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From here:

Say goodbye to sweet Sabrina around end of January into February sweeps. She is about to get a major character overhaul, when she pulls out all stops to keep her man, even teaming up with someone shocking and fun that is currently on the canvas. Something is going to happen that will make her character see that being sweet isn't all it's cracked up to be. Also there are no plans to bring Lucas on yet, the show is currently dealing with another network mandated budget cut and several things have already been or are being cut.


From the ij insider:

Would you believe me that it's not Rc who likes the character of Sabrina but FV.but then again, fv loves a lot of characters and yes, that includes Robin. Ij insider.

IJ, I can't remember: did you say that Nikolas is all pro Sabrina with Robin? There were a couple of people who dropped that, but I can't remember if it was you or not...

And did you say Emma DOES know it's her mom she talks to on Halloween, or she doesn't??

Thank you!!! :bigsmile

Not pro-Sabrina per say, but he tells Robin she's a nice girl. And for Emma, wasn't the one who spoiled about knowing her.But, Yes, they talk.
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