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2010 CWC Awards; Open
Topic Started: November 30 2010, 04:18 AM (12,392 Views)
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Since it's been so long since I played I will do as many categories I can think of from early 2010. It's impossible to keep up with name changes after quitting...

> Individual Player Awards, 2010:

1. Best clan leader of '10: didn't see any stand out this year

2. Best overall player of '10: scarp

3. Most improved player of '10: spacemonk

4. Most underrated player of '10: Kawaiii

5. Player with the most unique playing style '10:

6. Best assistant/team mate of '10:kingmdatta

7. Best scorer of '10: awesome

8. Best mage defender of '10: scarp

9. Best offense mager of '10: Ray

10. Best PK defender '10: diegofajardo

11. Best barricader/tinderer/bucketer of '10: chun

12. Best CW video maker of '10:

13. Best female CW player of '10: lol where is the male version of this? no clue though

14. The nicest CW player '10: cordero

15. Favorite player to quit/get banned in the year of '10:

> Community Awards, 2010:

1. Favorite CWC staff member (old or new) '10: Nasir

2. Favorite overall member of the community '10: Tomas

3. Player with the best personality in the community '10: Sean

> Clan/Group Awards, 2010:

1. Best clan of '10: dl

2. Most improved clan '10: ecw

3. Best clan community '10: cwl

4. Best clan defense '10: lcw

5. Best clan offense '10: dl

6. Favorite war/clan moment of '10:

7. Favorite clan that closed during '10: dcw
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