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Your Cw History; Something to Read
Topic Started: April 26 2010, 04:32 AM (30,849 Views)
cw rules

Hola, im knight21354, no not the level 110 knight5011 whatever. I started playing cw maybe around 2005 or 2006. I always played w9, met metalic max, carrcomposer, dont really remember those who played w9 alot besides them. i made a semi-clan from w9 known as cwl(castle wars legends). i made the clan and kept it going even after i knew about the real cwl, but they closed for awhile. at that time i advertised cwl officially on rs forums and the real cwl started flaming us because we werent the "real" cwl although the "real" one was closed. a mod eventually came and responded by saying that since the "real" cwl was closed. My cwl is the real one lmao i laughed. anyways, kept playing w9/w6. one day i was wearing my full gold while playing pest control. someone from cwf, gaomaster or rsrocker...idk who but someone who was playing the game saw me and recruited me. so i stayed with cwf for sometime, played in some of the cwf vs cwg games. best games of my life, where everyone had same gear!!!! i loved that era before gwd and nex. now its not even fair wars. soooo at the time when cwf was losing members due to various reasons, we stopped warring, and to me warring was only fun part of being in a clan at the time. so i left, to join cwp, but realized they bunch of screamo flamers(only most not all). so i left cwp the day i joined, to join the awesome fantastical s4l!!!! that clan was very relaxing and members were very chill and down to earth. although i found out that they also didnt war that often(at that time) i left quickly. so i clan hopped a bunch of times cause i was bored and wanted wars and that was it, i was lazy, like i am now(maybe not as much). joined cwt yearrs later and stayed with them for awhile, was fun, but started getting bored of cw after 7k games. kept going off and on about the quitting rs bandwagon. joined rcw but quit it about 6-7 months ago. been skilling/doing other things since then.

w9 will always be my fav world, although the peopple that play there now are a bunch of non-u.s people who are weird, plus the world lags a lot now.
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