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Your Cw History; Something to Read
Topic Started: April 26 2010, 04:32 AM (30,968 Views)
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Didn't start playing rs until August 06 I believe. Got members a little before the new year in 07 and 89 became my homeworld because I had a close friend who's homeworld that was. We started playing around the same time but he became a member before I did. He talked a lot about how much fun cw was, so the first day I became a member, we went straight to cw. I played cw a lot, but I was just a noob and pked. I remember seeing the cw players that played in 89 a lot. Some were old cwg members. Brando, Brassmonk, Mack, Deadman, Pizzafurry, Tightdog, Battle guy12, Theresa, Ppa, Dylan and a lot of others. Most of them have quit by now, but there are still some 89ers that still play.

I remember one summer, w89 disappeared for no reason and most of us went to w88, some went to w91 though. The "w89 vs w88" games were always fun. They didn't like us and we didn't like them. They were always kind of our rivals. I still really wasn't into cw then, I still mostly pked but tried scoring sometimes.

It wasn't until themed worlds when I started actually cwing. Cw in homeworlds started to die out. I remember it was late one night and my friend, the same friend who got me into cw, and I went to w24. I tried scoring and didn't think I would be able to since there was so many people. After that first score I made, I started cwing in 24 regularly and eventually got addicted to it. There I learned about exploding cades/cading/tindering etc.

The leader of Ea, Shev16 invited me to join his clan Ea, I was hesitant at first but I did end up joining for about two weeks, then I decided to quit because I didn't think they were that good (lol). Although I admit, they were really nice and welcoming. They never fought, but looking back, I wouldn't even really call them a clan. They seemed more like a group of close friends who were looking for new members. Lol, I mean their events were stacking w24 on weekends...

I eventually moved to w82 and played with most of the cwers at the time. Although 157 games were definitely my favorite. I remember 157 would go on like every other night during the summer. Even though I didn't have ip, they were still always fun to me. I played in 24/82 for a year with a divisible .203, knew about ip but didn't know how to change. When I did find out how to change, the lowest I could get was .66 but it didn't feel any different lol. Basically played with that until pid came out.

Last summer, I joined Dcw for a short time when it reopened. But then I wanted to take a break from rs/cw/clans so I quit and played a little in 166 until pid came out.

Joined Ecw earlier this year, but quit recently.

Still cw in 24 a little. Usually at least 1-2 games everyday. Might take a break from rs once my membership runs out. Might join a clan if I decide to play in the summer.
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