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Your Cw History; Something to Read
Topic Started: April 26 2010, 04:32 AM (31,047 Views)

Well heres my history, not sure if anyone knew where I came from when I joined cwc so here it goes. I wasnít actually a member till I was like lvl 70 and then I moved/got a job/etc.. so I quit rs for a little while. I came back and my old friends still played and they were members now so I said why not and decided to join. Anyway my friends andrewman55 and laagon showed me cw one day and I couldnít get enough of it so I stuck to my home world 80 I think it was at the time. There were these 2 high lvls that were always there, bigman and zodiacqueen2, that played and they always won so I decided to stick with em since they had nice gear and stuff. I ended up getting my first 1.2k cw tickets wearing only dharoks legs and veracs brassard while scoring (I thought since the veracs didnít cover much of the characters body that it was useful against mages at the time lol). Sometimes i would see cwg and cwf going at it in my world so i stuck around and loved to watch them play, that also increased my passion for cw becuase i always wanted to be as good as them.

So life was good, worked on skilling a bit since hunter had just come out and I got hooked on that and decided to get 99. About a week after I got 99 hunter my friend that I started playing rs with, laagon, who I thought I could trust thought it would be a great idea to log onto my account and give himself all my items. So I quit runescape for another couple of months, and came back again, having to hunt all over again for money. I stuck to world 132 while hunting because it gave me less lag and while working on making money back I decided to play there.

World 132 is still my homeworld and thatís where I met most the cwers I kno like free yews, suphomie436, valkyrion55, boardman, afghan tank, r1de 2lumby, awarapan, and kelley100. It was fun because I always loved to Ďdefendí my home turf I guess when other players came to world 132. It wasnít really till I met kelley100 that I found other worlds to cw in like 82, 129, 66, 31. She also introduced me to more cwers and got me to join a cw clan called CWR (Castle Wars Royalty) with zammyrange, killguthix, zedzimz, joanna c44, milanium100, and xxxxxxxx72. I loved that experience which only strengthened my love for cw even more and CWR still remains the only clan I have ever joined. It closed after a couple of months but I hopped around to w166 for a while, then to 31 doing random 2v2ís with Kelley (we never lost actually :P ), and now to 52 and 24.

So yea ive been playing cw ever since, watching friends come and go, and happened to stumble upon cwc (I donít even remember how) and decided to join. I still play in world 52/24 and im in my cc with my friends 90% of the time on im rs if anyone ever cares to join.

Thatís all I can really remember atm, Iíll add more if I can.
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March 14 2011, 10:50 PM
killer k156
March 14 2011, 10:46 PM
March 14 2011, 10:45 PM
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March 14 2011, 10:44 PM
killer k156
March 14 2011, 10:04 PM
erm started cw at like 06 lv 100ish

played in hw 66 or 84/100 if no1 was there

first person that really got me playing cw alot texas route or claudia

from there on i played with:
t boned911
joanna c44 <3

first acc name i lpayed on was killer k156 but then got tired of 70 atk str 95 def 95 range n 99 mage
about 1k tix on that acc b4 i moved on to
my barrows pure which was named almardy then i played on that from like 09-10 the beginning to begining of yrs
quit for 6 months and back now after i recoved and unbanned killer which is now named 2012 legend
i would be at the bottom of the list..after being your leader to tsk tsk.
+1 and kg erm u were my leader when i left does that say something?
idk i don't remember. only thing i remember from cw_r was warring david d87's clan all the time to try and steal zr from him.
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