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welcome back jeannie :)
Topic Started: Jun 15 2017, 12:06 AM (328 Views)
jennie rose
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so Jeannie found herself at the wrestling school. She hadn't wrestled in awhile and thought getting some practice in would be good. she was wearing a cute sporty pink swimsuit after stretching a bit, she looked at the ring then looked around

"huh can't wrestle myself lets see if I can find a training buddy to practice with"
she looks around for a training buddy
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The Longfellow
"I got ya, hon'!"

A little old woman with snow white hair in curls runs up to Rose. She is shedding her sweater, and old lady garb to reveal a pink singlet, white elbow pads, white knee pads, and white boots underneath.

Flicking off her specs, she rolls her shoulders, generating brisk symphonies of crackle. Cracking her knuckles is all but wince inducing.

Smiling wide, and brown eyes alight, this venerable creature is ready to go full tilt!

She points to an empty ring.

"No one's usin' that one! I'll go through the motions with ya, shall we?"

In the ring, she offers a hand out to rose, and they both shake, owing to oldschool acknowledgments before a match would begin.

"Name's Marnie Maxwell. Let's getta goin'!"

The two start to circle, and Marnie signals for a tie-up right off. They meet, and Rose shoves off Marnie with youthful ease. Face wrinkling up in a scowl, Marnie huffs, and goes for another tie-up. Rose shoves her off again. Shrugging her shoulders, Marnie wriggles her fingers, smiles wide and ties-up with Rose once more.

This time.

The outcome his different.

Marnie pulls back a step, and rolls, bringing both her legs up to carry Rose over her and to the mat with a Monkey Flip. Rose pops right onto her feet after touchdown and meets Marnie hand to hand for a test of strength the old woman clearly was going to lose.

...accept, Marnie didn't try to win it. Twisting against the fingers, and turning the wrists with a skillful torque, Marnie had Rose up on her toes before falling backwards again, launching her foe up and over with another Monkey Flip.

Some of the other trainees, hopefuls, and trainers began to gather around the ring, marveling at age doing something extraordinary...and also, anything involving Jeannie was bound to get interesting.

TBC: Jeannie Rose
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jennie rose
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"Whoa, your one quick granny" Jeannie found Miss Maxwell pretty amusing, even though this put her in an odd position as she was kinda worried about hurting her she never wrestled a granny before and would feel triable if she accidentally injured her. as she got to her feet after getting flipped and wondered what move would be ok to try.

huh well, maybe she should stick with the basics and not do anything too crazy. Jeannie quickly Marnie in a headlock and flips her to the mat keeping the headlock on. still not sure what the best game plan to uses against her elderly opponent Jeannie was content holding her down with the headlock while she thought about it.

she really wanted to be careful not to hurt her, but then if she held back too much Marnie might think she wasn't taking this seriously and that would be rude since Miss Maxwell was nice enough to help her train.

before Jeannie can get her thoughts straightened out the wily old lady gets her legs up over Jeannie's neck countering by rolling her into head scissors. Jeannie was temporary surprised by the quick move. she really should have seen that coming she had seen that before million times watching old timey wrestling matches.

luckily this was one of the rare times she had the strength advantage. while Marnie weighted a bit more than her, Jeannie was the more muscular of the two so powering her way back to her feet wasn't too hard.

Jeannie then flipped forward keeping ahold of Marines legs landing in a jackknife pin. Marine bridge up out turning it into a backslide pin Jeannie rolls out of it but got caught in a headlock as they got to their feet.

after being stuck a bit, Jeannie shoves Marine off into the ropes when she bounced back Jeannie leaped into the air meeting her with a dropkick. after hitting the move the athletic blonde kips up to her feet. she has a worried look on her face, she had hit an impactful move, darn she was trying not to, but she was so used to doing it.

"Sorry that wasn't too hard, was it?" she looks over to see if Marine was ok. a dropkick wasn't to big a move but a little old lady could break a hip or something getting knocked around.

(being a super face I thought Jeannie would be nervous about wrestling a much older opponent, not wanting to do to big of moves so she doesn't hurt them. Is that ok?)
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The Longfellow
OOC: Fine by me; play it how ya want! I'll play along! ;D

A dazed cackle sounds, and Rose finds herself pulled down into a Small Package by Marnie. ONE! TWO! The gathering outside counts. And a solid kickout sees Rose rolling clear of the Mad Woman. Marnie is in a low crouch, slowly standing, she wags a finger at Rose.

