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The JesusFreak Vents; This Is How I Really Feel
Topic Started: Nov 18 2013, 08:58 AM (178 Views)
Deleted User
Deleted User

OOC: Take it as you want. Some of it is true and really how I feel. Iím not perfect. Before the whole JD/Aries thing, Iíve been feeling the urge to quit PRW. Why? Cause each time I log in and see a PM that says that Iím not doing right, or no likes me, etc. I feel every ounce of energy I put in my promos or matches are just wasted. Understand this, I know Iím not easy to work with, but who is. I love PRW because of the great people and writers here. I never disrespected anyone here, if I did Iím sorry. But please, please do not disrespect me. Iím not a kid, and I donít treat you as one. And this isnít for one person here. I love you all very much. Sorry but I had to let it out. God Bless.

The tron began to display a video package, with stunning visual effects and a great song, of every spectacular moment that occurred at Bloodletting. Wow what an incredible pay-per-view Bloodletting was. Twitter, Facebook, Tout, and other social media sites were buzzing all about the amazing pay-per-view. Everything was there. A pair of stunning championship matches, the audience seeing the future of the company take their game to the next level, and The Renegades continuing to bring chaos to the company. As the cameras scanned the Hec Edmundson Pavilion, males and females of all ages were on their feet waving their creative signs in the air. Many were wearing Bloodletting apparel, as well as their beloved athletes.

After the tron was done replaying a few moments from Bloodletting, Carlos was shown laying in a hospital bed. On the bottom left corner of the tron was the logo PRW.com. The JesusFreak was shown wearing hospital clothes, his face covered with bruises from his brutal match against Kevin Donovan. When the fans caught sight of the battered rookie sensation, the arena was filled with mixed reactions. Some had still not forgotten what he did when he was with sinister group known as The Renegades..

Carlos: *speaking with a hoarse voice* Hey guys, miss me?

After the cheers and boos died down, The JesusFreak sat up in his bed, groaning in pain at the same time. He slowly raised his head up, appearing he was emotionally hurt a little.

Carlos: First off, I wanna apologize to everyone here in Seattle, Washington and those watching at home. Iím sorry for creating The Renegades and terrorizing this amazing company. I just did it to help my family pay the bills, and make myself be more respected here. Now I see that was just a selfish move. I should have invested my time in searching for a more intelligent way in helping my family and myself. Again, PRW Universe Iím sorry.

The JesusFreak lowered his head, being showered with cheers and boos, mainly cheers from the children and women. The boos quickly died down as ĎJesusFreakí chants filled the arena, making the rookie sensation feel a little bit better. The young man took a sip of water from a small clear cup beside his bed.

Carlos: But thatís not the only reason I wanted to speak to you all tonight. Many might say this is my pipebomb. Some could be talking amongst each other now, saying how immature I'm about to be for taking this to the public. Others will be begging me to shut up before I get myself fired. But I canít stay silent no longer. If I donít let out what Iím feeling, it wonít be good for my health or the people I care about.

The arena was in complete silence, somewhat curious of what the rookie had to say. Cameras were being taken out, directed to The JesusFreak on the tron. Carlos looked up to the ceiling, looking like he was asking God to give him strength for what he planning to say. He seemed very stressed about something.

Carlos: For those who donít know, Iíve been here in PRW for nine months. Iíve faced the top guys and future top dogs in this company. No one has had more fun in PRW than this guy. Each time I come out to do what I always dreamed of in front of you all, I feel like Iím dreaming. Competing all over the world in a wrestling ring is something I never thought I would do. Iíll be totally honest with you. My family thought I was a lunatic when I told them I wanted to be a wrestler. They tried their hardest to get me to change my mind. But it was too late. PRW decided to sign me.

The fans, mainly children, cheered for their hero. When the cameras pointed to them, the kids would showcase their JesusFreak signs and clothes.

Carlos: But nothing has come easy for me since arriving here. And Iím not just talking about winning my matches. Iím talking about gaining respect, and even friends.

The JesusFreak once again paused, trying his hardest to fight through the pain he was feeling. He leaned closer to the camera, tightening his fist on his lap. CJ scratched the back of his head as he went back to speak.

Carlos: When I stepped foot into PRW, people poked fun at me when they heard my nickname. Not only that, they told me to relax when I asked if I could have my own interview show or bring a title to the company. They told me settle down because I was a rookie. Some even got real aggravated when I asked a second time. They told me I had to sit back and watch how the vets did their thing. Are you serious? You have someone who wants to help this company be better than it already is, and you want to keep him on the sidelines? Okay, Iíll admit Iím a little selfish. But who isnít? Who walks into a sports team, a wrestling company, or whatever and doesnít look for the best interest of the number one person in their life? And Iím talking about yourself. Wanna know the answer? NO ONE DOES!

