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M1: Manik Mercer vs. Kurt Kiddo; Match End Date: Sep. 8
Topic Started: Aug 19 2017, 11:04 PM (215 Views)
The Inquisition
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PRW Codger
- PRW Rules

Staff Edit: This match has been granted an extension until September 8th, 2017 due to the late inclusion of Kurt Kiddo.
Edited by The Inquisition, Aug 25 2017, 10:01 PM.
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Perth, AUS

The most devoted of the PRW fanbase collected round their television sets at home are greeted to a magnificent pyrotechnics display exploding over their screens. For the amped up Australian crowd in the electric Perth Arena, it is only another round of excitement following a hot pre-show boasting some of the finest young talents on the roster. However, the time has finally come for one of the company's biggest pay-per-views of the year - Clash of the Titans.

Josh Brunswick: We are live from the land down under, the only country in the world where the national animal couldn't be more suited to a four-sided ring. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Perth, Australia - this is Clash of the Titans! I'm Josh Brunswick, and I'm joined by my ever faithful partner Doug Smith, to present to you tonight another incredible collection of the best that the wrestling world has to offer!

Doug Smith: Thank you Josh, remember folks - cheating is bad. Always stay loyal to the one you love. I must say, Josh; this is looking like a phenomenal card tonight. We have two titles matches on the card tonight, including a very exciting battle for the vacated Undisputed Championship in the main event tonight!

The voices of Smith and Brunswick are almost entirely engulfed by the noisy Australians; the excitement in their voices amplified by their shouted tones. The cameras shoot the elevated crowd, spinning from the bleachers to the audience in the front row - including one of Australia's hottest young sporting stars, Melbourne's own Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers! Give us a wave, Ben!

Josh Brunswick: Yes, folks, after Jesse Drive's unfortunate injury a few days ago on Rage at the hands of Ace Andrews - after Drive sensationally issued an open challenge for his Undisputed title - Drive was left with no other choice but to vacate his title. It seems still we have no real timeframe on Drive's return. It's unfortunate to lose somebody of his calibre, but the championship bout tonight more than makes up for it. The man himself Ace Andrews versus none other than Ata Tatupu, two excellent combatants with their own championship experience!

Doug Smith: And may I also draw everyone's attention to what I think might just be the most exciting match of the night - the six-way ladder contest for the X-Division title! John Bane, Carlos Cruz, Gunnar Wuher, Alexander Owens, Alex LeBlanc... and a mystery sixth competitor, unknown to everybody in the match and us ourselves! Josh, dare you hazard a guess who it could be?

Josh Brunswick: Oh no, I wouldn't dare. I'm usually wrong on these things, and I'm not about to fuel speculation. Right now though, there is one thing I am more than happy to light the fire for. Coming up now, we have the début of possibly PRW's most interesting acquisitions in recent years, a certain Mister Kurt Kiddo. I had the pleasure of interviewing Kurt recently, and he appears to be coming in with a sense of determination that is refreshingly authentic.

Doug Smith: Kurt's been one of my favourite wrestlers on the circuit for a long time, and it was exciting seeing him arrive in the arena earlier today. He's very no nonsense - a man who doesn't care that much for the glam of wrestling, but just loves doing what he does best; crushing other people's heads.

Josh Brunswick: He's got a good history of doing just that too folks, he's an experienced champion in three continents; and a strong background of amateur kickboxing and taekwondo that is very unusual for a man of his build. But Doug, he's certainly got his work cut out for him - tonight folks, Kurt Kiddo will be taking on another excellent unorthodox fighter in Maxima!

Doug Smith: You know I'm old-fashioned Josh, but the undoubted ability of our female wrestlers on this roster - starting with Sylvia Wrath, all the way to Ata Tatupu and the lady herself Maxima - you know, it's really started to win me over, the idea of female wrestlers.

Josh Brunswick: You wouldn't be the Doug I know so well without your questionable political motives and out-of-date ideals, but you're absolutely correct - we're very proud of our ladies here. Maxima has come in and immediately made an impact, most recently laying waste to Amadeo Beste at the Greenhorn Grand Prix before bowing out in the quarter-finals to Shawn Hunt.

Interrupting the feverish commentary is the sound of the stadium lights shutting down one by one, a heavy thud synchronous with a sudden dark dimming of the crowd. Each one goes off a couple of moments apart from the one before, until the entire arena is in darkness.

Doug Smith: It must be time for our first match, then! Josh, turn your flash on - I can't remember where I put my coffee!

The opening growls of Massive Attack's "Angel" begin to leak from the speakers around the arena. The camera pans around the darkened arena, illuminated only by the raised phone screens and lighters in the audience. However, the almost-total darkness is soon ended; as the the distorted drums begin to sound out, a stream of spotlights flicker in time with each hefty kick. Then the bass starts to groan, with a separate shining lamp circling around the arena; brightening and dimming in time with the lifespan of the bass.

As some overlapping percussion rambles, that is when he comes out. Kurt Kiddo. His head is dropped, lathered in sweat over his closely-shaved head. In one hand is a small towel, already drenched - the other a bottled water. There is no one spotlight over him, instead his face is briefly illuminated by the flickering lights fluctuating across the arena.

