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Building a Bridge pt 2
Topic Started: Jul 3 2017, 05:27 PM (91 Views)
The scene opens to James in the kitchen with his back turned to the camera he turns around and almost falls over in fear

James- Oh Jesus almighty!

He gets back to fully standing, he fixes his tee shirt and his hair and puts on a fake exaggerated smile

Didn't see you there...well um today you all get to see how I get this awesome physical coolness, are you ready

The camera shakes side to side

James- Well too bad you are! First we start with four eggs into a glass, RAW! Because I'm hardcore!

James pulls out four eggs and cracks them into a glass one by one

James- And to show I'm tougher than a sack of stupid old man, I'll drink it all at once!

James chants "He's Hardcore" before chugging the half of the glass of raw eggs before spitting them out in the sink and throwing up a little and pouring the rest out the window

James- See! I'm the craziest man here! I just fed those birds their unborn BABIES! See you at Summerbash, Peckman!

The scene fade on James flexing with some throw up on his bottom lip

Edited by Oasis, Jul 3 2017, 05:28 PM.
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