on me? You'll go the way of the Dodo and Sonia Capasso! Gone! Finito! Extinct like the Brontosaurus!

-Proctor looks dead into LeBlanc's eyes and mouths "Finish him" to Dmitriev and Masters who are still pulling back an arm each. The minute they get the signal however, they place a foot on the back of LeBlanc's head and drive him down into the canvas with a tandem Curb Stomp. Immediately Alex goes limp, motionless as the trio stands above him, over him defiantly. -

Proctor: Oh! I almost forgot!

-Proctor reaches into his pants and pulls out a Room Key and a picture. Taking the effort to bring the picture into the focus of the cameraman who then broadcasts it to the 'tron, you can clearly see it's a picture of a half-naked Ariel Ryan laying in a hotel room, wrapped in a sheet. Laughing to himself as he rips the picture away, Proctor throws the Room Key onto LeBlanc's lifeless body and throws the picture next to it. The crowd is livid, but Proctor is reveling in it. Laughing wildly, enthralled by the moment, Proctor's oneupmanship gets the best of him, and he reaches for his phone. Opening up Snapchat, he kneels and poses with LeBlanc's carcass, sure to get the picture, LeBlanc and the room key into the frame. Proctor asks if he should use the "Puppy" filter and tells Masters and Dmitriev to "Smile, damnit" because they're on camera.-

Proctor: She told me to tell you that I"m better than you, Alex. I'll send you the pictures later.
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