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Aug 30 2012, 08:03 AM
Aug 30 2012, 06:58 AM
Aug 30 2012, 06:54 AM

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Yes but I have other things to do first. I'll be back in under an hour.
A medical anomaly, they actually researched this, caused Lulu to test not pregnant. Baby is exposed to both toxin and eventual vaccine. Great possibility of birth defects. Lulu thinks abortion is the best option. Dante thinks abortion is a sin.....but wait, didn't he say he understood why Lulu had her abortion before? Major angst ahead for Lante.

Emma gets a new nanny. She's young, pretty, and has a secret. Emma likes her because she smells like mommy. Patrick likes her because she makes Their house feel like a home, again. Maxie hates her .

Speaking of Maxie, it's hard for whirl to go so long without sex, don't you know. She ants to remain loyal to Matt but in the lmeantime.l.....

Spinelli is instrumental in helping John and Patrick track down the cure. Look for him to change sides after Jason leaves.
In between flirting with Sam and tracking down the antidote for the deadly poison, John has time to realize something about Sams dead baby, Teas live baby and Crazy Heather doesn't fit. Look for him to unravel the whole story and return baby Jason to Sam but why doesn't he reveal everything he knows to her? Could it be someone. Else with a vested interests thinks its best if she never knows?
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