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Insider's Lounge; Part II; no talkiing in this thread......
Topic Started: Sep 19 2013, 08:01 AM (459,168 Views)

Olbrecht easedropped on Carlos.

Sabrina, Patrick and Carlos had it out then came to a decision.

An unsuspecting Sabrina walked into Olbrecht's trap and mulled over Juan's offer.

After an upset Emma began acting out, Patrick took Liz's advice.

Liz's theory left Felix determined to prove her wrong.

After a run-in with Lulu, Brad's conscience got the better of him and he made a confession to Felix.

Lucas comforted a torn up Felix.

Britt succumbed to her mother's taunts and reluctantly agreed to do her bidding.

Britt's offer softened Dante's heart but sent Lulu reeling.

Nikolas and Spencer made big plans for their ladies.

Spurred by Spencer to locate a picture of Courtney, Nikolas revisited his tortured past.

Shawn reassured a worried TJ but plans to protect his surrogate son went awry again.

Molly and TJ's special night ended in bloodshed and a surprise rescue from her father.

Alexis and Shawn fumed while Ric lectured.

Ava confessed a big secret to Morgan then swore him to secrecy.

Sonny's offer left Luke intrigued and Tracy furious.

Patrick delivered Monica some bad news.
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♥ Lulu ♥
The next Britt and Brad scenes are going to be very revealing for those that think Britt's getting whitewashed. Breakdowns sounds like they're trying to whitewash Brad at her expense.


The only way they could make Brad look more redeemable is if Britt forced him to do her lab bidding. As far as we know she just paid him and gave him promotions for his dirty work. It doesn't absolve him though since he still followed her orders and he has known the truth all this time and has not said a word.

Brad tries to convince Britt to do the right thing and Britt threatens him with her psycho mother.

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♥ Lulu ♥
I told you Liz had a ton coming up. It's not short items or background filler either like last fall. She's got legit a lot of story coming up. She gets sucked into Ric's mind games and still helping drive the Ben story forward.

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Happy New Years
Feb 20 2014, 08:45 PM
I think Nikolas will care, the only thing that makes me curious is that TC said he didn't think Nik would be enraged like has been before, and I just wonder what made him think that.

And then we have HNY saying Nikolas WILL be enraged Lol.
Separate reveals and reactions.

I believe TC was referring to Nikolas learning Britt lied and she knew Dante was the father all along.

The deal breaker is the maternity reveal. Britt and her mother knowingly stole the embryos and robbed his barren sister of her one chance at motherhood.

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More from HNY:


Yes. The timelines shifted forward when RC split the paternity and maternity reveals into separate arcs.

Nikolas does care Britt lied about knowing Dante was the father. However, in my information they work past that.

They implode over the maternity reveal.
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Happy New Years posts on Feb 20

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♥ Lulu ♥
Julian's destined to die before Ava

Nikolas comes to Lucy's rescue and funds the ball this year.


Silas's mother in law was bankrolling Julian.

IA. that would make more sense the Ric.

Ric is her lawyer


Anything on Liz/Niz? Please TY

Nik has a moment of doubt then witnesses an encounter between arc and Liz and his dust vanish
Spell check

Ric doubt


Can you say when Lulu finds out Ben is her son?

The day he's kidnapped....early May


Who outs Britt and are Brik married when truth comes out?TY

They are married and if Britt didnt take him, olbrecht didn't take him, then who did......a Spencer enemy. And why would a Spencer enemy take him. Oh yeah.....Britt outs herself


Is DM Silas' MIL?


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♥ Lulu ♥
Look for a big casting announcement 2nd week of March


Male or Female?

What age range is this person?

Female early 40s

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My friend from GH production told me this:

- Carly and Franco are not working and Laura hates the storyline. Wrap up by 2015.

- Morgan's getting a new love interest: Lucy and Scott's daughter, Serena.

- Leslie hasn't and won't be back for weeks!

- Ric will be gone by mid summer.

- Molly is going to have a baby for 2016: Rafe's the father.

