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Poll Only
What times are best for you (Saturdays) All times are in EST
SATURDAY 12 Noon(5PM GMT) - 2 PM (7PM GMT) 10 (21.3%)
SATURDAY 2 PM (7PM GMT) - 4 PM (9PM GMT) 7 (14.9%)
SATURDAY 4 PM (9PM GMT) - 6 PM (11 PM GMT) 5 (10.6%)
SUNDAY 12 Noon (5PM GMT) -2 PM (7 GMT) 8 (17%)
SUNDAY 2 PM (7PM GMT) - 4 PM (9 GMT) 9 (19.1%)
Other (please Specify) 8 (17%)
Total Votes: 47
Choose your best time.; Vote on what times you can make events (read description first)
Topic Started: December 4 2010, 03:08 PM (1,998 Views)
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Closed, Clearly we don't want an event at any of these times.
VOTE on which times are good for you to attend Events on Saturdays and Sundays
You can vote for 5 options, if you can do all of the options please don't vote.
If you choose other, please specify a better time for you.

You have a 1 week window until the poll closes and we decide the times(Saturday the 11th). The times will be chosen purely on Majority.

Remember to consider when voting:
-Clan wars
-Family obligations
-Other obligations

Clarification: These are for events other then castle wars meaning other minigames or activities. The weekly CW events on Thursdays will still be occuring no matter the outcome of this poll.

Edited by Kbtennis, December 5 2010, 02:08 AM.
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December 4 2010, 03:54 PM
you obviously forgot about clans warring on weekends when you picked these event times...
i said take that into consideration when you vote, because if everything has wars they wont vote for that and then that wont be the time we choose.
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December 4 2010, 04:03 PM
ok so then put a different weekday time or somethign instead that people can vote for. and war times are different every week so no point putting any options that come within like an hour within wartime. If you already know people wont vote for it then dont bother putting it and put a friday one instead or something.
we determined less people would come on fridays because of rl issues. And not everybody is in a clan as well. Also if we determine a time for these events clan leaders may not make wars at certain times.

But to be quite honest there is no good time for everybody to come and we might have to shift the times around to please all members. Saturdays and Sundays are full of wars and weekdays people have school and work. There just are no good times for everybody, so if you vote accurately and lots of people vote, we can hope to please as many members as we can.
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A possible option would be on a Tuesday at 8 or 7 Est so Pacific coast could make it, then have Euro's 4 est on Thursday, or maybe make that at 3 or 2 (est) to make it even more convinient for Euro.

That way both would have good times, and maybe we could mix up the days to help with peoples schedule's
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December 4 2010, 06:34 PM
we don't have to have these events. this is only to see if people are willing to come and if they are what would be the best time.

and not every clan has a war on the weekends.

we are still having an event every Thursday though.

give kb a break hes just trying to come up with new ideas seeing as we rarely have events anymore let alone people doing stuff together rather then getting together and having a flame fest.

if anyone has any ideas please feel free to pm one of us on irc

-xig(ecw channel)
-kbtennis (idk)
Thanks !run

But honestly we could just start blabbing out event times and places and if you cant make it then dont come, and if you can then feel free to come.

This is for y'all, i just wanted to know a good time instead of trying to make up random things.
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