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Happy New Years
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Nov 8 2013, 03:48 PM
HNY, can you shed any light on FV's recent quote about Genie:

"We'll definitely see Laura again sometime in the future," promises executive producer Frank Valentini. "We love Genie and she's an important part of GH."

Do you think he means in the NEAR future, or are we talking about when the GH lights go out for good? I'm just about at my wits end with GF's disappearance. Any light you can shed would be appreciated.

Short answer,
Laura will return for the Cassadine arcs, whenever they finally air.

Long answer,
RC wrote a series of Cassadine arcs for the second half of his "Ancient Feuds Rear their Ugly Heads Again" umbrella storyboard. Laura plays a central role in RC's Cassadine plans, as she did the Ice Princess Revisited earlier this year, however, these new arcs have been placed on hold due to the situations with GF and TG.

It has been near impossible to get a straight answer on the status of those two so bear with me as this is more reading between the lines information,

Last spring TG and FV only agreed to a short-term contract extension. He and FV then engaged in protracted negotiations over a new contract. I know others dropped a salary dispute, but I heard the sticking point been more FV does not approve of his old sweetheart deal. FV wants to retain more control and for TG to work around GH's need of him, versus set his own comings and goings.

Whatever went down, last minute scaled way back his fall Luke plans.

GF has been ready to return for some time, and her contract negotiations appear over. However, FV does not want to bring Laura back just for a Felecia type support role because GF is too expensive. Basically, it is a case of bring back Laura for a major story or do not waste our budget.

However, Laura's major Cassadine story relies on TG's availability as well, and the situations become linked.

That is the best I have been able to piece together.


-Happy New Years

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