The JesusFreak clenched his jaw, at the same time closing his eyes.

Carlos: Sean Aries, Joey NOX, Alex LeBlanc, Ace, and even Slyvia Wrath never walked into PRW for the first time knowing everything in the world, and caring about others. They came in with loads of questions, and wanting to look out for themselves. So donít tell me I gotta learn everything in one year and be mindful of othersí needs. Yes God doesnít want us to be selfish with others. And I wanna apologize to Aries, X, Locke, Ace, and others Iíve offended. Iím not an easy camper. I just want to be THE BEST IN PRW! And after Bloodletting, I knew I needed to stop focusing on me so much. But PRW Management, and you know who Iím talking to, I donít know everything.

Carlos took a pause, trying to regain his breath.

Carlos: What rookie comes to a company or team knowing everything he or she has to do? NO ONE! It sometimes takes months or even years for someone to fully grasp their position. And thatís me at the moment. When Matthew Logan first trained me, it took hours for me to get the stuff wrestlers go through. Iím still learning. Iím not perfect. No one is. But yet your fellow Hall of Famers and PRW head honchos yell at me saying Iím a waste of space.

The cameras go back to scanning the arena, catching the fans totally focused on the man in the tron. No one was joking or speaking.

Carlos: Each time I walk into PRW I donít feel like Iím part of a family. I feel like an outcast. I feel like people are just waiting for me to pack up my bags and head home. I got an email from Alex LeBlanc, an outstanding competitor here in PRW, telling me no one likes me here. Even Matthew Logan said people are getting tired of me because of who I am. When I read those emails, Iím not going to lie I felt a little hurt. Many people right now might be calling me a baby or the B word. But I was really hurt. Iím always going up to people with a big smile on my face, asking questions to better my craft. Iíll even call some of the vets, or hit them up on Aim. Yes I still use Aim. But what do I get? People rolling their eyes, talking under their breaths, or talking behind my back.

Carlos leaned back against the pillow, his bruised arms across his chest.

Carlos: Even ugly face Doug Smith was being two faced with me. When I would watch replays of my match, hearing the stupidity that came out of his mouth, I was ready to break his jaw.

Smith stood silent in his seat, shrugging his shoulder with no care. But deep down he was hoping The JesusFreak wouldnít plan on returning and beat him senselessly.

Carlos: Wow, no one likes me. No one likes The JesusFreak Carlos Jr. Is it my fault because no one likes me? Yeah it is. I screwed up a great match against Sean Aries at SummerFest, disrespected the heck out of Cameron Locke, infruitated Ace Andrews to a point that shocked even me, and many more. But I ask you again, am I perfect? No Iím not.

Carlos licked his lips, trying his hardest to not look like he was going to explode. Whatever else he was carrying within him, was annoying the hell out of him.

Carlos: So youíre all wondering whatís the point of me coming out here and telling you all this? Maybe you all think Iím planning to leave PRW again, and maybe for good.

Right away, a huge pop exploded in the arena. The males were shouting yes at the top of their lungs, excited to think that the loud mouth rookie was going to leave for good.

Carlos: Sorry to disappoint you all, but I donít know the word quit. Iím going to work hard not just for me and my family, but also to show the guys and gals in the back that Iím serious about wrestling. Iím not only here to hear myself talk, or buy my own merchandise, but to realize my dream. BECOMING PRWíS FUTURE POSTER BOY! Do I feel like I have potential in carrying that responsibility? Absolutely yes! So Alex, Matthew, and the rest of PRW Management yes this is my pipebomb. But itís also a wake up call for the ones here and to the ones to come. Carlos Jr. is done playing around, acting like a fool. Heís ready to take his game to the next level, and be more of a team player. And also, the next face of this company.

The audience clapped for the young man, some knowing how it felt to be in Carlosís shoes. Half of the attendees rose out of their seats, giving Carlos a standing ovation. The way he spoke showed that he was serious about PRW. Some were getting goosebumps as The JesusFreak looked directly into the camera.

Carlos: No one might like me now. But there will be a time when they will respect me, and even fear me. Iím not going to lie, but I wonít learn to do everything right in a day or months. But I promise you when I do understand every aspect of wrestling, the skies the limit for the rookie sensation. James chapter one, verse twelve: Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. God Bless you all and have a good night.

After Carlos blew a kiss to the ceiling, the tron went back ending the segment.
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