"Kind of ya; but ya need to go all in, little missy, or I'll pin ya!"

That said, the old lady circles, showing remarkable footwork for her age. When she shoots in, Rose meets her with a prompt hip toss. Marnie rolls and winces, wobbling up into another stiff dropkick from the young wrestler. Marnie takes this moment to roll clear of the ring, wobbling on the edge of the apron after climbing to her feet with the ropes. When Rose approaches, looking a little worried that she blasted the old lady too hard after her bit of bravado, she receives a rope guillotine for her trouble.

The gathering crowd gives Rose verbal encouragement, and some shake their heads and laugh as they watch an old worker perform age old tricks.

In a sense, Rose couldn't have had a better sparring partner.

In this simple little practice match she was getting an education on the trickery of heels. Some antics of which were older than WWII.

As she hacks up a lung and stands, Marnie is on her with some Forehand Chops, herding her into the corner where she delivers some more. A five is counted, and Tia Delgado appears, pushing Marnie away from the corner.

She makes it known then and there that she will officiate, and that she will not tolerate Marnie's blatant tactics.

Marnie smiles, nods, and charges right in...

...into a lifted boot.

Marnie drops hard to the match, and Rose goes for a quick cover. Tia slides in and...




The gathering counts THREE! anyways, causing Marnie to flip them the bird as she and Rose separate. They circle, barrel in, and wisdom takes talent. Marnie slaps on a tight side headlock, and Rose reposts by shoving them both into the ropes. Marnie tries to maintain the hold but is shoved clear off the rebound.

Hitting the ropes, Marnie is coming in fast as Rose ducks low for the Back Body Drop. Marnie stops short, drops to one knee, and headbutts the back of Rose's head. Both flop to the mat holding their heads.

The gathering polarizes 60/40.

60% for Rose, 40% for Marnie. All loud in calling the women back to their feet.

TBC: Rose.
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jennie rose
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"ouchies look birds" Jeannie sits up dizzy from the headbutt. yup, she'd better take Marnie advice about not holding back too much. she was one tough granny, she was kinda sneaky to that rope thing was kinda mean.

getting chopped kinda sucked to Jeannie really hated those with her light complexion she bruised easily and would end up with nasty red marks on her chest from them. they really sting too.

so Jeannie manage to get to her feet first, she see Marine starting to get on, Jeannie feels kinda bad as the idea of what she should do next. well she asked for it, Jeannie thinks

with the older wrestler still, on one knee Jeannie sprints forward and blast her in the face with a shining wizard. then quick as a hiccup Jeannie follows it up with a standing moonsult. a quick two count before Jeannie is shoved off.

she most have really knocked the wind out of her with that, Jeannie thinks as the wrestling granny was slow to get after kicking out. Jeannie probably should have stayed aggressive but instead hesitated giving marine sometime to recover.

when she approached she fell for another of the wily old lady's tricks. Marine grabbed the waistband of the blondes swimsuit bottoms and tugs her forward sending Jeannie of balance she tumbles face first into one of the turnbuckles.

marine grabs the stunned blonde from behind putting Jeannie in a sleeper hold. Jeannie stumbles trying to get losses, she wiggles around so Marine was beside her instead of behind her.

Jeannie then punches her in the stomach, after a couple punches Jeannie forces, Marine, to let go. Jeannie holds her neck taking some time to catch her breath. luckily for her marine was a bit winded at the moment to doubled over from Jeannie's punches.

choosing to stay on the offense this time grabbing Marine and whips her into the ropes, showing off her flexibility clotheslining Marine with a high spinning kick to the chest when she bounced back. Jeannie then flows up with a standing shooting star press. Jeannie gets a 2 count and cheers from the crowd for the athletic combination.

back on their feet, the two lock up in a test of strength. Jeannie starts to get the advantage when Marine cuts her off with a kick to the belly. stunned Jeannie can't stop Marine from flipping her to the mat with a snap mare.

with the little blonde on her back, Marine decides to add to the youngster's tummy trouble pressing her hand down over Jeannie's belly button clamping down with a claw hold.

luckily for jeannie core strength is something she has a good amount of. her strong abs flex tight to offer resistance to Marines fingers digging into her bare midriff.

her supporters in the crowd cheer the spunky blonde to fight the pain and get out of this predicament. they have a bit of a stand still with Jeannie trying to pry loose marines hand and Marine to dig deeper into her midsection. final Jeannie flips her legs up scissoring marines arm. Jeannie breaks out of the claw hold using her legs to flip marine over into an armbar.