- Casting call will go out soon for a black character,

- Cassadine reveal is not going as well as planned.
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Confidential Inside sources are saying that all is not well at GH! Roger Howarth who as you all know plays Franco is not a happy camper. There was a MAJOR blowup behind closed doors as some of the writing has upset him and he is not happy working with Laura Wright. He has his lawyers and the union involved and if things donít change will be leaving soon. He has been contacted by Young and Restless and Days of our Lives for possible roles. If i get any more info i will pass it on!!!
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♥ Lulu ♥
Woke up early, signed in and since there's little activity here, I thought it might be a good time to drop a little info.

Silas goes to see his mother in law regarding visitation for Nina. She agrees but before the visit takes place, He receives a phone call indicating that Nina has died.

Nathan continues to hound Silas regarding his involvement in Ninas coma/death causing Sam to wonder why.

Silas receives an inheritance from Nina including sme personal belongings, one of which piques SAMs curiosity.

After a discussion with Emily, Nik wonders f he s making the right move by marrying Britt. He decides to discuss the matter with Liz but after witnessing a close moment with Ric and Liz he is convinced he's made the right choice.


Alexis also witnesses a close moment between Lirc. Julian chides her about being jealous. Banter ensues leading to another passionate moment.

Look for major fireworks between the two in a couple of weeks.


The engagement of Nik and
Britt brings together most PC residents at the social event of the season


Nate and Kiki discover they have a few things in common.


Pretty sure he will be around for a while. Ric is bankrolling the Jerome's incursion into Sonnys territory, but where is Ric getting the money. There are several beats to play out n this story.

Also, expect Ava to be around for a while longer. It'll be a while before her crimes find her out.


A young woman catches Muchaels eye but its her actions that bemuse Mirgan


Maxie returns to town with her own personal guru.


Patrick finally can't take t anymore and confides the real reason Robin is gone to, of all people,Carly.


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The Legion of DOOM recap-

Back in the 90s
The WSB set up presumed dead mobster Julian Jerome with a new identity, Derek Wells. WSB agent Robert Scorpio kept tabs that Julian stayed out of Port Charles. On behalf of crime boss Anthony Zacchara and for a slice of his own, Trevor Lansing regularly brokered deals to launder the Zacchara dirty money. He struck such a deal with Julian and funded his media empire.

Upon Trevor's death, he left all assets, contacts and secrets papers to his son. Ric Lansing uncovered the deal with Julian and used his own ties to old Anthony to keep the money flowing. Secretly, Ric and Julian began to conspire to take over both the Corinthos and Zaccharas organizations. Ric was amused to find amongst his father's secrets, controlling interest in Barrett Enterprises, the company founded by the father of Sonny's ex-flame, Brenda Barrett.

Jerry Jacks was shot and infected with plutonium poisoning. While recuperating at a specialized clinic in Lucerne, Switzerland, Cesar Faison and Dr. Liesl Obrecht sold Jerry medication that relieved his symptoms, but they demanded an exorbitant price to continue with research for a real cure. A recovered Jerry left in search of funds.

Ric recommended Julian hire Jerry as a front for their dirty work. Jerry in turn brought Faison and mobster Joe Scully, Jr. into the deal. Faison was shocked to learn Julian had the real Duke Lavery imprisoned in a Turkish prison twenty years ago. Faison freed Duke, but took him captive to use in an elaborate ruse to impersonate him. Disguised as Duke, Faison blackmailed accountant Bernie into spilling Corinthos' secret holdings and transferring them into Kristina (Corinthos) Davis's name. Joe Jr. persuaded his son to woo Kristina in a plot to gain revenge against his old rival Sonny.

As down payment to Faison for the cure, Jerry blackmailed Dr. Ewen Keenan to assist with Robin's kidnapping and faked death. Ewen and Jerry kept Robin captive at the Ferncliff Asylum until her mother, Anna Devane's, snooping led to transferring her to Obrecht's Swiss clinic. There it was revealed the real Duke Lavery was also being held captive.

Johnny Zacchara renounced interest in the family's mob business and vowed to go straight. When his grandfather attempted to reel him back in with blackmail, Johnny murdered the old man. After his death, Ric paid off Johnny and secretly assumed more control of Zacchara business dealings.

