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The Story of Syciere; a tale of two faces
Topic Started: June 2 2012, 10:56 PM (4,493 Views)
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The danger is, I'm dangerous

June 2 2012, 10:56 PM
**You can move the topic to whatever if you want, don't care**

Hey guys; a lot of you have mixed feelings about myself. I'm here to tell you my story, from my start in Castle Wars to the controversies of my multiple clans, being a player mod, and becoming another infamous character known as Artim_Guy. This won't be long cause at the moment I am really bored and only doing this to clear some stuff up.

The beginning

I created the account Syciere a long time ago, and was a f2p player for approximately a year before I switched to members and found Castle Wars. I started Castle Wars in w42 and I'll be honest when I say that I stacked sara the entire time until about 1,500 tickets with brian_405 and trojan_fury for a couple years. There was some competition that came along such as Ray2214 lol; and he put up a challenge considering it was mostly 2 vs 1 + noobs. At the time when I first met brian he was part of a clan called s4l. I did attend some of their events and a war which i was snuck into and eventually applied for s4l. Mixedmummies pretty much accepted me....however the clan soon closed for reasons I can't remember. There was many w42 cwers who I became "friends" with and I will list a few now (sorry if i forgot you, but i doubt if i did your still not on this forum):

Silvio Xiii
nath is king
I pigy I
lull spell
(multiple others if i remember i will add)

The clans

So as everyone who ever knew me already knows that I was probably the biggest clan hopper and have made more clans than anyone. I am not going into each story on my 20+ clans and why I made them, but I will explain se.

Saradomin Elites
A clan comprising of the best w42 cwers. This clan I was most proud of because of the effort and persuading it took to get the majority of cwers in w42 to band together. Althouth some will dispute our record was 2-2, which I know isn't the greatest accomplishment. But considering 90% of those members had never been in a cw war clan, we didn't do that bad. For the record whitewolf547 + jmang223 were my right and left hand in that clan and helped make it successful.


Now I have no idea how much you guys already know about the character Artim_Guy, but I'm going to clear something up. I met Artim_Guy originally on IRC when he was talking about quitting way back when (which he did multiple times). I honestly can not remember how the conversation went, however I convinced him to give me his account. I did not scam Artim_Guy; at the time his account had a few higher levels which I wanted so I transferred my items to his account and began my adventures under the disguise Artim_Guy and i told no1. To be honest, it was awesome. It's funny how much a name means on this game. Under the name Artim_Guy I was able to convince guys like Rozza_05, goat216, redcard333, and multiple other big names in castle wars to join me and create the clan KoCW; which would never happen under the name Syciere. I had respect again and it was awesome.....i was praised for scoring multiple times as "no1 can stop artim_guy". Somewhere down the road the clan closed and I abandoned Artim_Guy and runescape for a very, very, long time. 4 years later I'm back to tell you the truth about myself and Artim_Guy.

The player mod story is quite simple really.....I convinced trojan_fury to give me his other account which was a mod "cutiegirl or something like that". With this account i reccomended my rsn syciere to be mod; however this did not work and I got bored and muted a shit tonne of people in w6. The account was inevitably banned.

So in summary:
I have been in the most rs clans
I am one of the most hated cw players
I was Artim_Guy for a considerable amount of time
I was a moderator
I was the leader of multiple clans
I have collected over 3k cw tickets
I have not played in 5 years
and yes i am very persuasive.

and that's my short and sweet story lol (don't care if you wanted to read, I just felt like typing this out)

feel free to leave your stories with me or Artim_Guy, l8ter

Oh my god that list is like my friendslist l0l
You better remember me I was your damn clan
Kc2693 c:
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The danger is, I'm dangerous

im remembered :happy2:
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The danger is, I'm dangerous

June 2 2012, 10:56 PM

holy shit FUCK that guy
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