The legendary voice of roots reggae ace Horace Andy fill the arena, and Kiddo - now entirely illuminated - lifts his head up to examine the crowd. A few wet beads drip from his lengthy goatee. Kiddo lifts the tip of his bottle to his lips, and swills the last few sips from his water. With this hand, he intently raises it to the ceiling and roars with vigor and spirit.

The drum track starts to pound differently, as that pounding bass comes back in; and Kiddo makes his methodical entrance down the ramp towards the ring. He wipes dry his face once more, then motions with a finger towards Ben Simmons - "Boston, baby!"

Amber Garcia: Tonight's contest is a PRW rules match, scheduled for one-fall! On his way to the ring, making his official PRW début... weighing in at 290lbs, hailing from all the way out in Salem, Massachusetts... ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce... KUURRRRT KIDDOOOOOO!

Kiddo slips underneath the bottom rope of the ring, and throws his hands up centre circle as Horace's accented singing hails out once again. He pumps out a fist, chucks his empty bottle out into the crowd, throws out some pointed fingers, then scales the closest turnbuckle. His head is bowed and his body closed in, then as the track explodes with a jagged guitar line, he throws out his chest and extends his arms out into the air. He screams out to the intrigued crowd who scream back, initially taken aback by the stunning entrance but now fully engrossed and eager to see what Kiddo can bring.

Another few fist pumps and points precede Kiddo dropping back into the ring, smacking his beefy chest as he steps back towards the middle of the ring; underneath his rugged chest hair, his fatty lumps jiggle with each pound.

Josh Brunswick: Wow, what a way to make an entrance! Is anybody else's hair on ends?

Doug Smith: You know Josh, for a guy who loves to keep it simple, that is one god damn grand entrance - a statement, even! I'm sure Maxima is keen to get out there and see what she can do!

To be continued by Maxima.
Edited by airkiddo, Aug 21 2017, 07:47 AM.
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“How many times can one fall until they are unable to get back up?

How many times can a man be beaten until his will is broken?

How many times can your luck run out until you realise things aren't going to go your way?

The answer is the same to all three of those questions.

Only you decide when enough is enough. Only you can call it quits. Only you can stop yourself from achieving those goals. Only you can stop yourself from chasing those dreams. As long as you have breath in your body you should never let life tell you no. You should never let anyone but yourself decide your fate, you are in control of your own future, your own destiny.”

The words pierce the ears of every person standing in the arena. The bass in the voice vibrates against the metal support beams and metal chair frames. But for a moment the whole place falls silent, the crowd is stunned, the commentators don't say a word. Silence.

Kurt stands dead centre of the ring looking just as confused as the thousands in the crowd, he looks towards the referee in order to get some answers but unfortunately for him the referee doesn't know what is happening either.


The voice of Emin3m Fills the arena but the fans still have no idea who the music represents. The lights flicker and flash with a variety of colours, red, blue and white race around the room moving in time with the beat of the music which blares out of the speakers. On the stage, a waterfall-like feature appears just before the curtain where the wrestlers come through to make their way to the ring, but instead of water, there is a fall of white sparks. Through the sparks a big silhouette appears, then with a bang, the sparks stop and a with a huge flash the figure steps forward revealing the one and only.......

Posted Image


Smith: I'm confused? Isn't Maxima scheduled to be out here? Why is Mercer here?

Brunswick: I have no idea Doug, but Manik Mercer is here! This is huge.

The fans mirror Josh Brunswick's excitement as they raise the roof in the stadium, the sound is deafening and almost drowns out the arena's music. Mercer takes a moment at the top of the stage to look out at the fans who welcome him with such warmth, a moment that should melt even the coldest heart. He offers no hints as to how he feels about the warm welcome but you'd imagine that he is taken back by it. Deciding that he has left it long enough, Mercer slowly makes his way down to the ring which holds the latest in PRW prospects in Kurt Kiddo.

Kiddo's expression is now one that is cautious, confused and a little frustrated. He was expecting a match with Maxima, he was expecting a chance to show the PRW world what he is capable of, but as of right now Mercer is delaying that.

Mercer is now positioned at the foot of the ring looking up at the man stood proudly in the centre of the squared circle. The bulking British fighter walks around and towards the table where Josh and Doug are sitting, his eyes never leave the man stood in the ring. Doug tenses up when Mercer approaches and leans over the table.

"Pass a mic"

Josh Brunswick is the only one able to act as Doug seems scared stiff as he stares at the monster of a man in front of him. Upon receiving the microphone, Mercer nods towards Brunswick as thanks and then turns back to the ring. Merce reaches up and grabs the middle rope and pulls himself up into the ring. Kurt Kiddo moves to the opposite side of the ring but his face has changed from inquisitive to a more battle ready expression, and who could blame him Manik Mercer is a huge guy and isn't shy of attack people.

Mercer is now in the ring and he stares directly at Kurt who mouths something to him which causes Mercer to smirk. The music cuts off and the crowds quieten down leaving a huge atmosphere of static between Kurt and Mercer.

“Kurt....Did you know I asked for this match a few weeks ago but the powers at be decided to put Maxima in the match instead.”

Mercer drops his arm which holds the microphone to his lips to his side and then proceeds to look around the stadium. After his eyes take a few laps of the crowd and the ramp he returns to Kurt's stare.

