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CW Improvement List; Thanks to I own u 4ev
Topic Started: August 12 2010, 12:09 AM (4,322 Views)

This is just a list of improvements we wish to have for cw that have been brought up already. This was copied from Nates (I own u 4evs) thread on the RS forums but i figured id post it here because of the upcoming events and hopefully get noticed by Jagex sometime soon.

Obviously Evolution of Combat change is the Number 1.

CLAN WORLDS: This might take some work, but it is our biggest concern
Within the clan worlds allow specific rules to be set, like in clan wars. However, us castle war pros/veterans as some people call us would like some additional/different rule choices if possible. Allow players to set a maximum on the amount of ancient mages per team (done by the game engine checking spellbooks), ballistas on/off, brews on/off, pvp on/off, map type (you could make new maps for these worlds if you wanted), and a setting of some type that shows how many players there are per team.

No tickets in the clan worlds, since it would be possible to set up games simply to farm tickets in worlds like that.

As far as game logic goes, make it more like pest control, in that multiple games could be going on at once. To limit the number going on, have a waiting area where only clan leaders can enter, and they get a time until game there. It would count down in the clan chat like the faruq tools can.

New maps that could be used in the clan worlds could be developed, if Jagex thought it would be worth the effort, we would be happy enough with just the regular map though.

Not super important I guess, but to free up more specific worlds, you could just eliminate theme worlds, we would rather have 2 clan worlds than 5 theme worlds. The other option is to simply remove most of the smaller theme worlds (leave 24 and 15 for the people that like huge mindless games) and replace a few of them with a clan type world, where friends/clans could organize and face each other for fun. Please try to spread the worlds across different servers, not all European as it is now.

1. Big doors being broken before the game starts. This usually occurs if the doors were broken the previous game, although it doesn't always, not 100% sure on why this is.

2. Underground tunnels becoming uncollapsible. This happens when a flag is dropped in the tunnel for too long, only possible to do to 3/4 tunnels, and it also stays as a glitch after the game has ended in most cases.

3. Becoming unfrozen when climbing/descending one of the ladders from the ground floor to the underground (4 ladders).

4. Ghost barricades. Barricades become ghostlike when people lay one too soon after the one they are standing on was blown up or tindered (by ghost-like I mean you can walk through it). When a barricade is tindered, a second one can be placed on top of it, and upon using a bucket of water in combination, more than just one.

5. Pid (player ID - assigned on log in) priority affecting way too much. Before the whole pid system, IP address priority never affected half the things it does now. Someone with a better pid than you is capable of walking straight through a barricade you just placed, while someone with a worse pid gets stuck on it, I am not talking one square away either, they walk straight through it from like 10 squares away at the time you placed it. With IP this was never an issue, everyone got stuck on the barricade. Additionally, pid affects your casting distance, it is possible to cast on someone almost out of sight on the minimap if you have pid priority over them, and if you don't, you can't even come close to casting that far, it is more like 10 or 20 squares behind that.

Please take a look at the differences in coding and remedy these issues (my guess is it is somehow related to the intentional delays placed on things because RT5 is "too fast") my reasoning behind that is because as far as game logic is concerned, the player is ahead of where they appear to be, and that seems like it could be the whole problem here, it isn't just in castle wars that there are problems like this. (The concept of pid is better than IP in my opinion, but with all these problems, I actually liked IP better, even though I had an undivisible most of the time (really low priority) I'm not asking for IP back.

6. Stopping while running towards something where you clicked a "use option" (red x instead of yellow x). Before the whole RT5 update, the character simply kept moving as if the red x was changed to a yellow x (walk here) once we performed another task while running. Now, you are stopped in your tracks if you click a ladder and then heal using a bandage, it never used to be this way

7. (NEW FROM UPDATE) Player's original ticket count is off by however much armour they had in their POH, because that was not added up into their original count.

8. Players can drop explosive potions after they are dead if they get the timing of dropping it correctly.

9. One I will add in since only the CWC can see this: Deleting flags out of game...Basically you take both flags to the underground tunnels have one person hold one while standing on the other one, and collapse and clear the tunnels, the one they were holding will remain, and the other one will be deleted (or the other way around) not 100% on which flag remains since it has been a while since I have done it.

Some smaller changes that are pretty important:

Let players attack through & walk through ballistas & viewing orbs.

Please give tinderboxes and buckets an infinite spawn (when you take it, it is still there so other players can take them). They have become vital in the tactics of castle wars.

Please color code the barricades depending on which team placed them. Also, display how many are used in upper corner. It is very frustrating when there are 10 barricades and you do not know which ones to blow up.

Please make the flag safe on rocks again.

Please make water taps clickable area larger.


One of the more controversial ideas was to have another way to recharge prayer instead of having to suicide with explosive potions. The only things I could think of was an altar in the respawn room or bandages healing a small percentage of prayer, but both unbalance the power of scorers vs defenders. Not sure how introducing both at same time would work. However, that is one of my more tentative ideas, since it has potential problems of making things too easy (flag holding for example). A possible solution would be take away the prayer restoring effect if you have your own flag. There would still be the problem of 2 people tanking a flag and passing it off indefinitely if they didn't need to worry about prayer. Recently, I have been thinking a random prayer restore effect, like the blood necklace in dungeoneering, maybe as a reward item of some kind.

A clan ranking system, which works like dungeoneering system, invite people into party, although idk how you can have certain people that can only represent clans (since there is usually more than one person that is leader/has power in larger clans). Maybe have a founder item of some kind, that you can split, then you give away pieces to give other people power. One person with the founder item (any percent over 10%) is needed to set up a war and represent their clan. Maybe have the starting price at 50k, and when you buy it you pick the clan name seen on high scores. You can split it up into up to 50k pieces.

Not that important, but would be nice tweaks:

A take-x option on the supply tables (bandages, exploding potions, barricades, etc) in addition to the take 5.

Put back spear walls near bridge

knives to cut ropes on walls.
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