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Happy New Years
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Jan 8 2014, 11:24 PM
It's been almost 5 months since AJ went on hiatus. He stopped taping regularly in mid-August and since then has only taped a handful of times. Way too long to blame it on story rotation IMO.

Something is up.
SK/AJ fans,

I wanted to let you know I do understand and empathize with your frustrations. I believe it has finally become clear to you AJ's story was totally gutted after "something did go down" in July. I just asked if I could address the SK situation since for months you have been left hanging.

"Story rotation and guarantees, my ass" says my source in response to the excuses made for AJ's continued lack of onscreen story.

As I hear it, the situation compares to BB and KSu, and before that OLTL's SC, SH, RS, GT, and TSJ, to name but a few. My source refers to it as the "but FV said PR game." A game where he will "reassure" the actors and even deliver flowery praise/promises of future story, while at the same time RC brainstorms exit ideas. This game sometimes leaves the actors, and their fans, feeling blind-sided because they trusted FV's word. OLTL fans will recognize this game was played on SH and GH fans saw it played on KSu.

My source says FV/RC did reach the decision to exit AJ in July and you are seeing the results of that decision. She believes AJ's story will pick up again, but it will lead to his exit.

For your sakes, I will hope a) they rethink this decision or b) she is wrong this time on the exit game being played again.


-Happy New Years

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