“Annnnd. It doesn't look like she is coming out here to face you to me....So, what do you say? Instead of you leaving the ring not having your debut, why not have it with me instead.”

Mercer then takes his eyes off of the man from Massachusetts and returns to looking out to the crowd.

“Would you like for the Kid over here to have a match with me tonight?”

And with those words spoken the crowd erupts into a 'YES!'

Edited by goldenape, Aug 31 2017, 09:47 AM.
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Kurt Kiddo stands firmly straight in the centre of the ring, arms crossed as he takes in the reaction from the Perth crowd. He flickers his eyes across the blue arena, before motioning to a roadie at the side for a microphone of his own.

Brunswick: Kurt's reaching for a microphone here folks; Manik could have just saved this match!

Kiddo: Max didn't show up?

Kiddo eases the microphone away from his mouth for a moment, tapping it against his spare palm. He purses his lips with a furrowed brow before continuing to speak.

Kiddo: Makes no difference to me.

The fans in attendance elicit a sound pop, breaking into a few moments of applause. In the commentary booth, Josh Brunswick is feverish.

Brunswick: Ohhh yes folks! Maxima might not be in the arena tonight, for whatever reason - but boy, have we got one hell of a replacement match for you! Manik Mercer and Kurt Kiddo! Wow!

Kiddo: You're a brave man, Manik. You asked for this for a good reason, I'm sure you know what you're in for!

Kurt pushes his palm out in the direction of the referee, and wanders towards him with the microphone still propped towards his lips.

Kiddo: Are we good to go?

The referee nods.

Kiddo: Take the mic!

Kiddo stings the referee's chest with the microphone, then turns his attentions back towards Manik. The Salem native beckons him into the ring, receiving a sharp smirk in return.

(Onto you, my man!)
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The referee briefs both wrestlers asking for a good, clean match. The fans in attendance increase their volume as this match is just moments from kicking off. Kurt Kiddo vs Manik Mercer. It is an unexpected start of the night but a welcomed one, the PRW world haven't seen Mercer since Rapture attacked Marshall Cage and him but it seems Mercer is not looking worn from the assault and is raring to go.

The referee calls for the bell and with a 'DING DING DING', this match begins. The two powerhouses begin to circle the ring with their eyes locked onto each other like to predators looking at one another like the other is prey. Mercer is the slightly taller than Kurt and his body has spent a few more hours in the gym. Mercer's muscles bulge under the lights and you can see why he is one of the most fears superstars on the roster, 6'4, 270lbs of pure aggression. Kurt doesn't look intimidated though, in fact, he looks ready for war, he has a crooked smiled and his eyes burn for battle. Despite Kurt not being as physically “impressive” as Mercer you can tell he is built for battle, his body mimics that of a Viking warrior, 6'0ft tall, 290lbs. He is built to be durable, he is built for power and he could be the type of man to throw a spanner in the works of Mercer's plan.

Both men seem done sizing each other up and you can feel the anticipation in the air as things are about to go down. Kurt will be looking to take advantage of this situation, he now has a chance to take down Mercer, a man who despite not being as active as he used to be is surely still a huge name to have on his resume. Mercer is a mean dude and has a reputation around PRW and in one match Kurt can take a huge boost from a victory here. Mercer, on the other hand, has everything to lose here, if he doesn't win he may fade into the back room of obscurity. He certainly has a point to prove tonight.

Brunswick: Two big men here about to go to war. I can't wait to see how this transpires.

Kurt decides to make the first move, he shoots in on Mercer with an exposed forearm looking to catch him early but Mercer is too sweet and using quick footwork avoids the charging PRW new comer. Kurt falls into the ropes where Mercer was and Mercer ends up in Kurt's old position. With a smile on his face, Kurt turns around and he sends a nod towards the big man in front of him which Mercer ignores with his unemotional, blank stare. Kurt not wanting to have one miss raise Mercer's confidence decides to walk towards the big Brit, this will make it easier for him pin down his opponent. Mercer seems to embrace this though as he takes a step towards Kurt this time. Both men fire off with right hands but Mercer was slightly faster as he didn't go for power whereas Kurt did. Mercer being a huge man the power is naturally there and it rocks Kurt's head back and disrupts his shot. Mercer now has an opening, he hopes to capitalise on this but Kurt is too cute at the moment and Mercer's attempts to grab hold of him fail as Kurt ducks underneath the huge arms of the Manik One.

The two men are facing each other from across the ring again and the cool demeanour of Mercer slips slightly as he lets out a little snarl as Kurt's smirk transitions into a full grin as he picks up on Manik's disappointment. This time instead of strikes the two men decide to test their strengths against each other. Like two bulls locking horns they crash into one another with a mighty thud and tie up in a clinch. Mercer gets the advantage straight away using his size to bear down on the slightly smaller man. The advantage isn't much as Kurt pushes back against Mercer, and to Mercer's surprise, he has to struggle to stand his ground. Their muscles flex, their biceps flex, their backs strain, their thighs and calves pop in order to maintain their position.

Smith: Two Goliath men using what god gave them, pure aggression and power.

Brunswick: Hard to see who will win this first battle, Kurt has the weight advantage but Mercer has the height and is clearly in better shape.

