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Happy New Years
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Oct 26 2013, 03:34 AM
Oct 26 2013, 03:29 AM
Oct 26 2013, 03:19 AM
is TG complaining about his salary? :confused
Allegedly, yes. Globe claims he makes 1.5 million and FV wants to cut him down to $750,000, and Tony is ticked and threatening to quit, and thinks fans will rally to his defense.

True or not who knows, but the part that was talking about what FV was allegedly saying privately about it (essentially Tony works too little to get paid so much, and GH cannot afford such luxury contracts any longer) sounded exactly like Frank to me.
Something is up, no doubt, but I'm not sure Globe has the true story. I'm pretty certain of the following things......

Tony re-signed last year with the stated intent that this be his last year.
Tony had a story he wanted to play out, the ultimate Luke redemption story with him dying to save Lantes child.
Laura was suppose to be reconciled with him before his death.

Wham, bam, Genie is gone, Luke is all but aced out of his own story, tony gives an interview saying essentially he's staying and Globe says they are in a contract dispute.

Something ain't right here
For whatever it is worth to you, I heard and shared previously,

TG's contract was up in March and TG/FV negotiated an extension through November him and GF agreed to that as well.

RC wrote a "Twist of Fate" November arc for them. Luke was to "die" as part of this umbrella story in order to foil the villains. Laura was to play his "Bonnie" again as she always has and not Tracy. Luke was never really dying, however, and I never heard TG demanding a redemption arc. I heard he has been battling RC's efforts to rein in Luke's drinking and more selfish impulses, and that interview did not sound like a man feeling his character needed redemption. Just the opposite.

We know Luke/Laura were actually recapped as leaving together to search for the cure in August, and only at the very last minute was GF abruptly written off with no follow up. JE was substituted in and there is a very tight lid on GF's status. Luke's role in this umbrella story was largely scaled back and now TR appears to be staying longer.

I do agree something going on with GF and TG both now.

-Happy New Years

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