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03. The Heart; Must Read: Relationships
Topic Started: Feb 2 2012, 04:31 AM (620 Views)
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[dohtml]<center><font style="font-family: georgia; font-size: 28px; line-height: 30px; "><b>The Heart</b></font><br>
<font style="font-family: Verdana; font-size: 20px; ">Tracking friendship and romance.</font></center>[/dohtml]
NOTE: If you use any of these heart sets on your own website, give the appropriate credit. All of these heart sets are properly credited to the people who made them. Do not steal the creative works of others.

Set 1, made by Mr. Darcy:
:black :gray :white :purple :blue :green :yellow :orange :pink :red

Set 2, made by Mr. Darcy:
:black2 :gray2 :white2 :purple2 :blue2 :green2 :yellow2 :orange2 :pink2 :red2

Set 3, made by Mr. Darcy:
:black3 :gray3 :white3 :purple3 :blue3 :green3 :yellow3 :orange3 :pink3 :red3

Set 4, made by Kirika:
:black4 :gray4 :white4 :purple4 :blue4 :green4 :yellow4 :orange4 :pink4 :red4

Have Sets of Your Own?
If you have your own set of hearts that you really enjoy and would like to share, PM one of the staff and he/she can upload them into emoticons.

[dohtml]<font style="font-family: georgia; font-size: 20px; "><b><u>About Heart Rates</u></b></font><br>[/dohtml]

  • Heart rates are used to track your character's relationships.
  • There are so many different ways you could do this, and it's rather hard to explain. See the Character Profiles forum for ideas!
  • No matter how you set the heart rates up, keep this in mind: (1) stick with our colors, (2) write a description about each level, (3) make sure you have both friendship and romance covered.
Heart rates are one of the main features in the Harvest Moon games. The system allows one to check on the progress of friendships and relationships through a very simple system of different heart colors. Ocean of Stars is no different and uses the basic heart rate system found in several games. There are TEN heart rates in total: :black - :red, or "hate" to "love."

If you are not familiar with the games, it goes like this: A small heart appears on the dialogue box of most of the marriage candidates. As you befriend a potential marriage candidate, the colour of the heart changes shape and size. Once the character's heart is at red (and you've fulfilled other requirements), then you can marry the character.

On Ocean of Stars, the heart is used to track both friendship and romance! Our heart rates go through the following colours: black > grey > white > purple > blue > green > yellow > orange > pink > red. The default is white; only people your character dislikes or hates are listed under grey or black.

[dohtml]<font style="font-family: georgia; font-size: 20px; "><b><u>Friendship & Romance</u></b></font><br>[/dohtml]
For friendship:
:black Hate
:gray Dislike
:white Indifferent (this is the default colour)
:purple Acquaintance
:blue Friend
:green Good Friend
:yellow Close Friend
:orange Best Friend
:pink Like Family (can be omitted)
:red Family (parent, sibling, child--someone whom your character DOESN'T have romantic feelings towards)

For romance:
:black Heartbroken
:gray Not Interested
:white Indifferent (default)
:purple Interested
:blue Budding Feelings
:green Crush
:yellow Bigger Crush
:orange Falling In Love
:pink In Love (you can propose here!)
:red Married

[dohtml]<font style="font-family: georgia; font-size: 20px; "><b><u>Advancing Through Levels</u></b></font><br>[/dohtml]
Upon meeting another character, you cannot jump up to :blue heart. Likewise, after two meetings, your character cannot be jacked up to :pink heart for the other. Building friendships and relationships take time, though it IS understandable that not all characters are the same. While a bubbily young woman might make friends after two meetings, a cold hearted man might take up to a whole season! Keep personalities in mind and take your time getting to know other characters.

:white is the starting heart level for all characters and it changes only once they meet. Depending on everything that goes on during the thread, you can either keep the heart rate the same, make it go down by one, or let it go up by one. Either way, your heart rate should NOT be boosting up more than one level at a time.

[dohtml]<font style="font-family: georgia; font-size: 20px; "><b><u>How It Should Appear On Your Profile</u></b></font>[/dohtml]

You technically will have heart rates posted twice in your profile: the first will be a general list of how your character would act around someone who is at each specific heart level. The second is a list of people whom your character knows and what he/she feels about them.

[dohtml]<font style="font-size: 16px; "><b><u>1: The List</u></b></font>[/dohtml]
List the heart rate, what it means, and then at least one sentence that either describes what your character would think of a person at this rate, or an example sentence of what he/she would say to someone at this rate.

(Very basic examples)
:white Indifference
"Hello, my name is [insert name here]. How are you?"

:purple Acquaintance/Slight Interest
"Hey, I remember you! Nice to see you again."
For romance, she's starting to notice you, and you don't look too bad...

The reason that we do this is that we want to make sure you understand what each heart level means. There are dozens of ways you could do this! Make sure to tailor it to fit your character. Please see the Character Profiles forum for ideas on how to do this.

[dohtml]<font style="font-size: 16px; "><b><u>2: Friendship Tracker</u></b></font>[/dohtml]
These are for people your character already knows. This goes at the end of your profile. Some people post the friendship tracker heart rates as a reply to his/her's character's profile. Some people make a separate reply for each person the character knows.

There are many, many ways this can be done. Check the Character Profiles section to see how other members have done it!

(A basic example)
Character Name
Friendship Level: [insert the heart level here]
Romance Level: [if applicable, insert the heart level here]
Opinion: [your character's thoughts here]

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can be creative with your descriptions, but please don't come up with your own colour system for the heart rates.

[dohtml]<font style="font-family: georgia; font-size: 20px; "><b><u>Marriage</u></b></font><br>[/dohtml]
Marriage can be formal or informal, taking place as a big 'festival' kind of event, or it can be a simple ceremony at the mayor's house or the temple. If you would like it to be announced publicly, please PM an admin.

How does marriage work? Two characters have to be at a pink ( :pink ) level - in both friendship and romance - before a proposal can be made and accepted unless there is a storyline involved with a sooner proposal. If there is acceptance, then the two players involved can set a date for the wedding.

As for how the wedding goes, either a player can play the officiator (priest or mayor) or an admin can do it. Details of a wedding change depending on the type it is and the players involved.

[dohtml]<font style="font-family: georgia; font-size: 20px; "><b><u>Starting a Family</u></b></font><br>[/dohtml]
Pregnancy takes two full seasons. You can have as many children as you want, but keep it realistic. Don't have more children than you (or your character) can handle.

In rare cases, a female can have a child even if she is not married. If this happens, please PM an admin before setting up the storyline.

Children can age at a faster rate for the first few years of its life. After all, it is pretty hard to roleplay as a baby who can't do anything! A child can be an infant for a season, a toddler for another (or as long as wanted without passing the normal rate), but when the child reaches five years, then it will have to age normally. Children can be treated as either NPCs or as normal characters, and either parent should be allowed to play them.

[Keeping Track of the Crazies (Journal)]

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