Jeannie's fans cheer wildly as she turns the table on Marine who now found herself looking for a way out of Jeannie's hold.
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The Longfellow
An armbar was a work of art in the right hands. Jeannie's hands proved talented at least, if not experienced, and thus Marnie struggled to find an easy answer to her position on the mat. Rose's offense was inspired to put it lightly. Rose had IT. The fighting spirit. And Marnie wanted to see how much of it was just that or youthful exuberance.

Marnie dug into the mat with her heels, pushing her hips and back up off the canvas so she could turn herself sideways towards Rose.

She couldn't lift her, that was for sure, but she could now work towards taking the pressure off her arm, elbow and shoulder. Reaching an arm around one of Rose's legs, Marnie clasped down on the forearm of her stretched arm, dug with her heels, pushed, then rolled. Rose found her shoulders and neck flat to the mat, her weight and Marnie's pressing down on her

Delgado slid in for the count.



Rose had no choice.

Keeping the hold as it stood meant she was getting pinned. So Rose let go, and kicked out before three. She rolled clear as Marnie staggered up. The old woman was sweaty, and wavering, and favoring her stretched arm. Marnie still had fight left in her. Her eyes, steely, said that very thing.

Rose needed to be cautious now.

Her opponent was in that state, similar to that of a wounded animal. Desperation would lead to some very aggressive offense, or unorthodox defense.

Rose smiled at Marnie.

Marnie smiled back.

Both stuck out a hand at once, calling for another tie-up. Locked at collars and elbows, Rose broke the deadlock by transitioning it into a snappy wristlock. Marnie, reached, tucked under and countered the wristlock with one of her own before elbowing through.

Holding her shoulder as she circled out and away to rally, Rose caught a Forehand Chop and retaliated with a knife hand chop that put Marnie on the mat. Marnie popped back up to go right back down with another knife hand chop, and repeated it once more before fumbling backwards into the ropes.

Rose closed.

Marnie dropped.

And the Punk Princess sailed to the outside, arresting her fall by the middle rope. She struck the apron edge, which caused several in the gathering to wince. The edge of the apron was wood, but often had a thin band of metal. Rose's grimacing face told everyone present what landing against it felt like.

She climbed the ropes to standing, and took a headbutt right to her stomach. Marnie rose from her crouched position, and used both hands to press down on the back of Rose's head, strangling her on the top rope.

Delgado was on her fast with a count. By four, Marnie was racing a listless Rose to the nearest turnbuckle.

It look inevitable.

Then Rose came alive, putting her foot out to stop herself from getting turnbuckle bashed. She reached an arm behind Marnie's head, surged forward, and bounced her face off the top pad. Marnie flopped hard to the mat, spluttering as Rose cleared the cobwebs.

TBC: Rose
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jennie rose
Member Avatar
ouches that was a rough landing Jeannie thought. and Marnie had to go and uses more sneak tricks with the ropes, Jeannie did turn things around with a lucky reversal,

Marnie looked to be getting tired so Jeannie decides she might want to push the pace more she still had plenty of gas left in her tank even if she was a little dizzy from her fall.

still near the ropes, Jeannie climbs to the top waiting for Marnie to get up and turn toward her. Jeannie leaps through the air hitting a big dropkick. Jeannie is quickly back to her feet and running off the ropes she drops back first across Marnie stomach chest area with a senton.

Jeannie tries a pin but only gets a two count Jeannie goes to pull Marnie up but gets a finger poke in the eyes for her trouble. Marnie grabs Jeannie by her pigtails drags the little blonde over to the ropes.

Marnie pushes Jeannie up against the ropes and hammers the blonde's ample bosom with some giant chops. Jeannie grunts holding her sore chest, marine grabs her arm and whips her toward the ropes.

she bends over to backdrop Jeannie when she bounced back. Jeannie has other plans though she leaps over her for a sunset flip Jeannie gets a 2 count. they get to their feet and marine surprises Jeannie with a headbutt, Jeannie stumbles back holding her nose.

