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Topic Started: November 28 2010, 09:16 PM (6,727 Views)

1. More events

2. Get people more active / worth going onto forums

3. Be a fair mod / not being biased towards anyone

4. Be more active than I already am

5. Try to reduce the flame / spam on all the threads without being to strict and taking away the fun !

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November 28 2010, 10:01 PM
ban nasir, that fking troll makes cwc less enjoyable for every1 with his dumbass pedo jokes and trolling and sht
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we need an azn mod, unless we alrdy hav 1 but i dont think any of the mods rite now are
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Vintage Tank
November 30 2010, 04:05 AM
November 30 2010, 12:21 AM
just saying cordy does have maxed gear, so does brian + divine
at least 60% (maybe more) of cwers now, are not skill based but based on how much their bank value is.
agreed tho
I bet this is how it goes lol

No Overloads? K you can watch the vid when its done

No Arcane\Divine\Spectral? 'ignored'

No Arma\Ahrims? What are you a lvl 50?

..? every1 has ovls, that was a good update for every1, so was spirit shields, ahrims and arma too..

ppl that dont like ovls/gs/max mage def/offence are the ppl that dont like them.. ive played with dung weps enough 2 know the dung weps r the only overpowered things, before dung everything was fine imo. if the shields were as good for scorers as the weps are for def, then it'd even out
I have every dung wep, i've had and sold Arcane\Spectral, i've basically had max gear twice on both roles, and i can stew for overloads, didn't like any of it for cw.

with overloads + wolper you hit hard as fuck with mage.
with overloads + rapier\maul\cls you hit EASY 500s thru pray (without flag)
with overloads + rigour and a cannon you hit EASY 700s

It was more fun before when we all didn't play in completely MAXED out gear.. it's like beating a game.

When you play a game other than RuneScape, it's only fun when you're not completely maxed out, still trying to beat it because it's a challenge, now you have EVERYTHING, are you really gonna tell me it's still a challenge? If yes, then you'd be a maxed out noob..
ur rly overestimating the power of all of those, rigour + cannon easy 700s? lol...dont even think ive seen a 700 before with cannon.... and wolper doesnt rly matter if ur using overload bcuz they dont stack and for melee saying its easy hitting 500s through pray on some1 without flag made me lol unless ur using profound which ppl dont use in 1v1/2v2/5v5/10v10s/wars which is what ppl do mostly and not themed worlds

not on topic ^ just responding
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