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We last left off where Seth decided to go to Valor on his black dragon Erath. And when he got there...And if anyone forgot the story, Kyan found his long lost friend Seth on Valor, and his black dragon Erath. Kyan is a mamkute that can still use swords as well as dragon stone attack.
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Regular Forum Announcements Concerning the recent streak of GEOS... Apr 13 2014, 12:02:51 PM, By Dickhead
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the world is a whole lot of bullSHiiiiiiii… Feb 9 2014, 01:46:53 AM, By Dickhead
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vdm; a mario implementation conforming to … Apr 4 2014, 11:06:09 PM, By Dickhead
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i like art type girls Yesterday, 10:39 AM, By Dickhead
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Regular Forum i think i won this topic that is me bragging Which WW2 Leader Was Bestt At Posting Meme… Jan 28 2014, 10:26:37 PM, By Dickhead
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meme based economy. Apr 17 2014, 09:06:58 PM, By Dickhead
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pPl wHo ARent Real but still have to Pee a… Apr 6 2014, 09:26:46 PM, By Dickhead
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Kanye West Is THe only Real Artist Jan 19 2014, 10:17:49 PM, By MARF SANTANGELO
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There is someone I've been talking to... Apr 17 2014, 07:26:15 PM, By ullu
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2014 NHL Playoffs Apr 17 2014, 07:55:11 PM, By Gregor
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sup geeks
Magic: The Gathering Yesterday, 12:41 PM, By CalamityBinger
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In mathematics, the Riemann hypothesis is a conjecture about the distribution of the zeros of the Riemann zeta-function stating that all non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function have real part 1/2.
GRE? Apr 11 2014, 05:27:15 PM, By Dickhead
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Cooking is fun Apr 13 2014, 01:45:18 PM, By Knight
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GHEB RPG - Prologue Demo Sep 6 2013, 01:51:28 AM, By icecreamman
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Ahahahaha Mar 26 2014, 07:11:28 AM, By MARF SANTANGELO
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