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Saturday 14th August [Results]
Topic Started: August 14 2010, 06:22 PM (2,013 Views)
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Opponent: Portugues/Brazil
Date: Saturday 14th of August
Time: 18:00-18:30
Team: Zam
World: 127 (Portugues world)

CWC/Global Stars 5 - 0 Portugues/Brazil
(Portugues/Brazil had help of a few CWC members =p)

Opponent: UK/Ireland
Date: Saturday 14th of August
Time: 18:30-19:30
Team: Zam
World: 23

CWC/Global Stars 11 - 0 UK/Ireland

Somes quotes from rs forums

CWC completly failed to see what this event is all about.
Congratulations for being so ignorant.

ironic much?

the CWC are the ones ruining castle wars... You completely ruined the game by mass spawn killing. My pc runs farely fast and yet i still couldnt even see my player on the screen because of the lagg you generated. You want respect? **** off and comeback once you have learnt to play with some sportsmanship and honour.

That event was a disgrace. The UK and ireland got owned in an incredibly unfair game that was very bias (unsurprisingly so) to the CWC.

So basically this whole thing is a shambles.

UK feel (rightly) cheated, CWC have hijacked the Global Stars, Lithuania never got to fight at all, the Polish didn't turn up and the germans were on a different world to the Lithuanians...

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11-0 hehe
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Sadly uk game started just late enough to miss the lithuania v germany game and germany won. but gj guys! don't get c**ky on rs forums because we sound like s**t lol.
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misssed em both!
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feel rather embarrassed for being in cwc
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