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Happy New Years
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Aug 14 2013, 07:35 PM
Happy New Years
Aug 14 2013, 07:27 PM
Aug 14 2013, 06:12 PM
So if something isn't resolved with the payment issue, PP might have to close down production altogether? Unless I'm reading this incorrectly...
As I said last week, my sources hears PP are committed to finding a financially sustainable model.

However, any serious cost-benefit analysis requires hard numbers. It appears Jeff is still working on some contracts and additonal revenues, too. The budget been this moving target, and therefore, production launch been a moving target, too. The actors are hearing we are working on it, stay tuned. I am sharing what I am hearing is behind that "we are working on it."

To be brutally frank, and this is only my personal opinion, I believe PP PR have mishandled the season two talk from the start. That season one finale press release should have read back into production this fall. A vague enough date that gave them some "wiggle room."
I don't think that's brutal HNY. They should have given a vague target so that people would stop tweeting the actors or Jen Pepperman daily every day since early August when they clearly have no news to report. I'm hopeful some production on at least one show will resume by end of September. I've really kind of adjusted to the idea of seasons- maybe b/c OLTL seems to be ending on a big splashy note that feels season finale-esque.
I have been warning of delays here since July 12th. However, I do understand why my warnings were ignored for some time as the actors appeared so confident of August.

As I said last month, October and November season two launch appeared doubtful to my source for reasons I have hinted or dropped here.

However, with PP we have certainly learned never to say never!

What a crazy rollercoaster, Dishers.


-Happy New Years

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