Marine slaps on a headlock wanting to slow the Punk Princess
down. using some more of her rough tactics Marine throws some punches into Jeannie's belly while she had her trapped. ugh, Jeannie grunts taking the punches before getting tossed to the mat.

Marine keeps the headlock on when they hit the mat. Jeannie quickly wraps her legs around Marine's neck. she rolls marine into a triangle choke. the older wrestler had started to where down so this wouldn't help for her to be in for long.

realizing the danger she was in, the veteran digs into her bag of tricks biting Jeannie's thigh "ouchies " Jeannie lets go rolling away holding her leg. when she gets to her feet Jeannie flustered complains to the ref.

"come on that's totally illegal right she could give me rabies or something" uncouthly for her Marine got to her feet while she was distracted and turns Jeannie around into a clothesline.

she then yanks the blonde up and smashes her in the chest with an ax handle type blow. she then pulls Jeannie up by her pigtails again tossing her toward the ropes.

Jeannie is able to turn this in her favor springing off the middle rope she hits a rebounding crossbody. Fired up Jeannie bounces off the ropes and leaps in the air crashing down on Marines stomach with a double foot stomp.

Marine gasped as the wind was knocked out of her. unfortunately for her, Jeannie wasn't done let as she had to keep going and bounced off the ropes on the other side. hitting a big splash when she got back. 1.........2......... Marine barely gets her shoulder up. almost Jeannie thinks as she seats up taking a moment to catch her breath after the big string of moves. the crowd cheered for Jeannie's impressive combo

Jeannie starts to pull Marine up ready to finish things off. but the world's toughest granny wasn't done yet, even though Jeannie had her on the ropes she manages a desperation attack slamming a headbutt into Jeannie's lower belly.

surprised Jeannie is doubled over by the attack, buying Marine some time as she was still winded from Jeannie's last flurry of moves. she spikes Jeannie on her pretty little head with a ddt then drops an elbow into her tummy.

Marine goes for a pin but Jeannie shows surprising durability still having the energy to get out at 2. annoyed marine slapped the mat what does it to keep this kid down? she's like that bunny from the battery commercials she just keeps going.

she starts to yank Jeannie up by her hair but Jeannie has had just about enough of her hair getting messed up. she grabs Marines hair and drops down slamming the top of her head into the older woman's chin with a jawbreaker.

"Don't touch the pigtails!" Jeannie yells
getting some laughs from the crowd that's something you don't hear often in a wrestling match.
seeing that Marine Staggered to one knee Jeannie goes back to her friends the ropes bouncing off she built up speed and leaped into the air wrapping her legs around Marines head spinning through the air, the crowd counted along with each rotation wondering when how long Jeannie's dizzying head scissors takedown would be.

around 5 of 6, she sent marine crashing to the mat. Jeannie made herself dizzy as she stumbled to a corner using the ropes to hold herself up. realizing where she was Jeannie knows what she has to do next time to stop then show.

after getting her balance Jeannie stomps one of her feet tuning up the band, she had a song in mind for her opponent. she waits for Marine to groggily get to her feet. dazed from the Jeannie go round, she never saw the big superkick coming. bam the kick knocks her to the mat and Jeannie falls on top of her for the pin

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The Longfellow



No bell involved given this was an impromptu sparring that turned into the center of attention. Still, after Tia slapped out the count, she raised Rose's arm, and split with the rest of the crowd after they offered up the applause.

Rose turned about, and came face to face with an elated Marnie Maxwell.

Marnie: That was a fun go! Haven't been clocked like that since my Brass Knuckle Champ years. You got some moxie and that there fancy kick of yours, and I got a match for shits n' giggles at the Summerfest Preshow; whaddya say we work that match together, huh?"

Marnie offered an open hand to Rose.

TBC: Rose
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jennie rose
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Jeannie smiles excitedly " yeah that was a lot of fun! together like a team? yeah that sounds super fun"

Jeannie shakes her hand " you got a deal lets have some more fun granny"
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The Longfellow
"Together like a team?"

Marnie smiled, shaking her head as she gripped Jeannie's hand tighter.

Marnie: Nah, I was set for a singles match but needed an opponent; big payday for both of us. It will be my last match and your first one on a PPV I think. so here's how this works.

I beat you, I think maybe I have a chance even at my advanced age to keep wrestling another ten years, like the late Gypsy Joe; if you beat me though, I'll be your manager if you'd like that.

Seeya at Summerfest!

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