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Alfie - Working Cocker; 2 years old
Topic Started: Mar 14 2018, 03:00 PM (299 Views)
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Alfie is a chocolate neutered male Working Cocker Spaniel. He is two and a half years old and needs a new home urgently. He has some issues which mean that, despite a great deal of training, he can no longer stay in his current home and is looking for an expereinced home with no children and no other pets.

This is his description from his owner.

Alfie is adorable and knows sit, wait, down. He will wait and not move an inch if you were to lay a biscuit down the other side of the room. He won't move to get until until you give the command that he can. Alfie enjoys ball throwing and will retrieve and return this to you. He has even learn that when we say "I can't reach it" he will pick the ball up again and drop it closer to you. Alfie has associated with other dogs and will have s sniff of them. Alfie won't even look at another dog if he has his ball.

When Alfie was a puppy he swallowed a sock and had to have an operation to remove this. He still has a fetish for socks now.

Alfie has started to become possessive of items that are not his,i.e. Reading glasses, mobile phones, t-towels and when you try to take these items from him he will growl and sometimes show his teeth. Last year he bit my partners fingers, this was the only occasion when my partner tried to get a t-towel from him.

Alfie is a very strong dog and could pull your arm out of its socket on a normal lead. He is walked on a lead that also goes over his nose and is so much better on this.

We have come to the conclusion that Alfie needs one master that has the time to teach him. We feel he is in the wrong life at the minute and needs fields to run in daily and someone who has the time that a working cocker needs.

If you feel you might be the right home for Alfie please complete the rehoming questionnaire that can be found at the top of this section and return it to us at Poplar Farm and we can pass it on to Alfie's owner.
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