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Official Jagex TOURNAMENT IDEA #2; Revisit of both ideas--please feedback
Topic Started: August 12 2010, 01:49 AM (1,703 Views)
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Instead of Stacking one team all the way, or trying to control the outcome of every game, me and some people have come up with a master plan. Jagex split up the teams into 4 divisions consisting of 4 areas of the playing community. Our plan is to stack and control the outcome of each of the divisions, most likely the areas with the smallest playing community. After heavily stacking each of these teams they will end up into the semi-finals, A vs B and C vs D. Once we get them into semi-finals we dead-lock them into 0-0 (or any other form of a tie).

Of course while we do this we promote the Castle wars community (without spamming). This eventually will show Jagex how much we matter and can lend an ear to one of our leaders or any member.


!panda !panda !panda

Group A:

* USA,
* Australia&Oceania,
* Canada,
* Spanish Community **

Group B:

* Finnish,
* Swedish,
* Norwegian,
* Danish Community **

Group C:

* Portu-Brazilian Community,
* French Speaking Community (Québécoise and French),
* UK/Ireland,
* Global Stars **

Group D:

* Netherlands/Belgium,
* German Community,
* Poland, **
* Lithuania

** What we will most likely pick

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Edited by Kbtennis, August 12 2010, 05:11 PM.
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nice =p possibly done ^^ no idea yet though, got a few weeks to see what happens!

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Yo Soy Fiesta!

sounds less hostile and more efficient

edit: 100 pc off 4k yesssssss
Edited by Yo Soy Fiesta!, August 12 2010, 01:53 AM.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

sounds ok
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sounds good, i like this idea :P
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Kev i n

just get pid and spam cade and keep it 0-0 i guess
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Kev i n
August 12 2010, 02:09 AM
just get pid and spam cade and keep it 0-0 i guess
or everyone can just stay on def, maybe have like 2-3 scorers so the whole opposing team doesnt try and score
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Loon Ruler56

I like this idea. idk if we could pull it off but i don't see why not.
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Cristiano Ronaldo
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