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Feb 27 2012, 09:17 PM
Feb 27 2012, 09:11 PM
I am not one to sit around all day and defend myself, or fight with posters who twist words. If that's what people chose to do with their time, then they are welcome to it.

But lets get this straight.

I did not say there was a full blown Patrick and Liz romance coming.

I didn't suggest that Robin was going to be disrespected or that an eventual Scrubs reunion was impossible.

I certainly never mentioned Liz preying on Patrick.

- Emma Samms Insider
Thanks ESI! Shame you have to clarify your statement.

I understood your original post as Robin's original request of Liz would be revisited - aka, it would be referenced again on the show. Beyond that, you have nothing indicating a romance/hook-up between Liz and Patrick.

Was I correct?
Putting all the pieces together.

I have no info on a full blown romance going through.

I have no info on a sexual hook up.

I am, however, trying to very tactfully prepare people for the possibility of something murkier happening between Patrick and Liz. A revisit to the ideas and wishes that Robin discussed before.

That will be mulled over. Patrick (not Liz) might even do something inappropriate in his grief. Patrick will be doing a few things that are off the wall and out of grief. I do not have any info at all about that going anyplace, them getting involved in a sexual affair, or becoming romantic partners.

- Emma Samms Insider
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