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Welcome to our forums; Rules and more: Please read before posting
Topic Started: November 30 2010, 03:04 AM (2,187 Views)
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Welcome to Castle Wars Community
In this thread you'll find useful information about the website and different parts of our community

Hi and welcome to the home of Castle Wars, the place where CW players meet and connect. The main purpose of this website is to create a bridge between the players of RuneScape who share the the same interests mainly the minigame Castle Wars. This of course does not mean we don't welcome other players, everyone is welcome to register on this board and enjoy the website. In this thread I'll be telling you about some useful information, the different parts of the community and some important things you should know about before you start using our forums.

As a registered member on this board you must follow certain rules in order for us to create and keep a clean and enjoyable environment for all users. Bellow is a simplified version of our rules which should make it clear which rules apply to you as a member of CWC. If you want to know what each specific rule stands for click here.

1. Spamming is not tolerated. Posts must in someway add to the discussion of the topic.
--> To specify: if your post intentionally does not appear to be beneficial to a topic it will be deleted.
--> The posting of "pc" or anything similar in nature is not tolerated.
2. Flaming and inappropriate language is to be kept to a minimum.
--> To specify: if your post offends anyone or is clearly intentional to cause flame it will be erased
3. Any topic that has not been active in over 60 days is not to be bumped. If the thread should be brought back, please contact a member of staff.
--> 60 days is a general guideline. A few days under 60 does not qualify as alright.
4. You are not allowed to use or post prohibited media such as pornography, racist materials or content showing violence
---> This is to abide by zetaboards terms of use. Any media displaying the above will be removed and punishment will be handed out.
--> Prohibited images can be considered porn: An avatar, signature, or post should not have any form of media (picture, audio, gifs, videos). If you have any questions regarding any media you would like to use and are unsure, please contact staff for approval.
5. Posting harmful content such as link to malwares or any kind of hacking attempts is forbidden
6. No disrespecting of staff members
--> If you have any problems with a staff member, please contact a staff member above them.
> If it's a mod, contact an admin or Kura
> If it's an admin, contact Kura
> If it's Kura, contact any staff member
7. Account sharing is not tolerated, anyone found sharing for any reason will be banned.
8. Proxies are not allowed on the site. The use of a proxy will result in a warning level increase and a punishment equivalent to the warning system
9. Those who have been banned are not to have any presence on the board. A third party may not post for them.
10. Forum specific rules apply even if they are not mentioned. Certain forums have special rules and those posting should read pinned topics before posting.
11. Zetaboards TOS are rules of the board and the breaching of any can result in punishment.

RuneHead memberlist URL: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=cwscommunity

If you'd like to be added, edited or have your rank changed on the CWC memberlist click here. You'll be ranked under your clan's name if currently in a clan or you'll be added to the list of clanless players if you are not in a clan.

CWC has its own clan chats which we use for events and other activities, if you'd like to be added to the them click here and apply for a rank.

Zamorak cc: Zam side
Saradomin cc: Sara side

Requirement to be ranked: 50 posts on the forums; note that spamming up your post count will decrease your chance of being added to the clan chats.

CWC also has an official ventrilo server which has 35 slots, join us and chat with other CWC members.

Hostname or IP: voice.gameservers.com
Port: 4531
Password: cwc

Download link: http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php

Our IRC channel is #CW and you're welcome to join it and hang out with other CWC members. If you do not have a IRC client or know one online click here to use CWC's own client. Just pick a nick and click connect and you should be ready to chat.

We rank the users of the channel as follows:
- All CWC members who appear on CWC memberlist will be voiced.
- All CWC clan leaders will be ranked half-OP.
- All CWC staff will be ranked OP.

In order to change your forum nick go to: Preferences > Update Profile Profile > Change Username or click here. Enter your new username and wait for an admin to approve it which will take around 1-2 days.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything regarding our forums or CWC in general you may contact one of the admins which will happily answer them.

Staff list: http://s10.zetaboards.com/Cwcommunity/topic/7284060/1/?x=0#post8089949
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