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Topic Started: May 12 2011, 01:20 AM (1,276 Views)
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Hey guys, Unfortunately we have had some breach of trusts about, not within CWC but within some Ventrilo servers. The servers this includes are LCW(pretty long time ago) and CWA (Very recently).

The clan leaders have gotten together to sort this out themselfs instead of the staff being involved, we are all confident knowing who breached the trust & who created the list i'm about to show you. We are investigating more into it as you read this.

The list consists of peoples names & IP addresses next to them. If your name is on this list my advise to you would be to change IP as soon as possible to prevent any inconvenience to your internet, your ip is on the internet and pretty much anyone can find it if they have the know how.

The owner of any links posted on this website that has IP adresses in it of members of the CWC will receive punishment as we see fit.
This thread is also locked to prevent speculation of who it may be, if you have any thoughts you may drop me or nasir a PM

  • mo fo sho
  • radar
  • deadmanx
  • leif
  • scar
  • camo wolf
  • cordy
  • josh3446
  • gurvir
  • thedaddy
  • ward 0f ice
  • philly
  • xigabear
  • jaimeb
  • diego
  • jeff29
  • noel
  • sama
  • eat pie7
  • katie
  • slayer
  • grant
  • reddevil159
  • piece of god
  • rick
  • sandt069
  • sir tuck
  • klas
  • zim
  • jeffsont
  • duffman 420
  • g unit dan
  • hellking
  • edele
  • awe
  • dark fussion
  • roderick
  • nar
  • annz
  • anime dude x
  • purple jules
  • all 1st cast
  • dark fussion
  • lukien22
  • babbamac1
  • faint666
  • bronzeberg
  • gladd
  • aaking
  • kenshin
  • faint666
  • gladd
  • kill4us
  • comit
  • season fires
  • miss snakes

My TS: ts.firesongs.co.uk:9170
My Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/F1R3S0NG5

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