Disguised as Duke and armed with stolen memories, Faison emerged and spun Anna the tale of Julian Jerome imprisoning him in a Turkish prison for twenty years.

Jerry with Joe Jr.'s assistance introduced toxins into the Port Charles water supply. In exchange for the toxin cure, the rich Port Charles citizens were hit up for millions paid Jerry millions but he absconded with their funds. At his father's urging, Trey married Kristina but then foiled his plot to murder her and control Sonny's transferred holdings. Ric secretly suggested Julian lure Morgan Corinthos into their debt.

Faison carried on Jerry's plans and ordered Joe Jr. to kill Bernie. On the docks, Faison finished off Bernie, shot Jason and dumped him into the harbor. Faison's men recovered Jason and transported him into Obrecht's care to hold for future ransom/leverage. Joe Jr. escaped Faison's betraying bullet but later died in Tracy's arms.

Luke Spencer shared with Robert his suspicions Faison's Duke was an imposter. After Robert questioned her, Helena Cassadine tipped off ally Faison. Robert still managed to foil Faison's plot, unmasking and capturing him. Robert and Anna rescued the real Duke Lavery from the Swiss clinic. Robert saved Robin from Obrecht's lethal injection but was injected instead and fell into a coma. Obrecht escaped and delivered Robin in lieu of the cure to Jerry's Corinth hide-away. Obrecht then sought out ally Helena's aid for storing Jason on ice. Anna and Duke reunited.

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Tipped off by those still loyal to him and swayed by his love for Carly, Johnny Zacchara alerted Sonny of the gambling ring targeting Morgan. Ric secretly visited Johnny afterwards and they struck a new deal for his silence. With WSB watch-dogs off his back, Julian was freer to begin plotting his move to Port Charles. He dispatched sister Ava Jerome first and she continued the plot to use Morgan against Sonny. Julian then arrived as media mogul Derek Wells, the new boss of Sonny's girlfriend, Kate Howard. Julian and Ava used henchman Carlos Rivera to disrupt Sonny's shipments and money laundering operations. Ava began to experience real feelings for Morgan.

Dr. Obrecht was revealed as the mother of Port Charles Dr. Britt Westbourne. After Victor Cassadine was informed the Spencers had dispatched Helena and Stavros, he moved to assume control of the WSB and its secret research facilities. Luke learned Helena had managed to poisoned him before her death and he set off on a search for a cure. With Holly Sutton's aid, Luke finally traced the missing funds to Ireland and former WSB head Sean Donely's door. Sean revealed he, too, had been poisoned and traded Jerry's location for Luke's promise of sharing the cure. Meanwhile, Laura Spencer Baldwin, tracked Jerry down to Corinth, PA. Luke and Holly arrived and freed Laura, but Jerry had already relocated with Robin to Cassadine Island.

Obrecht arranged for Faison's escape and much to Jerry's displeasure they also sought refuge on Cassadine Island. Jerry promised to free Robin in return for the cure. A very ill Luke tracked a clue back to the island then collapsed and was captured by Jerry. Robin finally completed Jerry's cure but Tracy and Luke made off with it leaving behind a desperate Jerry. Obrecht kidnapped Britt's son to impress his grandfather, Faison! Nikolas and Britt pursued her to Cassadine Island. There Nikolas freed rescued Robin from Jerry's secret lab. Robert woke up and remembered seeing Robin alive. Robert and Anna snuck into Cassadine Island and confirmed Robin was indeed alive. Jerry took Anna and Robert hostage to force Robin to develop another dose of the cure. Jerry dispatched Faison and Obrecht to Port Charles to as Robin, Nikolas and Britt's watch dogs. Robin secretly obtained Luke's blood and began working on another dose of the cure in order to trade for her freedom. Duke came in search of Anna and was captured by Faison and Obrecht.

In captivity, Robert stunned Anna when he revealed the WSB faked Julian Jerome's death and had set him up as Derek Wells. Robert shared his growing concern with the powerful and shady forces running the WSB, before escaping with Anna. Back in Port Charles, Robert, Anna and a cured Luke overcame Faison and Obrecht's forces and rescued Robin, Nikolas and Duke from their clutches.

