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The Assault; Armageddon came a little early
Topic Started: Jul 10 2013, 07:55 PM (166 Views)
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SummerFest XIII was beyond maybe the best pay-per-view of the year. Not only did the fans see familiar faces return, say good bye to a Hall of Famer, and see upsets, but the PRW Universe got to see history being made. This year's SummerFest became the largest sold out PPV breaking PRW's previous records. Even tonight at Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana in Tijuana, México the fans weren't quite able to stop talking about that star studded night.

Saget: And you're winner by pinfall, TRAVISSSSS KIMMMMMMM!

Both competitors pulled out all the tricks to try to pick up the win. As Travis leaned against the ropes with a cheesy smile across his face, the fans began to cheer him while others wanted to get their hands on him. He was covered in welts and sweat not caring about his physical condition only glad that he beat Grizzly Murdock.

Brunswick: Well there you have it ladies and germs, another win under the belt for The Varsity Letterman. Good job Travis.

Smith: I'm just a bit disappointed that it couldn't go a little longer. These two put it all on the line tonight. Well done gentlemen.

When The Varsity Letterman was on his way to exit the ring the lights in the stadium suddenly dimmed down. The fans roared with excitement thinking someone was on their way to return, or maybe there were technical difficulties. Immediately an eerie music began playing bringing chills on the spectators. The strange theme sounded like something from an end of the world movie. Right away the tron began to display words.






Immediately the music stopped playing and the lights came back on. Everyone in the stadium was in confusion trying to figure what just took place. Kim was standing in the center of the ring looking over to the ref trying to see if he understood what just happened. The referee shrugged his shoulders with no clue as he went to check on Grizzly.

Smith: What was all that about? The lights turning off and that bizarre message appearing on the tron, looks like someone did a lot to get noticed.

Brunswick: Whoever they are sounds like they mean business. Anyways let's once again congrats Travis for pulling off maybe the biggest win in his career. Great job kid. I knew you were gonna win!

Having a bad feeling in his stomach, Kim was on his way to exit the ring when once again all the lights completely shutoff. The only thing that was seen were thousands and thousands of flashing phones taking pictures and recording a strange moment that was about to take place. The energy in the air felt a little electrifying, while also a bit frightening. A few people were starting to get scared asking that the lights be turned on. Minutes passed and more shouts were being heard.

Brunswick: Did we just have a blackout? See I'm more than glad that IQ is out and Ace is in. Looks like Quiz forgot to pay the light bill.

On the tron the following words once again appeared.


Suddenly, the lights instantaneously turned on showing Carlos Jr., Agustin Gates, Reaper, the Cyanide Champion Slaughter, Shira Beru, D.K. Williams, Mr. Benjamin, Razz Manouche, and Sergiy Cena all standing in the ring. The fans roared with elation seeing the PRW Rookies all standing in the ring with their gazes fixed on Travis Kim and Grizzly Murdock.

Smith: Wait why are the rookies of PRW out here?! What business do they have with Kim and Grizzly?!

Brunswick: Oh my God! Are they The Renegades?! OH MY GOD THIS NIGHT JUST GOT EVEN BETTER!

Kim quickly slid out of the ring as the PRW Rookies immediately went after the dazed Murdock. Each of the nine rookies started to stomp on Big Bear as the fans went ballistic. Only a few were booing while the rest were more than overjoyed to see the future of PRW putting Murdock in a body bag. When Travis was on his way to run up the ramp and head to safety, he turned around and watched as both BMX members picked up Big Bear by the arms allowing Shira to slap the taste out of him. Not wanting the rookies to take his night away, Travis Kim called out for the security to come out and stop them, quickly sliding back the into ring.

The winner of the match grabbed D.K. by the back of his neck and easily tossed him out of the ring. Seeing Kim sticking his nose where it didn't belong didn't sit well with The JesusFreak Carlos Jr. He was still battered after his match against Haruna. Seeing Carlos Jr. advancing to him, Travis quickly dodged a right from CJ and swiftly knocked him on his back with a stunning clothesline. Reaper and Slaughter tossed The Mad Grizzly into a corner as they went after a group of security guards who entered the ring. Shira was right behind them hoping to give them back up.