Smith: Yeah but if you go off of body types, strong men don't have 'beach bodies' yet they would out lift a body builder.

With that being said Kurt looks to have his feet set as is actually able to mount a push back against Mercer, who for the moment looks a little taken back as he frowns. Mercer now realises that tonight isn't going to be as easy as he first thought. He came out here full of confidence but right now his face is anything but confident. Kurt lets out a shout but this prompts Mercer to bring his knee up and fire it into Kurt's midsection causing him to let out another shout but this time it's not a cry of war but a cry of pain.

Smith: Looks like Mercer is a little more than brawn here tonight as he uses his brain.

Brunswick: To me that looked like a desperate attempt of keeping the appearance dominance intact, it looked to me as if Kurt was about to out power him.

Smith: You may be right...Doesn't matter too much now though does it.

With Kurt doubled over Mercer fires of another knee which is targeted at the midsection again, Kiddo is unable to stop the strike and takes it with all of its force and this sends him to one knee. Mercer, not one to hold back lets rip with another knee and this time he aims it at Kurt's head, anticipating this Kurt covers his head with his arms which take most of the impact but with 270lbs worth of power aimed at your head, your arms do little to protect you. Kurt gets knocked to the ground with the huge knee and Mercer continues the assault.

(Sorry took so long dude, real life kept throwing things at me)
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Manik has started the contest strongly, and with Kiddo on the deck for the first time the Briton wastes not a moment to continue his assault on the Salem native. Mercer stubs him in the skull with his boot to keep Kiddo at bay, before cuffing him by the scuff of the neck. Kurt is hoisted slightly to knees, and Mercer parlays a few stern smacks to the side of the head; each bang echoing around the Perth Arena.

Josh Brunswick: Manik's looking to assert himself early here. He's been rollocking Kurt a little bit already.

Doug Smith: He's clearly done a lot of homework, Josh. Kurt's a tough cookie and he likes to make it difficult for his opponents; you have to get at him early and stifle him before his momentum starts to pile on.

Kurt throws up his elbows above his head, sponging some of the power from Manik's powerful blows as he fights through to an attempted stand. Mercer is wise to this and grapples Kiddo, shoving him under his right arm - crushing the head with his beastly bicep, and tightening the forearm against his throat. Mercer wrenches Kiddo about in a tight front facelock, and the Massachusetts-born brawler bides his time for a second or two before clasping Mercer's wrist and spinning out of the lock. His hands stay clamped around the Briton's arm whilst he yells aloud a roar, and Kiddo pulls Mercer in before spiking him in the stomach with the end of his boot.

Sensing the first opportunity to turn the tide against the Manik One, Kiddo starts to up the ante to introduce the PRW crowd to the high-energy style that he has built his career on. He holds Mercer in tow before stunning him with a powerful knee; he raises the knee quickly to smash him the Brit in the face, sending him shuttling back. The Manik One is momentarily dazed, but nonetheless still on his feet. Kiddo falls back against the ring ropes behind him and pounces off of them, rallying towards Mercer with swift footwork; and without haste he crashes into him with a hefty forearm to the cranium. Mercer drops with his face covered, swirling and collapsing face-first onto the middle rope on the other side.

Josh Brunswick: For the first time in the match Kurt begins to wrestle control from the hands of Mercer - what a vicious blow he just took too! That's almost 300lbs of weight thrown behind that, hurtling into you at such speed too!

Doug Smith: That's always been an advantage for him, Kurt's great size. It means everything packs more punch - those strikes hurt just a little bit more, and he can make anybody look silly throwing them about the ring like a wet fish outta water.

Kurt clamours forward towards his opponent on the ropes, bringing him into an inverted facelock. It goes without saying Kiddo is certainly calculated, as is his opponent tonight, he draws his individuality by how swiftly he likes to move things along - he takes no moment to showboat Mercer in the hold, and simply sends him crashing backwards into his extended knee for a painful backbreaker. The sound of the knee stabbing into Mercer's spine is shiver-inducing, and one can only imagine how it feels for the Brit. Kiddo does not let up, moving straight from his knelt posture over across the felled Mercer's body. He proceeds to ravage the Brit with a few stiff blows of his own; with his left hand he cuffs Mercer's ear and holds him up, using his right to ram fists into Mercer's dome.

Doug Smith: Take enough of those and you'll be eating out of a tune before you know it.

Josh Brunswick: You can't say that, Doug!

Doug Smith: What? Don't be weak. All I'm saying is Manik can't be eating too many of those punches, and he knows it too.

Kiddo lets up from the pounding, removing himself from atop Mercer. He closes a hand on the Brit's crown and gathers a fistful of hair in one hand, using the other to guide the Brummie to his feet. Kiddo welts him once more now he's arisen, keeping him light, and whips him into the closest turnbuckle. Mercer ploughs into it at speed, landing into it with a noisy thud. He relaxes into the corner, back against the frame facing towards his adversary. Manik looks up with wide eyes, watching Kiddo ice him out with a pointed finger. Then comes the speeding truck racing towards him; without thinking, Mercer tucks his head in and ducks his body out of the way. Kiddo instead takes the brunt of the turnbuckle against his own shuttling force, crushing the momentum and opening a window for Mercer.

