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CWC Events
Topic Started: November 28 2010, 03:13 AM (12,831 Views)

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As you can see from the title IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP. The CWC has been a sleeping giant as witnessed with the International Castle Wars Tournament a while back. So in light of the CWC Awards about to unfold we will be having a weekly Castle Wars event. It will be the same time and day each week every week. This way if you happen to miss it one week you will always have next week for your chance to catch a game and it won't or shouldn't confuse anyone as to when its happening. Even if I'm not there to remind anyone i would still appreciate if members still showed up.

Time: TBA
Day: TBA

Sara Side / Zam Side CC's
CWC Vent
[click for info]

NOTE: The world may be subject to change but the time and date will ALWAYS stay the same. Just join the clan chats or come in the vent to find out what the world will be.

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November 30 2010, 09:43 PM
lol who plays castle wars nowadays................
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November 30 2010, 09:46 PM
wtf scott? lol
someone was bound to say it or :facepalm: anyway lol
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Event today in 20 minutes

World 142

Sara side/ Zam side cc's
cwc vent
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December 2 2010, 10:33 PM
make event report i want pc
theyre every week, dont forget so next week will be another one

as for the report it had a great turnout and was fun as usual :P

first game was 3-2
second game was 4-3? i think, someone correct me if im wrong
third game was 8-5

i may switch up the times each week to suit the different time zones but ill post more on that when the time draws near, thanks again everyone!
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was a decent turn out for the first 2 games, everyone kinda dwindled away for the last

first game teams werent picked too well so it basically ended up being score vs def, ended with the score being 4-1
second game was the best and was tied for 90% of the time, ended with the score of 5-4
pretty much everyone left for the third and ended at a score 3-0

i would love to see a better turnout for future events but well have to wait and see
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December 9 2010, 10:27 PM
too well*
fixed :thumbup:
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yea people still show up

im not gunna let these events die especially when more people are returning to rs !run
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January 19 2011, 11:40 PM
i recommend going into irc at like around 3:50 and spamming the shit out of all the popular channels to try and get ppl to events

honestly i completely forget about this kind of shit and the only way i wuld go is with a reminder

jus sayin
yea i try to remind people but i dont have the mIRC downloaded because honestly i dont use it that much. so im stuck using the one the doesnt require a download and it doesnt let you amsg i guess

i will hop in the irc though when the events close and get someone to amsg for me like rob whos usually the one to do it
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Really fun games guys especially game 2, best game ive played in a while

game 1: 4-1
game 2: 4-3 (held flag at top of 2nd floor for a crazy 3 minutes lol)
game 3: 2-1 (was also a good game where other team scored in the last min to win) !run

thanks everyone coming and sorry to those that missed it, definitely some good games goin on :dance4:
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