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Happy New Years
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Jan 13 2014, 12:31 AM
Here's the thing, if they treat SBu, SK, kSu, etc like crap...what makes some people think they won't treat their faves like this? I hope people don't think FV loves so and so and won't screw them over...
It was SBu's decision to leave and RC, at least, was led to expect him back. SBu is far more a SBu said, FV said type situation.

Now KSu was blind-sided by FV.

Not sure if SK saw his situation coming or not.

FV is not treating RH like crap nor blind-siding him. RH has an "out" coming up and he appears interested in taking some time off, for personal or professional reasons, I do not know. There is no FV firing RH, nor blind-siding him with forced time off here. RH initiated these talks.
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