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Your Cw History; Something to Read
Topic Started: April 26 2010, 04:32 AM (30,972 Views)
W1ck3d M1nd
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This is how i still sort of remember my history, i started castlewars under the username 'knives373' around mid 05 at w88 (which is were i still reside from up to this day), i was clueless at how things worked there (tinding,cades,explodes etc) so i just played for making the most points. Up around lv100 combat i started to just play for xp because i got tired of dying from getting pked by people but i didn't know half of them were part of a clan and tried to piss me off by stacking against me and killing me on sight. I got tired of losing so i just left castlewars and quit for a while. Around late '05 i made a new account called 'W1ck3d M1nd' (which i currently use now) and dedicated my time to play as a tank ranger, around this time now one had a clue at who i was so i just pked flaggers only using range (which was my highest skill at the time).
I got bored at the fact they were still stacking so i left and settled in w84, new to the world i had no idea who people were but i saw things were different here, i saw for the first time a handful of "pro cwers" so i played my first game and was amazed that i didnt die once but ignored since i was pking flaggers still. Around this time i had come across Draco Asasin, Master Teale, Logan Hfc, Rudeboyonsly, Warlok Blaze (not sure), bronzeberg, Standfish, E l f Ranger, Holty221(dont remember) and others. I made friends with some and just cwed with rest not knowing who i was since i was still a low level. With newfound knowledge about how cw worked i decided to hop back and forth between w84 and w88 since one of either died during day/night. Upon going back to w88 i took notice that they had pro cwers too just that i wasnt aware of it, i had cwed with ppl like scullarcher,awesome247,calz4,vancraen,judy412,triniboy, dcstats8, rubberman05, 704 boi,animedude75, perfectman29,awarapan(from time to time) and others. Slowly both began to die and most of us were starting to quit/change worlds.

Some of them went to clans some began to settle in the introduced 'themed worlds' at the time, i thought i wasn't good enough to play at w24 or 82 because of the majority of players there being too good for me so i decided to stick low for a while and went on to clanwars at w129. I got asked to join a clan and settled in w45 (which was their homeworld). Around this time i saw a handful of people cwing there when we had our combat events at castlewars and met Loon ruler56 Yzerm1 Scryplyr x1 tobi 1x, kb and few others. We didn't met in good terms at first but eventually when i left the world we were in good terms.

Being unsatisfied to find a stable world to cw on i went to w6 seeing as how i saw several friends from w88 going there and decided to try it out myself. I didn't cw too often at first since i was part of a ba clan at the time and cwed a game or 2 for a good while, after i left that clan i decided to get back into cw and remained there for a while hopping between 2,6, and 9. Around this point i had come across ppl like Medellin30, gary1007, Radar731, Meric202, Snake Pit6, Uspinemeright, Rockgirl156, Bach12964, Tupac0208, Daddyankee3, Jessi A D, Sweet Dogg1, bobjr 14,Venomspitta, Whitewolf6, Jmang, Sandt and many others. Made friends with some, had some rivalries with a few but it was a decent world.

After the worlds fell apart i remained cwing in themed worlds 24/82/166 hopping around each of them and met majority of old faces/new people who i never seen before and eventually took notice of their name when i saw each of them in either worlds since i cwed with most or wound up being stacked on, i was a bit of a hothead thinking i was better than most people so i always anti'd every world when i could but ended up losing most games. In recent months i've took a break from cw to improve my skill lvls and acquire better gear to improve my game and as of late ive gotten back into cw, slowly shaking the rust off and just having fun
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