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Here we go again! #CWU
Topic Started: December 17 2012, 11:35 PM (11,734 Views)
duffman 420
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I'm simply the best.

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December 18 2012, 06:05 PM
Props for finding ways to still cw. Guess it's nice to see some people enjoy it still. It's just not the same to me anymore.
2v2 with me tonight and i will show you it can still be fun
Honestly, I wouldn't bother trying to convince people on this forum to play, because most of them have already made up their mind that this game doesn't amuse them anymore.
says it all

so if you could stop posting clan recruitment threads and off maging guides n all that stuff on our dead forums that would be really helpful

just go make your own forums with all your 10~ members/dedicated castle warers and discuss your things there
Not sure if being a dick or not but if you are you're seriously a piece of shit.

Gl cwu if you hold enough events you will surely be big enough to war yourself or do some offense vs defense like a fullout which i find fun but poor people dont so expect to be a mage 24/7.

Havent played a minute of eoc but it seems to be catered for massive wars so take this bitch over!#

Gl cwu!
Lookin for cw vids? check out : http://www.youtube.com/user/duffman42o

fight my brutes at :

i flame
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