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Topic Started: November 28 2010, 09:16 PM (6,748 Views)

November 28 2010, 11:04 PM
encourage being green and peace in the world.
i like his idea

and only thing I'd like to see from cwc is more encouragement of new players. most of u fegs flamebait new clans that are just starting out maybe
trying to have some fun. don't really see how that's gonna encourage them to play for real. plus more new people playing cw = bigger clans/newer clans
and we won't have to keep rewarring the same Goddamn clans over and over again

and what vintage tank said in an earlier post, let veterans maybe teach the new cwers what to do and that'll lead to bigger/more active community.
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I think only thing that ruins cw nowadays are maxed mages, like, arcane, chaos staff, ahrim, etc, WITH ovl/wolpers. Back then barrage max was 30, now you can hit like 58s and all that bullshit. It's annoying to see someone grab the flag on 4th, come down to 3rd, and get 2 hit by 2 baragges from magers(not saying it happens often, but it still happens)

other than that, like arma/new autocast/yada yada don't really affect much

on topic: Still want to emphasize on training the new cwers to become just as good as any of you guys.
Even if it's a w24 prod or w/e, ask for 1v1, 2v2, 5v5, anything really. Ofc at first they gonna have flaws, but don't rage
or flame them or any bullshit like that ( #1 pet peeve ), just tell them some advice, tell them what they did wrong, and improve on that, and let their skills develop over time.
I started seeing some of the cw veterans work with the w24ers more and some of them are actually pretty decent, not gonna lie. Mostly seen Perfectman29 (WANTa COOKlE) doing it.makes me happy seeing some people give an effort to bring in new, legit castle warrers.
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