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Candy Music
I somehow feel like Australia and Belgium survived on the basis that the jury is slightly too knowledgeable and is more likely to take the official videos and odds into consideration, like they know that they're supposed to be listening to the most contemporary songs of the evening..

The amount of WTH BELGIUM!? on Twitter doesn't bode too well for them if she performs like that in the final too. I mean it grew on me recently but I just can't get over the fact that she qualified with that non event of a performance over Finland xD I think I'm going to be repeating that a lot over the next two days xD

I liked Iceland but somehow I don't feel sorry for them.. I didn't feel sorry for them last year either xD Should get their act together and send singers like Yohanna :P

Portugal was magical <3 I think they'll do very very well at long last <3
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