Robert and Anna attempted to execute Faison. Robert hid Faison's survival from Anna, forged transfer papers and stashed a comatose, disguised Cesar in a secret WSB facility. Anna denied a captured Obrecht's demand to speak with Faison and she was remanded for trial. Obrecht blackmailed Britt with an offer she couldn't refuse and Britt agreed to contact the WSB.

An ill and desperate Jerry surfaced in Port Charles and was badly hurt in a fight with Luke. The injured Jerry exchanged future assistance in return for Julian and Ava Jerome's assistance with his escape. Luke began to suspect a connection between Jerry and the Jeromes. Luke fulfilled his promise and shared Robin's cure with Sean. Obrecht was wary to learn Victor was the new head of the WSB but she traded her knowledge of Robin and Jason to obtain her release. In order to clear his path to Robin, Victor increased the heat on Holly's son, Ethan, which sped Robert's departure.

Victor relocated a frozen Jason, Helena and Stavros to the same WSB secret facility which Robert housed Faison! Victor made Robin an offer she couldn't refuse and she agreed to work on reviving Victor's family in exchange for a chance to save Jason. Obrecht asked for Victor's help in getting in contact with Faison. Out of fear for her young lover Morgan, Ava turned on Julian and handed over his secret financial files to Sonny. Shawn Butler traced Julian's funding back to Barrett Enterprises. Sonny called Brenda who informed him controlling interest had been sold years ago. Ric returned to town under the guise of visiting his daughter, Molly Lansing. After his talk with Ric, Sonny suspected he was one secretly funding Julian.

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Coming up-
Julian and Ric discuss Ava's betrayal and forge new plans. Julian expresses some reservations about hurting Sam. Ric reassures Julian they made the right call, and that Sam and Danny are better off with Silas than dangerous Jason. Elizabeth catches Ric up on Port Charles doings including AJ's trial for Connie's murder and the AJ initials she drew in blood. Ric puts the clues together and blackmails Ava. On Ric's orders Ava uncovers a false paper trail for Sonny and Shawn to trace back to the Jacks family. Luke offers his insights into Jerry and Julian's connection. After Sonny asks Carly for a favor, a jealous Franco worries over Carly's lingering feelings for her ex-husband, Jasper Jacks.

Victor delivers disturbing news of Faison's disappearance and Obrecht demands answers from Anna. Robin offers Sam not so subtle advice before an interruption. Patrick cannot shake the feeling he and Robin have been played. During an exam, Patrick probes Luke for information. Luke warns Victor hates Robert and advise Patrick steer his family clear of him and all Cassadines. Victor intercepts his frantic message to Robert and leaves Patrick a warning message.

After Morgan takes a bullet, Sonny receives a phone call from Johnny.

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♥ Lulu ♥
Sunday, hopefully a quiet day to make a few drops

AJ's attack leaves people speculating on his involvement in Connie's murder

Molly wants to move in with Ric

Ric secretly manipulates Molly, with Rafe's help, this will will ultimately have her ending her relationship with TJ.
I have heard Rafe will tell Molly about Ric's lies but only after they have slept together. I don't know if a pregnancy storyline will follow.

I keep getting asked if there is any truth to Ric being Cameron's father. As of now, I have heard nothing. I have heard will be doing what he can to keep Liz away from Nikolas and she does almost find out about Victor.

Ron and Frank are getting a kick out of Julian/Alexis and social media surrounding them. Julian will be worried about almost dying coming up and makes a decision to ensure Danny is safe. Alexis and Julian make love. Ric blows Julian out of the water afterwards.

Nikolas goes to profess his love to Liz but assumes she's moved onto Ric. He continues his plans with Britt, believing perhaps that's the way it's meant to be.

Patrick protests when Sabrina stands by Carlos, believing he did not attempt to kill AJ. Sabrina reminds him he's still married which prompts him to reveal the truth.

The more LuLu can't shake her connection to Ben, the more Dr. O starts to think LuLu should be taken care of. Britt will strongly try to stop this.

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