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Happy New Years
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Jan 5 2014, 01:48 AM
Happy New Years
Jan 4 2014, 11:47 PM
Jan 4 2014, 10:37 PM

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He actually answered this a few years ago.

RC believes most viewers would rather watch a "good, old-fashioned romp" than seriously earnest social drama. He was more influenced by the 80s soaps than the 90s socially relevant storytelling and that always comes through in his writing.

Unfortunately, PardonMySnark, his Tale of Two Todds "romp" scored high ratings as did his Robin's long adventure home.
When you warned that RC wasn't going to delve into Robin's PTSD with any real depth, I didn't realize that you meant no depth at all. Even with your warning, I've been surprised at how superficially Ron has handled the aftermath of Robin's two years in captivity. Patrick only asked Robin once how she was doing; no one asking about Robin's health; Robin and Anna talking about her captivity offscreen, etc.

I get that Ron grew up by watching 70s and 80s soaps and those old-fashioned romp stories influenced him, but TV writing has evolved a lot since then. I have a hard time understanding how any decent TV writer who has watched any of the great primetime shows during the past decade can think that skipping the messy aftermath is a good idea.

Robin's return could have easily been RC's best storyline for GH. You have the Scorpios vs the Legion of Doom that is centered around Faison's 20 year obsession with Anna. In addition to the vet adventure, there is the romance angle of Robin fighting to get back to her husband and baby girl. Robin's journey home was good, but once she got home, the story fell apart because of RC's penchant for not dealing with the aftermath. Instead of scoring an easy touchdown with this story, I feel like Ron fumbled the football at the goal line.

Speaking of socially relevant storytelling, did you see this fan video about how various GH writers have handled Robin's HIV?
RC feels the viewers already witnessed all of Robin's trials and tribulations. The characters' reaction to those trials would pack an emotional punch. Unfortunately, they occur off-screen and that is a very bad habit of his, I agree.

I enjoyed all the reunions myself. While the New Years Eve party was not what I was led to expect, I found it surprisingly moving and more importantly fresh and unique. Then again I find too often RC seeks to create a dramatic moment versus just let the characters naturally interact.


-Happy New Years

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