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Over the years we have taken in a few dogs with aggressive behavior, some have been turned around and successfully re-homed. Others unfortunately have not responded quite so well to training and will almost certainly stay here for life.

RALPH - Golden Retriever

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Ralph is here because over his last couple of years at home he had bitten most members of his family a number of times. Despite lots of work and training, as well as numerous visits to vets and behaviourists his family were unable to find a solution. Faced with making the final heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep they phoned us. We agreed to take Ralph in here where he could live out his time without being a danger to anyone. Initially Ralph behaved well here but over time both of us have experienced the behaviour that caused his family such problems. We are now extremely careful to avoid situations that could provoke these issues. Ralph is kennelled on his own but he is a dog that has always preferred his own company and needed his own space. He runs loose in our paddock three times a day with a couple of playmates and is very contented - unless we get a thunderstorm!!!

He has been here about 9 years now and would be about 13 y/o.

IGOR, wire haired terrier.

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Mar 2 2012, two older gentlemen turned up at the gates with a small dog asking if we could take him in. The owner had been in poor health and had a stay in hospital during which time the dog had been in boarding kennels. The gentleman had since been moved out of his flat and was staying in accommodation which didn't allow pets and was awaiting transfer to a "care home" which would also not allow dogs. The boarding kennels had told him the dog needed to be moved and as he had nowhere for him to go he was booked into the vets for PTS. When the gentleman collected his dog from the kennels for his last trip to the vets, the kennels suggested he tried us first, hence them turning up here.

We explained that we only had our outside kennels available but the owner was sure that it was better than the alternative so he went off to collect the paperwork etc and Igor was settled into his new accommodation. He is a typical lively terrier and can be VERY snappy if caught unawares. He also guards a bone but other than that he seems very sweet. He was neutered and seems very happy here.


Sadly his owner died soon after so Igor will probably spend the rest of his days with us, he needs very careful handling or you will feel his teeth.

BRAMBLE - Golden Retriever x Labrador
We were contacted about Bramble when all other training avenues had failed and I did go out to observe for myself her behaviours with dogs and people out and about, a very aggressive but well trained young lady. I had no intention of doing any work with her but she made the mistake of trying to attack my stooge dog and from an angle that just begged intervention, since that event she believes me to be God.

We parted company and a few days later we took a call to say that she had killed a kitten in the home and she came to PFK rather than the vets :cry:

I worked with her and she improved with both dogs and people and then came another turning point when I introduced her to a big male Weim who she thought was Mr Wonderful and they have lived together happily until he died..

She is a very special girl and although the PFK magic has turned her around she will not be re-homed, she is happy here and safe and greatly loved.

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