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Happy New Years
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Sep 10 2013, 02:31 AM
Happy New Years
Sep 10 2013, 02:28 AM
Sep 10 2013, 02:13 AM
That doesn't surprise me about the two brothers and Sonny faring better than Sonny and the two cousins.

At least this is something different involving those former three characters, as opposed to the latter three with Sonny in his 98th triangle with the 10000th love of his life debate.

I appreciate your comments, Happy. They actually help me frame the story better in my mind. I have been so hung up on my Kiki dislike that I didn't stop to think that's she like the ball batted back and forth between two players and not a lot more.

Do you think that's why they have paid essentially no attention to her and Silas thus far? i.e. she is seen as mostly in the role of person for Morgan and Michael to fight over than anything else? Not that I mind :lolz , but I'm curious.

They at least have her talk about Franco, although he's not around her either really. It all reads like one giant plot point to me.
Viewers were fatigued by Sonny/Connie/Kate and I do not expect Sonny/Olivia to fare much better. With VM unwilling to return long-term, RC should simply keep Sonny focused on family and business.

As for Kiki, her relationships with Silas, Ava, and Franco, received very little airtime or focus. This is quite the contrast to Starr whose family issues dominated last year. Kiki mainly ping pongs back and forth while Michael and Morgan glare and fight. She is not quite Patrick's level of wallpaper, however.

We have a RP here who gets good info that has stated that Sam/Silas are tanking. Anything to add??
All I heard was Sam/Silas and Danny's cancer story been generating little interest.


-Happy New Years

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