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CWC's Improvements to Castle Wars
Topic Started: August 21 2010, 12:44 AM (3,342 Views)
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August 23 2010, 01:43 AM
02:41:17 | <Haris> u kno guth portal
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02:41:31 | <Haris> ??
02:41:48 | <Songs> talk
02:41:58 | <Haris> it depends on how many players each team has right
02:42:08 | <Haris> instead it should try to equalize the total # of games played
02:42:11 | <Haris> Gg
02:42:45 | <Haris> do u get what im tryna say or no
02:42:52 | <Songs> yh
02:43:03 | <Haris> cuz ppl think just cuz you guth, you not stackin
02:43:06 | <Haris> but thats not true
02:43:10 | <Haris> it has nothing to do with antistack
In a way I agree with it and disagree with it. Number of games played wouldn't really effect how stacked a team is~ (especially in themed worlds which I think Haris is talking about) For example: I know a lot of PK clans - not just small ones but big ones like AF, RDK etc. that have events at castle wars, and being pkers I doubt most of them would would even be ranked on Games played. Despite being pkers, I would say that they do make a huge difference to the game so equilising it like that wouldn't rly work.
I forgot why I agreed with this l0l~ Maybe i edit l8r


Ya I agree with radar =p A lot of the glitches and imperfections of the game we have now, we just continue playing it so instead of flooding them with like 20 ideas I think we should keep it to the maximum of 5. We should get them noticed that there are problems with the game but we should focus on pitching the whole clan chat system to them
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