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Topic Started: November 28 2010, 09:16 PM (6,579 Views)

If jagex tweaked the pid system i think it would solve most of the problems i have with cw.

On topic though i'd bring back or highlight (dno if they're still there can't remember) those things where it said there is to be no flaming/spamming in this forum or w/e and actually have mods enforce that rule. I think that would give mods a justified reason to hand out punishments to people and people wouldn't really be able to complain about getting a ban/suspension/warning bla bla.

I'd also try change the direction these forums are heading in, to me its turning into more of a spam forum than a castle war related forum. I see silly topics, which i wouldn't mind, but the sad thing is they get the most replies and views on the forums. I guess that is due to the fact most people have been cw'n for ages so if a thread about something to do with cw is posted then its probs been posted before. A weekly event is something we desperately need to get cwc talking bout cw at least.

Finally i wouldn't be as strict with those who argue about cw on here, at least they talk about cw. When i see people arguing over a war i dont think rofl sad arguing over cw i see people who actually give a fuck about cw. I would however be stricter on those who contribute nothing on serious threads or even not so serious threads by posting like 'lol' or '/care' repeatedly. If you don't care then don't post, no1 cares that you don't care.

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Yes ;D

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