Meanwhile Agustin tried to knock out the star athlete with a clothesline of his own but missed, suddenly receiving a vicious Blue Thunder Driver for his error! The entire place was chanting Travis's name even though the rookies had the number game on their side. Kim was fired up. He wasn't going to allow a bunch of rugrats to make a mockery of his company. He didn't care how many of them were, Travis was determined to slap each of them silly.

Looking outside, Kim watched as Reaper, Slaughter, Sergiy, Razz, and Shira were nearly being contained by security. When one of the rookies would knock out a security guard, someone crept up behind them ordering them to stop. Spectators of all age and race could not stop shouting as the battle between the PRW Rookies and PRW secruity raged on. The moment The Varsity Letterman turned around he received a high knee from Mr. Benjamin knocking him out cold.

Mr. Benjamin: Say hello to your replacements old man! WE'RE GOING TO DOMINATE PR-

Cutting Benjamin off was a chair shot to his back. The fans quickly chanted Grizzly's name glad to see him back on his feet, aiding the man who beat him. After using up all of his energy in his match, everyone was glad to see that Grizzly still had some gas left in the tank. Carlos was on his way to try to stop Big Bear when he got smacked on the shoulder by Murdock's chair. Immediately, Grizzly was turned around by D.K. who tried to regain control for his group. Big Bear sucked his teeth as he drove his chair into D.K.'s stomach, making the kid from Canada drop to his knees gasping for air.

Sensing they were losing control, both Sergiy and Razz pulled out a pair of chairs of their own from underneath the ring. They quickly stormed into the ring knocking Grizzly out with repeated chair shots to his back making the large brusier fall to the canvas. Tired of playing around, both members of BMX started unleashing big boots to the security guards knocking them down one by one. After being tossed a chair from Razz, Shira went on a rampage on smacking guards on the top of their heads knocking them out cold. Little by little bodies were scattered all around the ring as the rookies went back into the ring and continued to beat on Travis Kim and Big Bear.

Slowly getting back on his feet, Carlos shook the cobwebs out of his head as he shouted something to D.K., Agustin, and Sergiy.


Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana in Tijuana exploded as the fans began chanting for tables. Agustin Gates, Sergiy, and D.K. each pulled out a pair of tables, while Mr. Benjamin rose Travis off the canvas. Through gritted teeth he told Carlos and Shira to hold him up. With one arm being held by Carlos and Shira, Kim watched with dazed eyes as Benjamin started to take a few steps back. The Florida native started spinning his right arm in the air, keeping his eyes locked on Kim's face. Without a moments hesitation Benjamin bolted to The Varsity Letterman and rocked him with The Dollar Sign (Bull Hammer Elbow)!

Carlos and Shira high fived Mr. Benjamin and patted him on his back. Over on the other side of the ring Razz stacked up a few chairs while Reaper and Slaughter held on to The Mad Grizzly, who was trying to fight out of their grasp. After nodding his head, BMX tossed Big Bear to Razz and watched with delight as the French rookie slammed PRW's animal, with some trouble, down on the chairs with The Minor Swing (Chuck Palumbo's Full Throttle).

Carlos: Playtime is over! PUT THEM BOTH THROUGH THE TABLE!

Wrapping their large bowling ball sized hands around Kim's and Grizzly's neck, Reaper and Slaughter hovered both men over the set up tables with sinister grins on their faces. After receiving thumbs down from their companions, BMX easily choke slammed PRW's jobbers through the tables, filling the stadium with a loud crunching sound.

While all that was happening, Pastors Carlos and Nancy Advincola Sr. were in the rafters in total shock. They couldn't believe what their two oldest sons had just done. They stayed in their seats as the PRW Universe sprinkled the PRW Rookies with cheers and jeers.

Smith: What did we just witness Brunny?

Brunswick: The end of PRW as we know it.

Standing over the carcass of Travis Kim and Grizzly Murdock, The Renegades held up their right hands while crossing their fingers, making the sign language for the letter R. They gazed into the outside camera as Three Days Grace-Riot suddenly blared through the PA system.

Destruction was everywhere. The cameramen began to point their cameras at the knocked out security guards who were having a difficult time in getting back on their feet. The night after SummerFest XIII just added yet another historic moment into PRW's eight long years.

Some of the fans started to imitate The Renegades also holding up the sign for the letter R. So many things were going through everyone's heads. The main thing was, what did the arrival of The Renegades mean to PRW? For many they knew that PRW was never going to be same again. The revolution had began and The Renegades had arrived to eradicate every person in their path to total domination.
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