Kiddo lightly toes away from the corner, taking a second to collect his bearings; but against a predator like Manik Mercer, it only takes a momentary lapse for him to pounce. Manik presses on towards him, clamping his forearm and bending it into a wristlock. He strikes Kiddo across the face with a strong back elbow, but continues the firm grip on the wrist. Mercer shoots out his boot, and surprises Kiddo with a swift leg sweep. The Salem native hurtles to the floor, smashing his skull against the canvas; as he writhes on the ground, Mercer strides to the rope to take a short breather.

(no worries my man, we keep on moving!)
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It was always going to be a fast start, these two are monsters among men and anything less than an intense start was never on the cards. For now, though Mercer has the upper hand, he may not be tired as such but the breather will maintain his energy levels. The breather will also allow him to assess the situation, he may have come into this match with a bit of knowledge on Kurt but he also came into this match with the arrogance that he is all well to known to have and he may have underestimated the Salem native.

Deciding the breather is now over Mercer sets about to inflict more pain on his opponent, who is still down on the canvas with his face in the mat and hands covering the back of his skull. With Kurt being in this position this allows Mercer to freely attack Kurt's lower back, using his knee Mercer drops down onto Kurt's spine. A huge roar of pain erupts from Kiddo's mouth as 270lbs of bulking muscle crashes down onto his back, and as soon as it lands Mercer rises back to his feet primed and ready to inflict more damage.

Brunswick: Mercer taking out Kiddo's back here. Mercer realises that Kurt is a power wrestler and taking out his core will limit what he is actually capable of doing. Lifting will become painful, movements will be slower. If Mercer can keep the attacks there then he may take Kurt's strengths away from him.

Mercer knows this and continues to target the back but this time just with a simple stomp, it isn't as damaging as the knee but it still evokes a small reaction from Kurt. Swooping down with his huge hands, Mercer reaches in and grabs Kurt round the back of his neck and slowly brings him to his feet. As they are already near the corner Mercer tosses his opponent into it and quickly lands a heavy chop forcing a huge 'Wooooo' from the crowd. Kurt grimaces in pain and quickly clutches his chest, but Mercer is not going to stop there and clutches Kurt's head and impales his elbow into his forehead but then quickly steps back and returns to another chop which is equally as powerful as the first and it draws the same reaction from the crowd and Kiddo.

Kiddo this time does the smart thing and removes himself from the corner and he leans over the top rope trying to catch his breath and to get over the pain. Mercer doesn't like this tactic thought and approaches the temporarily dazed newcomer. Kurt has enough about him though to sense the approach and just as Mercer gets close enough he lets fly with an elbow to Mercer's midsection. Mercer takes the hit with its full force and is forced to stop his advances. Kiddo stands up straight now and lets fire a forearm that cracks the British Brute to the jaw which, again, makes the big make take a step back. This encourages Kurt to lay another in and then one more for good measure. Some of the crowd start to get behind Kurt and this inspires him to push some more, with Mercer back against the ropes Kurt grips onto Mercer's wrist and using the ropes as leverage and his own weight as a counter balance he throws Manik across the ring with an Irish whip. Mercer bounds off the ropes opposite and comes hurtling towards the ready Kiddo, and like two bulldozer balls colliding they make a huge crash but neither man come out on top, they just impact each other and take a single step backwards.

Brunswick: Wow, both men not giving an inch in this match. A real yo-yo type deal going on here.

The two men stand staring at each other for a moment and in an instant, they both turn from each other and bound into the ropes. The two huge men once again come crashing into each other but just as before they do not budge more than 10 inches. Their faces screw and seethe, then they head towards the ropes again. They come sprinting to each other, Mercer swings his arm looking to land a clothesline but Kurt manages to duck underneath and both men continue towards the opposite ropes. As they come towards each other this time Kiddo swings his arm looking to take Mercer out but the 6'4 man ducks under the smaller man's arm and again they both head towards the ropes. As their backs hit the ropes the crowd let out a huge cheer as this is the fourth time within 1 minute. Both men take aim and both men let fire with clotheslines and both actually connect. The bulldozer balls finally explode and both men get taken down with the clotheslines and the crowd goes absolutely nuts. Almost 600lbs of force just collided and both men are hurt after that, they are down and not moving but the energy the crowd is giving off is immense. This is the first moment in this match where either man has been properly hurt and it just so happens that they are both hurt at the same time. Chants for Mercer start to leak from the crowd which quickly get counted with chants for Kurt, but neither men seem to be able to appreciate what is transpiring among the crowd as all that is moving is their chest from the intake of air they desperately need.

Brunswick: Carnage! The force at which those two men collide could have brought down a house.

Smith:...Behave. A wall built by a man who has never picked up a trowel in his life maybe.

Brunswick: Someone like you?

Smith: ...I'll have you know when I was younger I worked alongside a man who taught me a thing or two about bricklaying.

Brunswick: As interesting as that sounds Doug, I think I'll stop you there. Kiddo and Mercer have just unleashed two huge clotheslines that has currently paused the action and the referee has started his count.

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Bigger men really do fall harder. In a match with more pounds than the Bank of England, every slam, bang and collision hits home just that little bit harder. 600lbs of meat lays slumped on the canvas, beginning to lather it in sweat.

