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ECW; Recruiting
Topic Started: January 10 2012, 12:39 AM (10,717 Views)
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lol i can still post whos mad
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@Nar, if it's not too much of an inconvenience, make a new thread. More than half (probably more than 75%) of the thread is trolling, spam, and flame. However, if you would rather this thread cleaned and be re-opened, please click the "[Kura] in my signature to pm me.

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Drat i missed the fun, dnt care if u dnt care about my opinion cause ima hit you with it

I don't hate ecw at all, i have a lot of respect for a clan that has been open so long and wasn't that good to begin with but slowly got better. That to me is the best kind of clan, reminds me of the old cwp who would lose a lot then eventually became number 1 cappped team through practice and not giving up. I also have the same amount of respect for dl/fcw cause they went months without wars (partly their own fault) but they managed to stay together and stayed loyal. So here we are with 2 good clans but a standoff type situation.

To me the fact fcw and ecw 'hate' each other is irrelevant, i don't understand how that means a war can't take place? I mean did lcw like ecw, not really but we would always war regardless. You guys don't need to like each other to war, you both seem to make it as difficult as possible for a simple war to take place. There's 4 proper clans left, 5 if you count cwr but we dno bout them yet, so cw isn't going to get very far this year if 1 clan doesn't war the other.

As for the awards well it was obvious to me that ecw were the best clan in 2011, you have to be pretty stupid and ignorant to think otherwise. If dl/fcw had warred lcw/rcw/cwt etc and beat them like ecw did then you could make an argument for them to win but they never. The awards as a whole this year weren't that great but i'd end up flamebaiting if i mentioned why n i'm tryna be nice here so i won't but it's been mentioned. Some people who won 3rd place in certain categories only got 2 votes to get that place, so if the awards even take place next year more thought and planning will probs be put into them. But overall it was obvious some ecw just voted for their own clan, which is fine i guess since you can technically do that, and the other people from diff clans would fill out most of the categories. When this happens it results in scattered votes. For example the majority of ecw voted scullarcher as best mage, which again is fine, but in other clans their votes would be for different people, usually different people in their own clan. Therefore when 1 clan clearly have a standout person they are all voting for then it's obvious what's going to happen, especially with the amount of ecw who voted in the awards.

Dno if this made sense i cba reading back over it but i just want some decent interesting wars to take place this year, cause if i'm honest i don't see many wars taking place next year. It's up to the leaders to put this petty bs aside and war, who gives a fuck who said what when, this is a new year, use it as a fresh start and get the fuck over the past.

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