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Happy New Years
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Aug 14 2013, 06:56 PM
Happy New Years
Aug 14 2013, 06:09 PM
Aug 14 2013, 02:54 PM
The lawsuit, however, only mentions the characters, and not whatever PP got in return.
Yes, we debated this topic at length here in April.

A claim was made here Disney waived all 8.5 million for that first year, and my source disagreed. He was adamant the renegotiated first year fees were never waived, only deferred. This point was later conceded.

Another claim was made PP had "had some gall to sue" when they were in breach of contract for non-payment. Again, I disagreed. My source told me PP met the second year amended contract schedule.

January 2014 is a key date. At least according to this same source.

What does all this mean? You connect the dots. PP are reassessing their model. Reviewing budgeting which must include payments due to Disney/ABC TVG. When are they due? According to my source, in January. When exactly is that first deferral due? A good question.

As I have been stressing since last month, a great deal is percolating at the same time, and perhaps you can appreciate why the start date been a moving target. Some key decisions need to be made before you "rush too fast into production again."

Thanks HNY. This confirms what I thought prior to the launch. The business prospectus in which PP based its decisions on was/is flawed. PP has approached alot of things like amateurs;

They announced that they had RC and FV, in their roles as HW and EP. The took temporary roles at GH and those roles turned permanent. PP never commented or had anything to say about the direction RC was going, until the announcement of RC and FV remaining at GH and PP sought out new HW and EP.

There are many that argue that ME, ES, KDP, and TK were the first to sign with PP. And that wasn't true, these four stated they would be interested in doing the online version of OLTL, but never signed contracts.

PP took alot for granted after the cancellation. IMO - They thought the cast would be desperate for work. That the fans would follow them anywhere.

I don't know their complete financial picture, but PP may have to think about triming the (cast) fat or cancellation may be right around the corner.

Ground-breaking experiments can often produce messy even explosive results on first attempt. There have been many hiccups along the way for other companies trying to migrate online, as well.

I believe PP failed fans by not stressing the first season was more a "pilot." However, fans did not fail PP as significant percentage did follow them online.

As for RC and FV, in actuality they were always on contract with ABCD for another year. Disney ordered ABCD to cooperate fully with PP in 2011, and that included releasing RC and FV to them after production wrapped at OLTL. Once PP folded, RC and FV simply continued with their ABCD contracts, and extended them last year.

The lawsuit needs to settle the question whether PP submitted any approval or disapproval over GH's writing for the OLTL characters.

I agree the actors never signed any contracts because there were no union contracts ready to sign. I believe a letter of intent was floated around, but I have no real details on that.

I once upset this board very much by stating of course, PP expected most of the actors to still be available. Acting opportunities are scarce for most actors, let alone daytime. The casts of ATWT and GL will attest to that daunting reality. As will the many OLTL cast members who predictably jumped onto PP.

I have learned it is best not to trust Disney, ABC or PP. There are no "daytime saviors." That very title implies making sacrifices and businesses only care about the bottom line.

-Happy New Years

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