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Viewing Single Post From: Insider's Lounge; Part II
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From an anon..Could be GOS but maybe not..We can look back in a few months to see if this is how things work out:

Okay, just got emailed some winter OUTLINES! Read 'em all with a large GOS like I always do!

Sean and his kid aren't coming back. Instead Luke is going to keep his promise to Sean and head off to personally deliver Robin's new synthesized cure. Before he goes, he asks Tracy to tag along and they head off happily to Ireland together.Tracy comes back alone in a snit because Luke took off on her to help Holly. Sounds like they're putting Luke & Tracy on ice for a while. TR sticking around for months and ES returning put on ice, too. Holly is going to be keeping Luke busy off screen. Robin wins a big cash award for her cure. She, Patrick and Nikolas and Britt pull together to build a fancy new research wing at GH.

Between Scotty and Diane's efforts AJ's trial ends in a hung jury. A freed AJ gets a memory flash and confronts Ava who threatens Michael's life if AJ goes to the cops. Olivia gets a vision of AJ covered in blood which sends Duke and Liz rushing off. They find blood but no AJ who completely disappears. Duke suspects AJ was murdered for what he knew but Liz and Monica stay convinced AJ got away. Anna and Dante's investigation leads nowhere and the case is left open.

Brenda surprises Robin for Christmas and shares a secret with her. Robin urges Brenda to come clean but Sonny's life is falling apart around him.

A returning son is in the wrong place at the wrong time and Michael and Kiki get caught in the crossfire, too. Ava risks her life to save Kiki but Michael wakes up with amnesia. It's not a Jason Q Borg repeat because Kiki helps him through it and he eventually gets his memory back. But not before Sonny disowns Morgan and Carly winds up jailed for murder. Carly asks Brenda to take Joss to Jax who can't travel because Lady Jane too ill. The two reach a new understanding that protecting the kids comes about their feuds. Brenda runs into Sabrina on her way out and can't shake the feeling she knows her from somewhere.

Carlos delivers Sabrina some bad news. Julian receives a threatening call. Julian and Carlos have a falling out with both swearing the other will regret it. Robert and Anna hatch a plan to trace Julian's money but Duke has a different trap in mind. Sabrina asks Dante for help.

Franco catches Ava in big slip and sets his sights on proving Ava killed someone 21 years ago. Sam has the same idea to help Carly out. Ava catches wind of their plotting and Franco and Sam wind up trapped alone and must work together to survive. Silas finds then and finally fesses up his and Ava's big dark secret.

Nikolas throws Britt a big party in the new year where he intends to propose. Holy shit that's some fast work there, Prince. Is Ron throwing someone else off the parapet? LOL! Laura marks her return for this so don't expect to catch a peek of GF this year. Stefan's daughter gets outed this night, too. Can Count Vlad be far behind? Lots of secrets come out at this party leading to nasty showdowns between Britt and Nik, Lulu and Dante. Liz offers Nik a comforting hug which Britt misinterprets. Duke & Robert come to blows and Robin and Anna have to break them apart. This is KMC's last story before she takes off for a long break. KMC signed a 1 year deal but it's a lot like TG old gig where she takes real long breaks in between stories.

Brenda and Jax return for a big February sweeps story. Patrick begins treating Brenda.
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