The referee has commenced his count above the dazed heads of Kurt Kiddo and Manik Mercer - but the thunderous smash of the two behemoths hitting the floor would easily have one mistaken that the double clothesline seen previously had caused some serious damage!

No, the smackdown has just begun. The energy of the match is starting to swing, bringing the fans into extreme early excitement.

Mercer happens onto his toes first, with Kiddo slouched before him still trying to stagger onwards. The Briton immediately clamours forward, slapping his hands onto Kiddo's bent body. He cracks the Salem native's spine with a sharp forearm, and shuffles him forward into the turnbuckle. The hefty brawler piles into the corner, arms slumped desperate for a moment's respite. Mercer watches Kiddo for a second, then takes the next second to press out his enormous hands reeling the crowd in. Mercer bounds forward to smash the American with a grand running elbow - only for Kiddo to clatter the Brit in the stomach, raising his boot into the raging bull.

Josh Brunswick: Manik was charging like a raging bull just then, Kurt's quick feet saved him from a potential world of pain!

The Manik One doubles over as the horrid feeling of clumpy size twelves savage his stomach, a few inches removed from the waist. Sensing his opportunity to pounce, Kiddo immediately accelerates from the corner in which he had been sunken in and harries towards the Briton. As he blasts forward, Kiddo catches Mercer by the head with his closest hand before pulling him across the ring a tight Bulldog! Kiddo catches a moment's airtime and shunts Mercer's cranium into the mat, met with the heavy bounce of the hard canvas against a skull. Kiddo lands into a seated spot, and pats his hands against his fuzzy outstretched legs as he lingers in the comfortable moment. He puffs out a loud breath, with saggy chest pressed forward and his furry eyebrows raised, and then leaps to his feet once more.

Doug Smith: Ooooh, Manik landed hard after that one! Kurt Kiddo might want consider a career in plastic surgery after this!

Josh Brunswick: He definitely felt that one for sure, Doug. You can't get your face bounced off the canvas like that and not feel a sting!

Kiddo scurries around the downed Englishman and pushes his torso into his back. He slips his arms around under Mercer. Kiddo pushes beneath Mercer's nose to rise his face upward, and in keeping with the Bulldog name slips his remaining arm under the chin to wrench Mercer into a Bulldog Choke. He clamps down on the throat of the Manik One, leaving him wincing as he gasps for breath. Although the hold is tight, Manik starts to muster together the power to fend off his adversary; planting his feet into the ground, he raises up gradually and bashes Kiddo's stomach trying to weaken his clasp.

Upon finding himself now stood, Kiddo switches into a transitional headlock, squeezing Manik's hulking neck until his sweat-drenched forehead sprouts a ridiculous vein. Although surely tight, Manik relaxes into the clinch as much as he really could with such little space between Kurt's boulder bicep and fuzzy belly. Kiddo frustratedly ragdolls Mercer's body, who only resists losing his balance, allowing Kurt to tire out. Noting his depleting energy, Kiddo seeks to stick Mercer to the canvas with a judo throw - but Mercer immediately applies the breaks and blocks the takedown. He quickly traps the American's far elbow, bringing it closer feeling the hold weaken; then brings the same arm up over Kurt's back and shoves it into his closest cheekbone. Moving his leg into the back of Kurt's, Mercer starts to rise from his doubled over posture back to a stand; he takes a short moment to gloat, before smashing Kurt's head into the canvas with a loud snapmare.

Josh Brunswick: Manik was smart there to rest into that headlock. He bided his time until Kurt was drained, and reversed that judo throw excellently.

Doug Smith: Reversing that headlock can bring things back in Manik's favour now. Cranking the head like that, especially when it's somebody as bulky as Kurt Kiddo can effectively crush your arteries - it makes it just that much harder to keep your focus dialled in, and with somebody as erratic as Kurt firing at you from all angles you really need to be tuned in properly.

Josh Brunswick: Look at Manik's neck though, that's a solid layer of bulk to burst through. Manik might just be one of the hardest competitors on the roster to break down. Kiddo must surely recognise this.

Doug Smith: No doubt, Josh. But vice versa too. These guys both know they're gonna have to run themselves into the ground just to put away the other.

Kiddo lands seated, and Mercer steams into the adjacent ring ropes facing the Salem striker. He rebounds off towards Kiddo and drives his boot into his jaw, and watches gleefully as Kiddo slumps with his arms stretched on the mat. Mercer pumps his fist close to his side and bites into his chin, embracing the rush of momentum overthrowing him.

Doug Smith: Here we go now, Manik Mercer looks like he's brimming with confidence now - and adrenaline, too! Kurt's gonna be on the defensive now, and he has to keep it rough because Manik's gonna make it just as rough for him.

Wasting not even a moment more for Kiddo to recover, Manik Mercer swivels around and grasps Kiddo by his wrist. With great might he starts to leverage up the almost-300lb beast to his feet, and twists his forearm up and over his head. He pulls the mangled arm in tight, and smashes into the incoming Kiddo with a powerful clothesline that drops the newbie like a tonne of bricks. Mercer keeps a tight grip on Kiddo's arm and hoists him back up once more, this time shifting his weight as he uses the momentum of Kiddo's rising to whip the American across into the ring ropes.

