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final suggestions
Topic Started: August 23 2010, 08:53 PM (2,764 Views)
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August 24 2010, 02:37 AM
half of these ideas are either pointless or would make it worse than it is now lol. think about what you're saying instead of just trying to fill up a post, jesus..

for example, where's the logic in the banner being a shield.. whoever said getting the banner would make you more protected.. of course you're more vulnerable when you have the object of the game

"If possible, have the explosive potion as a left click option on tunnels, provided we have one (explosive potion has priority over a pickaxe)." ??? lol, yeah, so people can click once to rock you instead of 2-3 times..

lol @ this whole thread tbh, only 2-3 good ideas, rest garbage

This is like a Christmas wishlist when we only need three ideas to be shown - Clan worlds/Pid Cading/And another one here (Coloured coded barricades, a prayer altar and such).. none of that helmet/overload/water tap crap should even be considered and I do not feel the right people are representing us in my opinion but go ahead
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