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Happy New Years
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Jan 4 2014, 09:23 PM
Happy New Years
Jan 4 2014, 09:18 PM
Jan 4 2014, 08:35 PM

Been wondering...the RC/FV don't give a damn about the fans and will do things for spite;.... has been a longtime DD mantra..to your knowledge, experience..is there any level of truth to this ?
Good questions, let me see if I can provide some context.

I would say FV/RC genuinely appreciate the general viewing audience. They both make time to respond personally to letters or to consider specific fan requests. With that said, I have long been on record about their disdain for dedicated online fans. I feel they are missing pieces of constructive criticism that can be found online.

In my experience, cast/crew who crossed FV paid a price. But, that falls more into ruthless business practices than spiteful behavior.

Twitter has not been kind to RC and he uses it poorly. His sarcastic and dark comedic slant on things often gets interpreted as spiteful responses. He needs a permanent snark tag with every post there. He often wants the fans to get his "wink winks" and be in on his little jokes versus be the butt of his jokes. Does that make sense?

There have been a few occasions I have detected real spiteful edge to RC's writing but honestly those were rebellion against network mandates versus targeted at fans. For example, he was roaring mad at ABC for canceling OLTL and wrote a rather spiteful arc about brainless network executives. He was openly spiteful onscreen over the PP royal mess as well.

That is my take. Perhaps another may have different insights to offer you?

how was he spiteful onscreen over the PP? do you have an example? tia
Pickle Lila versus Pickle Eddie was peppered with spiteful digs at PP.

-Happy New Years

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