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Here we go again! #CWU
Topic Started: December 17 2012, 11:35 PM (11,836 Views)

Might just be me, but realistically how can you even see this working? No offence but on weekends its gunna be like a 5v5 to a 7v7 based on how many show up and who are you gunna war world 24 portals?

Also it's just plain less fun because of all the things they massacred. It wouldn't be as bad if they had nerfed freedom a bit more and made entangle and freeze spells not cut to 1/3 or 1/2 freeze time from protect mage. As it stands though they messed up the walking system so timing is different, there is little players left practically nothing compared to what number of them used to play, and they have the stupidity to make spells freeze for only 6 seconds which means cast -> cast -> cast/light(just light if your slow) -> hope for first cast and if thats all the game is might aswell just let it die.

Edit: Also, how in this new castlewars do you propose to make a game bigger then 3v3 work, when 3 people can pretty much instantly kill the flag holder with no need for cades or anything at all related to the skill side of the previous version of castlewars.
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Actually I know all about the eoc combat system I've killed tons of boss monsters on it with bio and comit before I stopped playing, the facts are the facts you can't tank without a shield, the flag holder has no shield. Easy as that.
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well I mean I already know how new cw works it's just illogical if the team is cooperative they should never ever score.. unless it's a derp moment where they just derp entirely..

pk def: Bind -> Damage -> Bleed(1attack time from unfroze) -> smite (to knock off prayer) -> Kick into corner -> rebleed with melee

mage def: Tangle -> use choke -> cast 2 times -> cade as you cast the 2nd time.. -> refirst because entangles ridiculous -> repeat until they die.

Notes: Watch for freedom and pid abuse them the second they use it. Don't let them pass.

sound about right? ^

Also: The flag holder had no shield pre-eoc either. The flag holder can still use anticipation and freedom and can even use the kick (spear) ability while holding the flag. If you know what you are doing, scoring can actually be a lot easier. Basically the mage is standing beside you, they lay a cade and you kick them, then they are stuck behind their own cade. It's kind of like how people use to drop the flag, spear, then pick it back up. Only this time you don't have to drop the flag.

This ^ is assuming the defence is stupid enough to stand next to them when they can easily just pid abuse and back off once they lay a cade and the defence dont need to melee at all if they abuse the abilities properly. The mage abilities hit much higher then most people would think they do and the range abilities have a bleed so that's automatically op. Freedom is easily countered by just looking to see when someone uses it as you can then place a last second cade. and anticipation doesn't do much to save you. I played cw for 3 weeks after eoc came out..

I know how it works it just doesn't seem fathomable to me how 3 good above average defenders or even average defenders would be scored on by good scorers. The only way is if they messed up on a freedom choked super hard and went up as they went down..
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Season Fires
December 26 2012, 05:35 AM
lil comit he can't move on

peace you've never played in a real war, a real 10v10, and i doubt you've played in a 5v5/3v3/2v2 with any1 other then your w24 buds...jokes who barely know how to play the game, like yourself

you have no idea how fun this game was, how intense wars were back in the day or the thrill of hours of close competitive 5v5 games late at night, and how much jagex have destroyed and ruined it to become the mess that you somehow enjoy.

so that's why you still cling to a ruined, dead game. you never knew what fun was

OT: lets hope tanner is still workin on that private server it was comin along rly good last i heard !!
Well you've certainly got in touch with your dark side since the games sort of died.

I never knew you as one to be out right mean to people, but I guess since you have no connection to the game after eoc there is no reason to be nice to him for you is there?

I miss those 5v5s.
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January 18 2013, 06:05 PM
me bio and brian will join add us 2 the memberlists
did you guys get a sigil yet after we trio'd like 1000 corp kills..? rofl..
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