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This became more or less KT's story when TC signed his contract.

It was her evil mom's idea to swipe Lante's 2nd embryo with Britt bullied into playing along.
When Patrick threatened Britt, she blurted out Brad's name.
No one believed Brad's denials.
When Nik threatened to sic his lawyers on Brad, Britt blurted out he's not the father either.
Britt confessed a deep dark secret that evil mom came up with an anon sperm donor for her.
Nik agreed to keep her secret and protect Britt and baby.
Brad received a call and was forced to keep quiet.
Britt and baby nearly died.
The baby was born with a strange bloodborne pathogen and Britt grew attached to her sickly baby.
Britt witnessed a happy Lante moment with Maxie's baby and decided to keep their baby for her own.
Delighted by Nik's gifts to her and the baby, Britt began to experience a series of fantasies.
Britt and Nik grew closer and kissed.
Evil mom returned and threatened to blow Britt out of the water with Nik.
Britt had decide whether to confess all to Nik or be pulled further into her evil mom's schemes.
Britt decided to confess all to Nik but her evil mom left threatening she would change her mind.
A reluctant Britt began to confess all to Nik when Dante arrived demanding answers after an anon tip.
Nik defended Britt and ordered Dante to stop harassing her and leave.
Britt's confession was interrupted when Nik received an urgent call from Lulu.
Evil mom called Britt and reminded her she can destroy her life at any moment.
An upset Nik interrupted with news Lulu's baby been kidnapped and rushed out to help.
Britt believed Nik would never forgive her lies and gave into her evil mom's demands but vowed to find a way out.

Whatever evil mom injected into the embryo makes his blood unique and can help cure polonium 210 and save his grandpa's life. You can yell and scream all you want at me but it won't change that's pretty much the story. Just bookmark this post and you'll see.
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