As Kiddo charges back towards Mercer, the Briton prepares himself and squats down to scoop up the pounding behemoth. Mercer thrusts the whole 290lbs of Kurt Kiddo into the air, and screams like a powerlifter with all air in his lungs. His legs are unsteady however, and Kiddo snaps back into focus; stunning Mercer by driving his clenched fist repeatedly into his head until the Brit starts to stumble. Kiddo breaks through and drops to his feet, and this time he whips his opposer into the ropes. Mercer comes zooming back towards Kiddo, who drops his head underneath the Brit's outstretched arm missing the clothesline; and then, on the return, gathers Mercer in his own arms and rattles him with a massive bodyslam.

Josh Brunswick: Oh my word, what a slam by Kurt Kiddo! What a slam!

The ring violently shakes with the mammoth weight crashing underneath it. Such a demonstration of sheer strength from Kiddo to rag Mercer into the mat receives a roar from the crowd, arisen to their feet with awe smacked across their faces.

Doug Smith: There's not a part of me that doubts Kurt has wore himself out too with that. That's his game - high energy, high pressure, high power.

Josh Brunswick: Agreed Doug, but Kurt is renowned for running on empty and practically putting himself out of commission just to score a W.

Doug Smith: We might see that now - look at this!

Kiddo immediately bolts towards the closest corner post and hurls his giant body up onto the bottom rope, scaling the turnbuckle until he is stood upon the very highest. Fists raised high, the Salem native bellows the loudest yell from the depths of his lungs, and vaults from the corner with his elbow extended outwards.

Doug Smith: Air Kiddoooo!

The result is a thundering wreck. Kiddo crashes into Mercer landing a huge elbow drop, hitting his body with a booming thud. The Australian crowd is left gawking at the scene; ecstatic friends bumping each other excitedly, nervous mothers cringing and the hardest of marks even break into applause for what has been nothing less than a stunning opener.

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Josh Brunswick: Oh lord, the power behind that elbow drop was incredible! I think Kurt has only gone and hurt himself just as much as he has Mercer there, Doug.

Doug Smith: I felt the ground move after that one, Josh. Kurt will be sore after that one, no doubt, but he'll risk anything for the dub.

After that jaw-dropping aerial display from the massive Kurt Kiddo, the American is slumped facing skyward; reeling from the heavy landing. Beside him is the aching body of Manik Mercer, a man who may just be raising questions about taking this match on - at least coming to realise the challenge he's faced with. Mercer may be down, though he's not one of the finest athletes in PRW for no reason; despite the difficult road he's faced, one would assume Mercer will adapt.

Kiddo gathers his bearings and crawls his lagging body over Mercer's, beckoning for the referee to count the pinfall.




Mercer instinctively battles out, throwing a shoulder up to escape the pin. Kiddo sits puzzled for a second, but slowly climbs to his feet with Mercer in tow next to him. He attempts a whip, but Mercer digs his heels in refusing to budge, swivelling Kiddo to face towards him. Mercer punts his opponent in the stomach, and scurries into him tucking Kiddo's head beneath his armpit. Kiddo is promptly hoisted upward from a front facelock, and subsequently Mercer buries the American painfully into the mat with a banging suplex.

Mercer hops up onto one knee and wipes a bead of sweat away from his eyebrow. Taking one more heavy breath, he gets to both feet and races to the ring ropes. Mercer bounces from the ropes and leaps over Kiddo's supine body, crushing his face with a shivering knee drop. Kiddo takes the brunt of the fall and slings his body up and away from the impact, cringing as he shields his face following the move.

Now laid on his front, Kiddo slinks towards the ropes to aid himself up, although Mercer allows him no time to escape and kicks him to the spine to drop him back to the mat. Kiddo winces when Mercer nails him with a few further boots, before the Brit becomes bored of the strikes and pulls Kiddo up; remaining hold of him with a tight grip around his body from behind. With Kiddo held in a waistlock, Mercer again musters the power within to throw him up and over with a German Suplex that elicits a yelp from the battered newbie.

The waistlock is maintained, and Mercer struggles up with Kiddo again; but a third suplex attempt is thwarted by a lack of energy, and Kiddo resists the throw by weighing himself down heavy. Mercer dwells not on it, and spins the American around towards him before whipping him to the opposite side of the ring. He springs off of the ropes and is met by the Brit's giant hoof, striking him square in the cheeks. The big boot looks painful, and Kiddo rightfully collapses to the canvas holding his face. The collision almost took another victim; the referee, narrowly ducking away from the kick after finding himself in its path.

Josh Brunswick: Mercer's turning it around now, a couple of big suplexes to really lay waste to the older man's back. But nonetheless Dougie we can see it's sapping his energy, that third suplex - he just couldn't find it in him to pull it off.

Doug Smith: Mercer needs to realise he can't throw Kurt around like a toy doll, that belly says a lifetime of McDonald's and Budweiser! But impressive sure to get him up for two 'plexes, and still being able to get that foot up for the boot afterwards. But Josh, let's pay attention to the referee for a sec - what is he doing? What is he playing at? He's playing a dangerous game standing about so close to the action, he almost found himself suckered by Manik's big stinking feet.

Josh Brunswick: You're too right. It's always a risk, refereeing these matches because accidents always happen - but he's not doing himself any favours standing there like that. His head almost came right off!

