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UPDATED: Board Upgraded
Topic Started: May 31 2008, 07:19:06 PM
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As you can see the board has been changed. We have upgraded to new software from Invisionfree to Zetaboards.

Here are the reasons why we upgraded:

New Features as of August 2nd, 2008::

ACP News limited to 3 most recent announcements with an option to view the older announcements.

Ability for an admin to remove a poll from the portal.

Removed the redundant login box in welcome message when there is a main login box because guests must login.

Member controlled setting to control jumping to first unread post or first page of a topic. (Found on the "Board Settings" link after clicking on the "Preferences" tab in the upper right corner.)

Added clock image () to the editable theme images.

Larger textarea for editing/creating portal content blocks.

Larger textarea for editing/creating webpages

Automatic removal of the theme drop down list when there is only one active theme.

Avatar gallery pages to improve load time for members with slower internet connections.

Ability to rename files in the Admin CP file manager.

Changed the default select for editing CSS that is shared by multiple themes. Reduces the risk of mistakenly editing multiple themes. (http://support.zetaboards.com/topic/416020/1/#new)

The "Welcome to Board Title" is now part of the editable welcome message rather than being prepended to all welcome messages.

Bulk email: Email From option.

Bulk email: send to multiple groups at the same time

On the Admin CP page for Name Change Requests: added a direct link to a member's name history if the member has had a previous name change.

BBCode now allowed in "Message to Member" in warning system.

CSS class .newreplies added to topics for styling (Example for potential usage: http://support.zetaboards.com/topic/191434/1/#new)

Member AMT can be run from a profile instead of warn system only

An admin's name change request is automatically approved.

Offline message now left aligned. If you prefer centered, you can use the center bbcode tag.

Graphs of statistics available in the Admin CP section "Board Statistics"

Ability to reset the most users online count. (Found on the Admin CP section "Board Statistics")

Post deletion confirmation

Members that could view an offline board can now perform a lost password request.

Bugs Fixed

Edit signature, profile, avatar links showed on every member's profile for guests but resulted in an error page if clicked.

Topic vs post moderation per forum mixed up. (Selecting topic moderation would result in post moderation and selecting post moderation would result in topic moderation)

XHTML validation error. Missing </table> on some types of search result pages.

Clock always stuck at GMT on custom webpages.

Inbox tab missing its text in some cases.

Redirect forums with certain characters in the redirect URL would not work.

Select all checkbox in email logs now works.

Fixed error when trying to disable ad removal. Error: Security Error. Error Code: 69002

Blank 'Last Post By' for 'Replies to Your Topics'

Rounding missing on the average value in board statistic reports in some cases.

Fixed Today's Top Ten Posters miscount that continued from July 6th update.

Fix issue with white page for List of AMTs for moderators and admins.

Also, i have been adding some scripts to spice up the board. I have added a reputation system, friend codes via profile and some other little scripts. The reputation system is used to show users if their posts are interesting or boring.

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