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CWC Christmas / New years Celebration; SNOWBALL FIGHT!
Topic Started: December 27 2010, 08:08 PM (4,172 Views)
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i am disappoint
what would you rather do then, we are open to all suggestions.. but none are made really so we have to think of random stuff
I would have started differently

Cancel last thursday's (the 23rd) & last saturdays (25th) weekly events to hold a special CWC christmas event that friday (the 24th).
Skip forward to this week, again cancel the weekly events for a special New Year's event, perhaps early on the 31st or late on the 1st. This event being non-cw related.
With the cancellation of regular weekly events, the schedule wouldn't be overcrowded for the 2 special events.
but what would your non-cw event be (is what im getting at =p )
idk, but then again i havent had a whole month to think of something

EDIT: actually, now that I've seen the "27-Dec-2010 - RuneScape’s 10 Year Anniversary Bonanza!" RS news and, seeing that I still had a week to plan, would make a 10 yr anniv party, post it on their forums, and once again get CWC's name in the mix of things. It would be something that could have the word spread about it, making it even more popular than just those from our forums.

But that's just me.
Event manager pls
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