Mercer moves to cover the Salem newbie, although his pin attempt is abruptly interrupted after the two-count. He continues to mount Kiddo, seeking to pound his face from atop his body; but Kiddo throws his own weight about looking to break the Briton's base. After a few choice hits, Mercer looks good to continue his assault, but a sudden lift from the hips throws Mercer off-balance and Kiddo immediately capitalises. He slips out and escapes to his feet, dashing to the free space in the opposite end of the ring.

Kiddo holds his hands on his hips as he strolls in a circle, before turning back towards Mercer clamouring to him. The pair tie up collar-and-elbow, look to wrestle control of the other. Initially Mercer manages to wrangle into dominance, but Kiddo counters it back into a stalemate. The power struggle changes hands a few times each, before Kiddo manages to hook Mercer's arm and hurtle him down to the canvas with an arm drag. He does not release the arm, and as he comes back up he brings Mercer with him.

Kiddo twists Mercer's arm and ties him up from the back with a hammer lock, and smashes his foot against the back of Manik's leg which causes him to jump up in a moment of agony. Kiddo clasps his neck and shuffles him towards the corner post, shunting Mercer's head against the turnbuckle padding; dazing the Brit. It's a great blow, but it doesn't entirely put away Mercer; who reverses another Irish whip with skidding brakes applied, countering with a damaging knee strike to the American's gut.

Mercer turns back and jumps into the ropes again, heading for Kiddo at some speed; pouncing towards his prey off his shiny wrestling boots seeking to crash into him with a flying firearm. The target is miscued, however; as Kiddo evades the attack slipping off to the side. Instead, the straying referee takes the blow, dropping immediately under the weight of the launching tank.

Josh Brunswick: And now the referee's out! That forearm had Kurt Kiddo written on it, but he dodged a bullet and the nuisance placement of that referee cost dearly! Now we're without the rulebook even if temporarily.

Mercer falls forward into the ropes ahead of him, exhausted - hopeful for enough time to regain his breath to push on and put the American out for good. Kiddo flicks out his boot toe up, resting his heel against the canvas. He bends over and moves his hands towards the laces, untying the knot at the top and threading out the lengthy bootlace. He holds the lace in his palm grip, before closing his fist and raising it aloft.

Josh Brunswick: Kurt's just taking a moment here, taking a moment to... uhhhm, he appears to be taking out his bootlaces. I don't really know why, or what's going on?

Doug Smith: You can't claim to have watched this man if you don't know what this means.

Kiddo sticks a pointed finger towards Mercer with the lace clasped in his other hand, drooping through his fingertips. The American starts to step towards his opponent, stretching the lace with his two hands. He creeps behind the dazed Brit, circling the lace around his throat and suffocating him. Mercer almost springs into life, as if an electric shock just surged through his body, and starts to flounder as the lace continues to strangulate him. It becomes harder for the Briton to breathe properly as his lungs suffer with the asphyxiation, and slowly his lashing movements resisting the choke slow to a sluggish halt.

Mercer drops to his knees, desperate for the sweet, sacred taste of air. As the referee begins to come to his feet, Kiddo relaxes the choke and disposes of his lace out to the ringside. He clasps the scruff of Mercer's neck and hauls him around towards the middle of the ring, before swivelling around to stand in front of him. Kurt shunts Manik in the head and settles him to a bowed stance, and drops his own hands to around Manik's gut - then with a massive groan pushing out from his lungs, Kiddo hoists the behemoth Brit into the air and sends him hurtling down for a quaking Sitout Powerbomb.

Mercer is slumped on the floor, motionless and shoulders spread. Kiddo stays sat, with his adversary's legs sprung up in front of him, and screams at the referee "Count it! Count it!" - the official obliges, drops, and smacks his hand against the mat.




And at the exclamation of the referee, and the astounding of the Perth crowd, Kurt Kiddo takes his first PRW victory home in a very dubious fashion. Kiddo lunges to his feet with lifted arms, yelling in celebration, applauding himself as Amber Garcia starts to announce the victory.

Amber Garcia:Amber Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of tonight's match... by pinfaaaalll... KURT KIDDOOOO!

Josh Brunswick: I was not expecting that. Kurt Kiddo should feel ashamed in himself for that. For me it spoiled what had otherwise been a really good debut.

Doug Smith: You're fussing a lot over something very little, Josh. Kurt got the W and looked good doing it, who really cares that he bent the rules a little bit? I'm sure Manik will get his rematch anyway if he so wishes, but Kurt can go home tonight knowing that he's come into PRW and made his presence felt immediately.

Josh Brunswick: I can't disagree there Josh, in the sense that Kurt put in a good showing, and if they do rematch Manik - the talented athlete that he is - will adapt his game now he's had a flavor for what he can do. But nonetheless, Doug, I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed because he didn't need to resort to such tactics to come away with the win. It's put a damper on the match for me, I'm starting to raise a lot of questions over his character and whether Kurt Kiddo really does belong on this PRW roster - if all he's going to do is stuff like that.

Josh Brunswick's incendiary words close out the stunning opener, as the television sets at home are drawn out to the first advertising break of the night.

(worked finish, victory for Kurt Kiddo. Issues on both fronts meant we couldn't have the match we both wished we could - but let's wait and see what happens next time around!)
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